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    Here comes a loss, but it was still engaging despite some serious URB that got thrown at me 😀

    The first map went very well, as I had no casualties and got my men ranked up some. At one point, I came across a perfect defensive position that the germans decided not to use for whatever reason, besides one poor kraut who got knocked off by my sniper.

    At another point in that same map, an enemy reinforcement wave spawned directly in front of my squad, but we were unengaged at the time and it was a simple matter of putting my gunner in prone to destroy them all.

    Emboldened by these victories, I decided to push on.

    That was a mistake.

    Seeing another hedgerow, my siggy called down arty on it. What I didn’t realise was that kraut arty was coming in at the same time, and as I watched to see the effect of my arty, everyone but my marksmen were gibbed.

    Well then, I thought.

    My Marksmen proceeded on to a kraut killing rampage, but I was unable to get passed a hedgerow+wall+mg combo, and about 6 axis reinforcement waves were called in over his run, sealing his fate. He killed many a german…

    …until a lone rifleman got a lucky shot into the last man, and my max-rank marksman’s days were over.

    Fun, despite the chance ruin of a great run.


    Ok, that’s unfair.
    New deploy. Dday+2-3ahead.

    1st encounter: Hedgerow+Sandbags with sniper and three germans. Managed to kill them with only one casualty, go forward.
    2nd encounter: standard issues. Few germans. Got first promotions. Marks, Scout, Medic, Sig, Gunner.
    3rd encouter: HMG Nest+Sniper+standard german.
    Well, don’t need to tell you how it ended.


    First game today. D9 with 3 days ahead. Lots of rocks and trees in the area by the starting line.
    I move my men up some 200 pix and immediately get jumped by a whole squad of enemies.
    Full set: 8 Rifleman including 1 sniper, 1 SMG and 1 MG42.
    One sets up a mortar and fires. Of course the first round gibs a GI making that the first kill of this fight.
    Frantic firefights all around. I move a bit closer to the mortar man who is firing almost at point blank range now. He gets up, moves an inch back and sets up again but then gets nailed.
    Without all them trees and rocks I would have lost already.
    Ganging up on enemies now. One upgrade >> Commando for HtH.
    Two enemies get their faces smashed in and the rest eventually shot while I lose one more valiant GI.

    Hell of a start… “Enemy Reinforcements!”
    I have not even moved my men up and still stand some 500 pix from the starting line when another full enemy squad runs strait into me.
    Before I can even catch my breath from the previous fight a Rifle-Grenade gibs my (wish I would have recorded this) Commando.
    I try to fall back. Correction… everyone still alive is Panicly running for home now.
    One man was not fast enough. RIP.
    Grenades tossing and bullet spewing the enemy keeps pressing me to the start line.
    A flare goes down near my last 2 men.
    Somehow I manage to use the trees and rocks to run past a few enemies and out of the death zone.
    Alas it was not nothing cause both get mowed down by gunfire a few seconds later.
    Shitz that was unfair and brutal. Me likes. 🙂

    To balance that the next 2 games where hard but manageable.
    URB on everyone!

    The Lone Ranger

    D-Day+43 Outskirts of the Vire 1:30 seconds in I here 4 germans and then 1 second later a german with a mp40 appears right in front of a rookie and shoots him and does 43 dmg then shoots the same rookie and deals 4 dmg and right afterwards gets killed with one shot. 3:00 5 krauts spotted gunfight ensues every one gets hit with damage going from 40s-90 except Z.Backster who becomes a machine gunner and promoted to private midway through the firefight,N.Braun who got hit 1st becomes a engineer and instantly 1 shots german via shotgun and gets heroism since I didn`t have a medic then and ends the firefight by getting a couple of feet in front of the last german who got pinned by Z.Backster and one shots him, X.Sergey was the second to be hit and was left on 57 hp became a radio operator and then heroism then got shot again and was put at 87 hp, S.Bullock was the 4th to get hit and was left at 12 hp and became a marksman and got heroism and gained the scoped Garand aka the M1c or M1D, L.Hoke was the 3rd to get hit and was put at 47 hp became the medic and helped supress some krauts,M.Childers was the last to get hit and was put on 51 hp and became a rifleman and got heroism which saved him as right after he got hit again and got put at 9 hp and was put back up by L.Hoke instantly and gets another heroism 7:15 gunfight ends 7:20 Z.Backster gains a BAR 7:23 I scream as right behind a house a 88mm appears 7:27 it fires injuring 4 of my squad L.Hoke gets put on 7hp and due to there being no other medics screams with agony, S.Bullock gets put on 37 hp and gets heroism after the 88mm gunner died, Z.Backster gets put on 82 hp, M.Childers gets put on 58 hp and gets heroism since no medic 7:28 88mm gunner dies, Z.Backster gets a Bren, X.Sergey gets bomb drop ability N.Braun becomes a private 7:38 L.Hoke’s final words,”Momma…..Momma” are heard across the battlefield 7:40 Germans spotted gunfight ensues nobody gets hurt 8:15 “Oh my urb” I say as another unseen 88mm fires twice but misses all of my men M.Childers gets a M2 carbine and hits the German gunner 2 times but the gunner lives and runs at him and successfully hits M.Childers bringing him down to 51 hp and runs away from him to his squad where H.Braun just got a Bazooka and gibs the german gunner sending body all over the place 8:27 now at the “finish line” the squad stops there and buries l.Hoke and wonder how many would die like him before the war would finish and if they would be one of the other men who would die before the war would finish only being remembered to history as another statistic in those who who died in WW2. The end hope you enjoyed.

    The Lone Ranger

    Oh yea forgot to put it was D-Day+43 On Schedule


    Just got out the Devil´s garden (The Hedgerows), with heavy casualties, only one man left, not even think twice on halting.
    Entering the Outskirts of St.Lo with six fresh soldiers, expectation was hight, the tension as well, moving through the town from cover to cover, the section didn´t have much resistence.Almost in the midle of the AO a engine sound could be heard in the distance, with no AT capability the section starts to worries, continuing the fight through the destroyed buildings more german soldiers appeard, arty starts raining, the man fall back, not just from the enemy´s artillery, but now from the giant metal beast that emerged from a house, instantly firing his 88mm main gun, that maybe from luck, didn´t killed anyone, the Tiger starts chasing the section, still with no AT weaponry the six men squad is pushed back to point zero, doing there best to hold the german infantry, the section gains confidence back, and again move up just to encounter the enemy tank. Commando K.Fridge make a run for it, as the rest of the squad covers him, even with no way to destroy the enemy colossus, the private try to at least kill his commander so they can keep moving, but gets engaged in CQC by a rifleman, taking a hit from only god knows where, Fridge fall back to his squad, some more enemies show up, just to get cut down by shotguns and carbine fire, the Tiger continues to move up as the squad´s engineer and scout make a desperate move for the tank commander again, the poor scout blow up in pieces by the coaxial MG, the engy get on top of the turret just after the commander closed the cupola, the rest of the section keeps maneuvering around the tank, as more infantry come to the blood fest, the brave engineer maneged to get a bazooka just when all hope was lost, the squad spread out off the tank, the engy takes a shot, and nothing hapens, they are still under fire, four man are wounded, Lt.A.Brown tryes to rally his men, the engineer aim his bazooka again, side hit, the giant best catch on fire, the batlle looked to be taking a turn, as the engy prepares the third rocket, he just explode into pieces by MG fire, now coming from a PanzerIII on the road , there are only four man left on the section, the morale is low, there is no way they can figth both tanks now, Lt.Brown order his men to move up nonstop until they are off line of site, there are still germans hiding in the trees and buildings, but if they want to come back home alive, they will need to escape the tanks first, taking point, Fridge was moving through the panzers when, out of a destroyed house, comes a german taking him by surprise and stabbing him in the chest, the squad rapidly reacts killing the bastard, Fridge was bleeding out in the open surrounded by the tanks and some infantry, it was too risky, but the medic, K.Sanchez makes a run for it, geting pined in the process, he tryes to reach Fridge, but it was too late, the rest of the section continues to move up covering each other, taking hits but still figthing, barely reaching a destroyed house the three men squad encounters more german infantry, firing and tossing granades the section clear most of them, once again things where turning their side, when a bullet hit the rifleman rigth between the eyes killing him instantly, now it´s just Sanchez and Brown, both injured but still willing to figth for their dead brothers, they move up and reach the point were all started to go to hell, moving througt the dead bodies and debris, they find more germans, outnumbered and outguned, didn´t taked long till Sanchez was shot, he didn´t died, but he was bleeding, there was nothing Lt.Brown could do to save his friend, he just stood there, watching him die, the germans were swarming his positon,there was no hope, in a act of fury he charges them, the first one was killed by Brown´s bare hands, then he grabed his Thompson and started firing at the other two near germans, killing them in seconds, he keept going, the more germans that were appearing, the more germans that were laid in the ground, Brown was shot several times but he didn´t stop advancing, near the end of the AO he heard more engine noises, but now from behind, still whith his blood boiling, he starts to move back to meet his fate, when from the destryed buildings he saw, for his surprise, it wasn´t the enemy. He see the rest of the platoon and allied tanks moving up the river, shortly after him.
    Back to HQ,for his bravery Brown was awarded with the Medal of Honor and promoted to Major.

    I hope you liked the “cinematic” AAR, sory for my english I´m not realy good at it >.<

    The Lone Ranger

    Don`t worry about your English @Arise has that covered no offence to @Arise I can only imagine how hard it must be to learn English.


    it´s easier than portuguese XD no offence.

    The Lone Ranger

    First Contact

    Unknown fire catches a advancing soldier

    Unknown fire stops and I make an advance to find a MG

    Found more Jerrys and gunfight ensued. Heres my squad halfway through it. My sniper saves the squad since all others have lost their will to fight.

    Aftermath of the gunfight

    German MG found and killed after my squad advances.

    Victory is secured and here is the hero that saved the remaining part of my squad during the gunfight.


    Maxed out Snipers are really the terror of the battlefield. Nice work, mate!

    The Lone Ranger

    Thanks @Tyrud. I`ve only recently figured out the godlike power of the sniper to just melt away the opposition.

    The Lone Ranger

    After several heavy engagements Sniper saves the day again,

    After a short advance ran into more MGs that take 1:30 seconds to kill.

    My last advance as I prepare to enter Bastogne.

    I celebrate that after 20+ advances I finish the Battle of The Bulge and go into The Siege of Bastogne.


    @reddot That is a brilliant MNB3 war story. Thank you so much for writing this for us.
    As one to not always follow “good” English writing manners I must say that I have seen a many posts in my days that seamed to be written from Martians rather then from native English speaking citizens. Your story is top notch compared to them.
    Keep up that awesome work!!!

    Nice picture story Lone Ranger. May have been better placed in the Screenshots Topic but we take any and all good posts as they come in any way especially in such good ways.

    TIP for either picture taking or later cropping them so that only the actual game picture is shown and not your whole screen.
    1) It is easiest to take a picture of just the game field. Can you do that?
    If not then tell us how you take screen shots now.
    2) After uploading a picture to imgur you can “work” on that picture there.
    Please try that. It’s easy.


    Progress update: Location = Hedgerows. Time = D-Day 12 with 3 days ahead.
    Been trying to stay 5 days ahead of schedule but it is really hard.
    Managed to pull it of 3 times in a row by only advancing a single field till D-Day 12 regardless of how good my men where.
    Last 2 games when bad.
    Second last was totally hopeless. Reinforcements came as the game started and there was a hedge with lots of trenches some 3 visual fields up where all the enemy soldiers gathered.
    Could not even get close without one of my men getting hit so with 3 remaining I fell back to almost the stating line and waited for them to come to me but none did.
    Since just sitting there nobody got any xp so I finally made a suicide charge to end the game.

    Last game could have been better but a Panzer IV actually outsmarted me.
    I made it to the first hedgerow and luckily only lost a single man due to a Panzerfaust while occupying the only defensive asset (Trench) on my side, picking of enemies as they wandered throw the hedge.
    Had most men specialized as that Tank came running down. Figured to simply stay put till it passed the hedge to then run everyone over the other side.

    Did so but there where to many enemy soldiers on the other side to get father then a ditch some 100 pix after the hedge.
    My men suddenly sucked in combat by not taking out them few enemy soldiers and the Panzer came back at that time too.
    I attempted to run. Attempted I mind you. Panzer MG pinned my men and eventually killed one.
    Dam massive moral drops from MG’s.
    A couple of men made it a bit further up a long open field to run into a Pack88 with some 5 soldiers given rifle support.
    They where disposed of fast by their own Panzer along with my 2 spear head men.

    Panzer IV explosions are way to big like bomb drops in the current version.
    Please urbzz reduce them to a much smaller explosion scale.

    Run ended with almost no ground gain in a wasteland formed by gigantic explosions from the Panzer that fired about every 3 seconds.



    I hadn’t noticed the Tank explosions to be excessive. 😉 But then again I don’t see many of them, as my Mortar, Arty & Rifle-Grenades end his career before he can start causing too many issues.

    Did notice that the Panzer doesn’t die as easily as the Tiger. 🙁 ..that can’t be right…
    Also wasn’t thrilled to see it takes 12+ Commando TnT Charges to take one out. Really?!?

    Do wanna apologize to Urbzz for bitching about Mortars being Crack-Happy-Smurfs. After working a little more closely with them, I discovered they’re not Too bad a close-range, say maybe as much as a half or a third of a klick away, and often have a nice tight grouping. -{Okay, maybe that last line is stretching the truth a bit}-

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