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    Nicholas Andersen

    Wow. Congratulations Joker! 281 waves on game one must be a real challenge…


    Now that is one hell of a STATS page. :0
    Let me read a bit into it.
    *With 41 soldiers deployed I think that you (ab)used a lot of meat-shields or had a good running larger squad or just simple bad luck and needed replacements often.
    *119 gibbs is great for a first game.
    *281 waves survived on the stats page leaves me to deduct from the wave count on that picture that you got 3 Detailed Order crates.
    *5 Special Soldiers where most likely all Snipers.
    *You advanced one field where one tree once stood.
    *10 Officer promotions are very impressive.

    *116 vehicles destroyed gave you a medal, right?
    *11 Blitzes actually seam low for such a long game but 56 Unfair Events must have been hard on you.
    *No Sit reps in such a long game means that you either did not have a Signaller or you do not go for almost certain extra TP if/ once your siggi has max xp.


    I don´t know where all these 41 died, but for me that is still a low number 🙂 I always manage somehow to kill a lot of my own.
    119 gibs – my at guns? if not, then the germans gibbed themself.
    yup, was one of big reasons why game went well, 2 early (before 50) detailed and one later
    5 special, do not know if my officer counted as special, if not I bought 5 snipers yes.
    That with the tree – I don´t know nothing about that! 😀
    10 promotions includes my 4 starting grunts and my snipers, think had only 1-2 maxed gunners
    Yeah vehicles got medal, but think it is low for 311 waves
    At some points I was praying to get some blitz with some nice TP
    56 unfair events – no clue! had a time where I got each other round bottomburghers, guess they count
    I had no signaller, so no sitreps.

    Still in awe with the 56 unfair events, did not feel that unfair at all. Had 4 maxed grunts with carabines at bottom, did not even notice this bottomburghers before I saw their bodies…

    Nicholas Andersen

    I think I found something.
    The initial strategy that the computer uses is to try and win using numbers, overwhelming and pinning your soldiers because their rate of fire is low.
    But if you increase the overall rate of fire, the computer sends some soft-skinned vehicles at you. If you add explosives it will send a mix of vehicles and infantry.
    However, I have seen many times that these changes tend to happen shortly after “A German recon relayed the details of your defense to his HQ!”
    I don’t know if I’m on to something, but this can’t just be a coincidence.
    Shoot those Liebs.


    Not too bad a game, Lance, with an added classic Santa kill to boot too, hehe. Game was liable to end quite differently had the Germans adjusted those V1’s a bit more. Any particular reason you stuck only to infantry (buildings aside)?


    This game was solely for the X-Mas Ribbon. Been a few years since I even seen Santa in my games.
    The V1 Blitz took me a bit by surprise for once that it came so early and second that my Radar did not warn me long in advance.
    As to my set up. I like to keep it basic game style (Small Squad Tactics) unless fooling around or actually aiming for something special.

    On this field the 2 rocks and some trees would have been in the way to much for early AT units but for infantry they where placed just right.
    Mine-Bombing out of a bunker/ pillbox is an easy solution for a while to most hard vehicle problems.

    This game also gave me the Survival Ribbon but I forgot to include that in my cut.
    Good thing that the Crate-Scout did not count there since on his last crate fetch out of the bunker he was intercepted by a mine. 🙄
    In the old days members would have surely made a comment about that but now we can be glad that someone, sometimes comes by and leaves a few words now and then.

    Always nice seeing you around friend Tyrud. Cheers and URB ON!


    New profile and a new challenge. Attempting 100 waves to get the D-Day Ribbon.


    Next game. Literally. This one is a bit for fun since I intended to go over the 6 men to see how that goes.


    I doubt I’ll be able to get this one again.

    I like pie


    New profile, an unexpected crate drop.

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    Congrats!! the chances for this to happen are literally crazy impossible.

    Nicholas Andersen

    I played 200+ games and never got it.


    The crate claimed that it had field manuals in it when I grabbed it. I guess pie gives everyone 5 experience. “You haven’t lived until you’ve eaten pie in the middle of an active battlefield.”

Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 103 total)
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