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    Thank you for your suggestions! I know, I need to improve in all you pointed out, still not sure how I can do it in the combination – thats why I love to get feedback and fresh input. Other eyes see often things you no longer looked at! (Had ofc a different setup before the video started, but my nice tank blew my 2 AT guns and 2 of 3 snipers into pieces, downside of “only” one trench at bottom).

    What I damn need to learn, is proper mining, watched your top video – lol can only dream to be close (is reason I want to play a profile up again, to try to compete some day in this challenge 😉


    That was awesome.
    There is a topic for 1st games here and I am sure that game there would have ranked nr1 for sure.
    Improvements??? You got to be kidding but if you insist.
    Set up was great. Maybe the pillbox a bit more to the right and a bit further down.
    That would have given the tank in the bottom left (great placement) a wider firing arc out of the LOS blocking Pillbox and LOS hampering Bunker.
    Use the Pillbox wisely. On the edge a soldier can attract fire but I am sure you know that.
    Good for explosive enemies but bad vs Flamer, Sniper&co and especially 222.
    I would use 2 Engineers in the Pillbox just in case.

    For the bunker. Always keep some mines in front of it to prevent FF.
    Always keep 5 men above the mid line.
    Getting that second Tank instead of good men for the top was not a good idea.
    Tank upgrade is useless unless you got TP to waste.
    Make sure that non important men (preferred Medics) are always in front of the gunners.
    Gunners always have Hero = 200hp.


    Thank you for your feedback! I am especially interested in the discussion about pillbox setup. I watched the video afterwards – yes it was dumb to call in a second tank, should have built up my forces again. Was only looking to extend my game past my former personal record – shortsighted. Was reason I started recording at wave 180, I just lost my bottom 2 AT guns and 2 or all 3 snipers (and some others).

    I currently do better with front-pillbox at one side on newer profiles, but with older ones I prefer to place it in the middle. With newer profile it is very hard to build up enough firepower to counter LOS block from pillbox, but then it is possible to play with mining-AT only, which I prefer. As AT guns are fairly cheap compared to mining and also help vs invisible units, I like them better and better for games on newer profiles, but I cant manage to keep them from killing each other and the rest of my gang in higher wave games (mostly due to long time of game I start to get sloppy)

    Pillbox a bit farther down and to the side: farther down gives ofc huge advantage to have more time to kill flamers, combined with moving it more to the side decreases disadvantes of LOS block, but it both brings drawbacks of limiting my mining range and also lowers the spawning points which will target pillbox and not my precious bunker. I am still not decided where (with my playstyle) the pillbox is best placed, most games I try a slightly different setup, input and thoughts of other players help me a lot there.
    With using AT guns and/or tanks as main AT would decrease downside of mining issue. Also the targeting issue would be decreased by some extend, as these guns should take care of enemy tanks.

    With useage of at guns and tanks, I now only need to find a place where I “hide” my snipers. With 5+ above middle line, they need to be under a camnet ofc –> shares camnet with at guns. Also to put them somewhere else, is like asking your at guns to take care of your snipers 🙂 But now the need for prayers starts, as basically you have all eggs in one basket, under your camnet (only if you really drive each time all your at guns together to stop them firing if any enemy is on bottom half, more than one camnet is possible imo; difficult in longer games…)

    Sorry for the long post, but once I start talking about the placing of my pillbox….
    Maybe I should play without a pillbox in my next game. J


    Want to share some higher waves run also with you, is third run in this profile (left second to get some promotion).

    This run has some HUGE mistake on my side, bottom left bunker is misplaced, but think we better discuss that in section strategy.

    I recorded two videos of the run, both rather long, watch whatever you are interested in!

    First is still uploading, but second leg is ready:

    wave 502-612:

    Have fun, Joker


    first leg of the run:

    have fun and please post your thoughts! every thought helps!


    @joker you are amazing.

    I had no idea someone could get that far in the current version!


    Thank you! I think biggest problem is time you need for such games, it gets very hard to keep focused after some hours. Currently have a game running in backround, well in the fourhundreds, but well, already at it for 4 hours or so, just want it to end.


    You beat me at my “own” game Joker. My best with that strategy was wave 542 and some 80K score.
    However I used only about half the amount of men.
    Did you even have a Signaller most of the time since a V1 Blitz is usually a game ender with that set up.
    Now what else can I suggest for you in case you are still not satisfied with such an overwhelming success.
    Recap on tips:
    Try to keep 6 men on top. This of course forces you to be fast in case someone on the bottom gets exposed from a cam-net.
    2 Gunners per bunker. Pillbox = Engineer, Medic or a second Engineer. Placed in both top corners the should attack most of the fire but beware that some special units can still kill them there.

    On the bottom I set up 2 identical command bunkers each having an Officer, Signaller, Engineer and if possible 2 gunners+ to exchange with a killed top bunker gunner.
    Rotate gunners to the bottom once they are about 50xp worth. Keep maxed Gunners in the bottom.
    Further troops are situation related like another Medic for the bottom.
    Snipers need to be outside the bunkers active area but you know that by now.
    All units down there need to always be under cam-nets. I try to stack everyone as close to the side as possible and if you have invaluable soldiers down there then use them as shields.

    To get the officers xp up fast I use Sarge as a babysitter in the beginning and retreat him once things get hot.

    Bottom placements could be a bit higher then what I see you do so that there is space behind the bunkers to ward of bottom-Burgs better.
    Speaking of Bottomburgs. To help there and also ward of aimed fire against my Officers and Signallers I place Palisades in the bottom bunkers and those units on top of them.
    That leaves then in a LOS block zone. No fighting but also no getting sniped.
    For extreme measure Wire can be placed into the bottom. It is not very effective but what the hell. If you are very daring even mines are an option down there.
    At least between the 2 bottom bunkers. Kills about 70% of Bottomburgs that way.

    Not sure if you did this but as soon as I am set and have TP I mine the hell out of the field.
    Always good against any enemy that comes along.

    I have a few more tips but I think you are doing way to good already. 🙂
    Personally I do not play MNB2 games far past wave 100 anymore since years unless I try for something special.
    Keep up the awesome work!


    Best game yet!!!


    Good job! Congratulation!


    Thank you Lance for the detailled recap and suggestions! I most times have a signaller as target for enemy snipers, to get some heat away from my officer. LOS block in bunker sounds pretty interesting!! Should definetly try it! Bottomburghers only harm me till wave 180 or so (kill 1-2 frenchies normally), afterwards my gunners are normally strong enough to kill them without any loss on our side.
    In my last game I did a lot less mining than usual, only against tanks. Trusted that my guys kill 222 gunner fast enough. Will now try a game with 4 .50 guns, would be nice if they can reduce the number of soft skinned vehicles using up my mines. As I have not really used them before, will be interested if they help any. But as my profile still is not high enough to use close protection or proper planning, will see if I have enough TP to spare for them.


    Failed attemt to reach 1k waves:

    Started the game with close protection and found a rambo-like gunner in a crate wave 2. Decided that this game must be special then. Start was not really funny, as I needed to advance a couple of fields to get to a proper open field, not that much fun with 4 gunners and an officer.

    After some problems around wave 250 (lost a bottom bunker with my officer in it) I could slowly rebuild my setup. Could even get my baby-officer back to 100 exp. This game again the bunker-build bug happened to me. I tried to replace my right middle bunker, paid the tp and it was built on left bottom. Was a very serious problem and almost killed my run, as my snipers and gunners there did no longer have free line of sight to many parts of the field they saw before.

    But when you think all works perfect, bad things happen… Right before the start of the video (think around wave 860 or so, I needed some time to curse and asses the situation before I decided it is endgame now) my bottom left bunker was blown to pieces (ofc with my officer in it). Was dead very fast afterwards, as second bottom bunker also got hit + 100 men deployed already. Should really take better care of my guys in the next run. J

    Currently my (borrowed heavily from many others!) strategy is only in tips and pieces around here, should make a (most likely rather long post) post with all summed up together. Will be a in-depth discussion of a lot of things, will post it in section strategies.

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    I regret restarting...

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