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    Because urbzz asked to test his other games to see if they have problems running Flash and because I recorded a neat game of mnb2 that way I though of sharing this somewhat neat lil play.
    p.s. I wants me Flamethrower for MNB3 now more then ever!

    The Lone Ranger

    Was trying to go for the Gold Star Ribbon

    Ended getting this instead

    If you want to know I made till wave 115….5 waves short of 120.


    Fire4qt – from Discord
    5 enemy planes spotted
    two arty incoming
    I shouldn’t spam frenchies

    Please post such good input here so that it is conserved for all to see.~Lance


    πŸ™ No.., You should spam More Frenchies!! πŸ™‚

    Love the way it looks like they’re holding hands around the tree like their own little ‘Support-Group”.., “Is ok Pierre, is ok. :* :* Don’t be scared! We’re all here with you…”


    It’s the French pre BBQ fest. πŸ˜‰


    Notice how everyone in the background is getting the hell outa dodge….


    yaaa . . . And the half American with the striped pants about to book it knowing fully that things are about to get ugly. Half common sense is sadly not enough in the face of URB. πŸ™‚


    How long can one hold out with just the starting men and a Sherman Tank can be seen here.


    And the hunt for them stinkers continues.
    To add to the fun I deployed randomly and boy way it a bad draw but I stuck with them and did not call for any other help.
    See my first maxed Frenchy kick some serious arse. I actually got 3 ribbons in this game.


    Felt like testing something old again. Wanted to see if Soldiers in Bunkers tend to get burned easier by a Flamer soldier then ones in the open.
    The game did not really let me “test” this properly but I think I got a good picture of what I was looking for.
    In the previous version 2.2.8 Bunkers did not obscure LOS so Flamers could shoot at soldiers through and in them but in 2.3 a Bunker is a semi-LOS block similar to a Tree and therefore by the time my Flamers would shoot at someone inside a bunker he was mostly past the center of such or past it altogether.
    Therefore this fun strategy attempt does not really work anymore in the new mnb2 version.

    For your entertainment I present a cut down of this flammable game that was rather fun.


    I am VERRRY interested to get to understand flamers better, they are a huge pain in the ass in mine-at high waves tries. TY for this tryouts!! and ofc – fun to watch!


    Lance should for sure get the “I grill my own medic” medal πŸ˜€


    β€œI grill my own medic” medal
    Yaaa. I realized to late that I was actually just wasting TP on new Medics where as I should have called in Flamers instead since bΓ³th where bullet magnets up there.

    Alright then. Let’s talk about the Flamer Soldier a bit.
    Ours usually come with poor stats and are very hard to use in any decent strategy.
    However there are possibilities to use them rather safely and effectively.

    The biggest problem with using Flamers is that burning soldiers can and eventually will run into them setting them on fire too.
    There are only 2 ways to stop a burning soldier.
    1) A pond of water will instantly extinguish them.
    2) Any mine that a burning soldier runs onto will explode and stop him in the process.

    Mines can be readily deployed by an engineer but get used up while a pond is will stay unless you build a Trench right over it. In that case the Trench spite can delete the pond so be careful with that.

    Speaking of Trench. In case anyone saw my last games end screen here then they may have seen just how many Trench/Bunker saves there where.
    Now considering that I had a soldier in the bunker for a while and assuming that he got saved for about half the time then all my other trenches only di 3 saves in the entire game. That sucks big.

    Back to the burning dopes and the all mighty ponds.
    So how to get a pond in a good place up on the top side of the game field?
    Either get really lucky by advancing till you find one or you have a profile to spare and simply refresh the game until there is a pond or two in places where the deployment of a Flamer would be feasible.

    I also like to use a Palisade to hide my flamer behind since the have a short range weapon.
    Then when an enemy comes over the Flamer usually gets first shots at him.
    This also works great with SpecOps.

    Towards enemy flamers. Flammenwerfer Soldat!
    *Keep away from the top as far as you can.
    *If one gets close to your bunker then concentrate fire (Officer-Call) on him.


    OOOoof! Your using flamethrowers like that? Thatz kinda bold. Bold as in running around with rusty scissors type bold, lol. I HATE using flamies, they are so useless when I used to play MnB 2. First time I used them, I always had to move my guys around, and that’s rly bad, because it causes a small percentage of your men to stop shooting (and that was rly annoying at some critical times). I also kinda noticed that this happened to you somewhat frequently in your vid. So usually when I get a random flamenwerfer guy, I would just straight up TP that flamer back to home base, and tell him to get a super soaker instead. Because that would be much less of a hassle…I don’t care if Jerry is laughing at me for bringing water gun, itz just a lot less annoying to deal with.

    The only CQB strategy that comes in mind that comes close to your CQB flamer strat (minus the flamer) is to just straight up cheez the AI, and build trenches rly close to the enemy spawn, and give all my normal grunts shotguns. It worked preetty well…was a lot cheaper than the fail BAR strat I had before


    Anyways nice gameplay m8. πŸ˜€

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 90 total)
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