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    I am about to hurl ยง$”/ยง%&(&
    New profile in full screen mode. Signaller, Officer, Rifleman, Medic, Scout, Gunner
    Medic got gibbed by a rifle-grenade on the 2nd leg. 2 others hurt badly. This was the second skill use by the enemy and it was at max range, dead center.
    Luckily my one opportunity call for replacement came soon and the new Medic progressed nicely.

    Around the 5th leg I keep using the Stuart Tank. Works well. Lots of arty too.
    Then it happened. Ended a leg with the Stuart still falling back, almost out of the field.
    I hit continue and the Stuart was on the starting line with me. Let the AO in a few seconds.
    Maybe that bugged the game bur maybe it was me hitting some key by mistake. I also right clicked by mistake at the same time.

    The keyboard did not respond anymore and the mouse wheel did not respond.
    No way of scrolling up or down the field.
    Only left clicking and the pointer still worked. I could center on soldiers so I used that to move the visual field up by hitting my Rifleman that now ran blind suicide point.

    It was one hell of a nerve wrecking final game. Somehow after a whole hour of play I finished leg number 9 with no further casualties. Score was some 78000.
    This would have been an easy gold star and over 100.000 points without the borked keyboard.


    Day 13+9 leg 2 one GI of mine finally had a mine encounter. *Is it that grammatically correct?
    Was still doing fairly good so I went for another leg (3) and it was difficult with lots of reinforcements but thanks to a super medic and luckily no instant death shots manageable if lengthy till right up to the end line.
    Then the endless enemy waves kicked in. After a good hour (just there) the waves finally ceased or at least stopped long enough for me to make a mad dash past the line.
    Strangely I only got some 40K points despite mowing down or blowing up one entire enemy army over almost 2 game hours.

    Engineer B-7214

    It isn’t known how exactly the book’s writer obtained such detailed information. What is known is that they’re very eager to deliver it, beginning to talk about this section’s harrowing mission in the Devil’s Garden right from the first page.
    Six men. Six hapless teens, all on their personal quest. But nobody cared about why they were in France, holding a Springfield and cowering behind a rock. X. Spencer failed at even that task, losing his life at the hands of a battle-tested Wehrmacht rifleman before the action kicked off, though the aforementioned “action” was no better. Below lies an artist’s rendition of the first German arty strike’s aftermath.

    The lads on the ground retreated, some faring better than others, but soon enough they were all attempting to hold their ground, crouched atop some stone. Through unknown means – most likely a secret weapon or Nazi technology -, two rifle grenades were propelled towards R. Grifin in the span of a few seconds. He couldn’t survive the ordeal. To this date, Grifin’s exact cause of death remains unknown.

    Two men down, H. Wilson, L. Willis, G. Elliot and Y. Jhonson attempted to carry on, licking their wounds behind cover, though eventually they all agreed on the necessity to defend themselves instead of waiting for the Germans to come get them. Jhonson, who had managed to survive the artillery despite his heavy radio set, volunteered to peek out and take some potshots, though Willis pushed him aside the moment Jhonson bit a bullet. He couldn’t even lay down his Lewis gun, however, as the Krauts had shot him too. With a groan, he rolled over, trying to reach his medic, only to witness another rifle grenade land. Elliot sucked up most of the blast, shielding Wilson from lethal damage. His sacrifice will be remembered.
    Luckily, during those dreadful moments, Jhonson heard over the radio that CAS had been granted. Nobody knew for sure, but the screams of agony coming from the German lines suggested the strike had been relatively successful. While no organs went flying, plenty more blood was spilled onto the grass, as faithfully represented here.

    Wilson peered over to check the carnage. “… So? Did… did they live?” came from Willis – who was still attempting to hold his guts in, mind you – as his doctor remained silent. From the lack of troops in sight, he could only assume that everybody had been killed, though their corpses were nowhere to be seen. However, relief soon came on the radio. Reinforcements were dispatched, and soon T. Sergey joined the fray.
    Words can not describe how relieved the squad felt to have another man with them. If nothing else, they’d at least have more company while rotting in the French fields.
    Willis had almost been completely patched up when a round cracked the silence”. The Wehrmacht was on the offensive once again! The first rifleman was swiftly gunned down, and the squad charged forward… only to realize the chap was by himself. Puzzled, the four kept marching, trying not to vomit at the bloodbath that enveloped them. It didn’t take long for them to bump into a hedgerow.
    The men held their breath as they stormed through, knowing fully that they had just crossed the gates of hell. Now on the other side, they all collectively dropped the thought, as not a single round had flown their way. They crossed the next hedgerow much more casually, this time being greeted by the sight of Axis troops. Luckily, they had not been spotted and were able to call air support without much trouble, killing one of the krauts instantly. While enjoying the view, Wilson randomly stumbled upon a Grease Gun, deciding not to question it as he let go of his M1911. Another strafe came, and another Jerry exploded. It seemed as if the day could be won after all. Further evidence for that thesis came in the form of a new American soldier making his way through the hedges. A confident “So where’s the battle at?” came from the hedgerow, pleasantly surprising everyone, and A. Peter introduced himself. “I can’t wait to get those kra-” he couldn’t finish his sentence, as Willis painstakingly pointed out “Did you not see the corpses on your way here? Half of ’em are American, damn it!”. Peter’s reply was voided by another CAS plane flying over their heads, bringing even more pain to the German troops. The next pass wasn’t nearly as successful, and the squad was starting to get impatient. Sergey was the first to speak up, with “So are we gonna sit around all day or are we gonna, y’know, do something?”. Everyone left couldn’t agree more and begun running at the enemy lines, only to be interrupted by another arrival. X. Peter joined the battle, and instantly caught onto what was going on, joining the charge.The following image shows the battlefield right before the assault.

    Before they could reach the Axis, however, an airplane flew above their heads, and “GET DOWN!” was heard right before a bomb tore apart the Nazi lines.

    They were met with no further resistance as they reached their objective for the day. However, they decided against settling down, instead pushing on and trying to exploit their breakthrough.
    Marching onwards, the section had no trouble tearing through initial resistance, making short work of a wall and its defenders thanks to a newly acquired weapon: an M1 Bazooka. The rocket tore through the air, piercing the sky before vaporizing its target. A subsequent artillery strike further cemented the Allies as that fight’s winners.The fight’s aftermath is represented here in all of its glory and grotesque beauty.

    With Sergey acting as a spotter, supporting artillery managed to eradicate German defenses before the section even reached them, leaving them only with the task of mopping up the few stragglers, winning the day once again. Their corpses have been pictured here.

    Once again, our men tore through more German forces, making ample use of howitzers, up until one fateful shot cracked the air. Before anyone could react, Jhonson was KIA. A particularly skilled Axis squad was inflicting plenty of hits on the squad, who had to fall back. Such maneuver, however, was made impossible by another shot. A. Peter had been disabled and was bleeding out on the grass. The medic valiantly ran over to help him up, and they both limped back behind rocks as Willis covered their retreat.
    Mere minutes later, it was over. The German wave had been repelled, and all wounds had been sealed. Once again ready to attack, the section cautiously pushed forward. A fierce, harsh fight ensued, and without any fire support the section’s advance was slow.The following drawing has been made to capture the fight’s brutality, and its violence’s enveloping fury.

    Eventually, a trench had been captured and fortified, and the battle continued. In there, morale was at an all-time low, and even A. Peter had lost his excitement. Panicked screams intersected reloads, and the Germans seemed to be invincible, undefeatable, assaulting relentlessly despite their huge casualties.Here is another image, depicting the engagement’s horror.

    Yet the Axis were still humans. After seemingly forever, they pulled back. For our boys, sunlight had just broken through a storm. [Author’s note: in the original draft, I shoehorned in something about war being bad and Wilson being hypocritical or whatever right around here. It was honestly so horrendous, forgettable, generic and unfitting that I decided to spare you some vomit and cut it out. Hope you like the second draft with borderline psychopathic soldiers.] They were soon out of the trench and back into the action, and as we know from past experience, “action” here tends to be quite tragic, here involving Wilson being gunned down and bleeding out in the grass. Regardless, the section carried on, and after some light combat, they broke through enemy lines, making their last movements before hunkering down for the night.


    Engineer B-7214

    … Sir? If I may ask, what are you clapping at? Admittedly, I did have quite the fun session, with the first leg being something to behold, but the AAR isn’t really much to look at. Hecc, I even managed to screw up while putting in the images.


    That is a very nice to read battle report. Been way to long since anyone posted such here.
    We love to read (game) war stories.
    I posted the clapping since your site contribution deserves recognition.
    Images?? O I see. Lightshot will not display here through the image link I think.
    Just post the picture link like this. >>
    If there is any DIRECT Link with some form of image ending like .jpg then the image could be displayed here.
    I tried to extract this Direct link but had no success. Maybe your pictures are not open for the public.
    However downloading is easy as well as using the lightshot editor even if it is not my account. Weird.
    Most here use as a picture hosting site.
    Would be swell if you could post the pictures here again in a new post.
    Keep up the good work!


    Hedgerows, on schedule, new squad.
    First battle is easy with no reinforcements or other difficulties, I get a scout, a sign, a medic, a rifle, a gunner and a sniper.
    Second battle is also easy with the only difficulty being 1 mortar that I riflegrenaded, still no casualties or severe situations.
    Third battle has an MG right at the start but far enough away to artillery it, reinforcements make me advance a bit slower, get to a pair of roads, 3 trucks come in and drop troops but with grenades we survive without casualties again.
    Fourth battle was more of a struggle and we took a lot of damage but no casualties still, also encountered a lot of reinforcements but no casualties.
    Then the fifth and final battle, we’re engaged right ahead of the first hedgerow, nothing unusual, the skirmish goes smoothly, then reinforcements come in, we start to fight them, another group is coming, we start to take damage, another wave of reinforcement so I retreat a bit, my sign who was supporting my gunner walks on a landmine or something, he’s instantly blown to pieces and my gunner is around 30 health, I move my medic to help but the medic gets shot, I try to retreat further but they have mortars so I have to move my rifleman up to grenade it, he take a lot of damage but survives, another wave of reinforcement is announced, my gunner has a grenade thrown next to him and he dies, my scout is shot 3 times in seconds and he dies, I retreat my rifleman and sniper but the rifleman gets pinned and shot, I stop my sniper and he dies shortly after.

    A display of the best and worst luck possible I think, a full squad eradicated in about 6 minutes.
    So are there landmines?


    @finwolf Great AAR. To bad that on that 5th leg your luck ran out.
    I know that this is a late reply but since I am about to write something here as well I also may as well give a popper reply.

    My last game. St.Lo with 8 days ahead and my luck has also finally run out.
    I was actually starting to get suspicious about NOT getting owned.
    ## Start line plus some 300 pix.
    Sniper from way across the field instantly does 120 damage to one dude.
    Dead GI was unlucky to have stood in a LoS ally between a lot of buildings. My bad commanding there.
    I rush him. Nail a few more enemies after that with concentrated fire but also took a bit of damage to a couple of men.

    Suddenly I get hailed down by HMG and SMG fire. Manage to fall back. Rush the HMG with a new Commando.
    Get a Marksman and another Commando. Go into HtH with a few men by the now empty HMG.
    All my men take damage that I fix with Medal Upgrade.
    Enemy Tank is now near me. Shoots a few times but I get lucky to run past it behind buildings.
    Enemy Rifle Grenade hits my forced-advancing team and kills 2 men wounding one badly.
    Manage to hide out behind a building and pick of a few enemies with my remaining Marksman and 2 Commandos.

    Sniper shot goes through the building killing one Commando.
    Cant’t go back due to enemy soldiers and that tank so I charge to to the near wall.
    Panzershreck almost kills my Marksman.
    Further up is a building so I run my commando up there. He fights with a few enemies there while I try to nail that sniper with my marksman from the wall.
    My man pulls the short end of the fight.

    A few seconds later the sniper also kills the Commando who was still on the other side of the wall.
    Game Over.
    Seamed that the enemy had some 50 average combat skill judging by their number of shoot/ hits.
    If I would have faced them in the open the game would have lasted only seconds.
    Also my men suffered seriously from sudden moral loss. Even single bullets let them panic.
    One GI (no upgrade) even stayed pinned near the start for a whopping 5 minutes.
    He even stayed put past having 50 moral. Guess he was the smartest of the lot.
    No need to even comment Commando forever pins.

    Was a nice short game. Ready for more. ๐Ÿ™‚


    @Lance, holy shit, I can picture all of that, but if it was filmed like Band of Brothers. Right on.


    It does real good to get a reply on an AAR here.
    Thanks @f-hanvold cause lately people seam to lazy to post here.

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