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    This needed to be created. Seriously. 🙂


    Since we don’t have Battle Report/AAR thread for MnB3, I’ll post here. New patch 0.20a, first battle on a new profile, D-Day +1, on schedule.

    First battle was usual Omaha fighting, the Germans are total pushover. One German proved to be tough nut to crack but the end result was this:

    I still have the skill with me, 6 men to the end, one medic and the rest are still rookies. The medic is armed with Kar98k from a supply crate and one of the rookies has MP-40. Interestingly he was more effective long-range killer with the MP-40 than my riflemen were.

    But then, shit got real.

    I advanced like usual and faced this trench. A German was fighting back hard and it took a while to kill him and push to the trench. Then that happened. My 45xp engineer stepped into a mine in a trench when the German had walked over it 4 times. So he didn’t spot it despite scanning for mines. I can deal with Germans not triggering their own mines but this is a little bit ridiculous. It may be U.R.B. but in tactical sense absolutely ludicrous. Overall, I bit my tongue and kept going.

    Less than a minute later:

    So, my 63xp rifleman stepped into a mine too. OK, this is bad. Re-grouped and got opportunity call for reinforcements, called them to get myself a new enginner. Continued advancing once section was together and patched up until less than a screen later another explosion. My recon stepped into a mine. Didn’t even bother taking a screenshot anymore. Continued slow advance forward until at a treeline, two and half screens away from the endline, fourth explosion. My gunner was blown into pieces. Yeah…. My sense of humour has ran out. The 14xp engineer made a check from the treeline and didn’t spot any mines. Pushed forward until, guess what, another explosion. Now I reached the verge of outright anger and massive rage-induced rant but I managed to keep it mostly together. But the problem:

    The wounded engineer marked on the field was standing on tree A when he did the spot check. The lungs next to the crater are what remains of my medic and the crater in the bottom-right is my gunner. Signaler is somewhere in the picture under a tree, don’t remember where. But, the engineer what just checked for mines did not see that particular mine. Is it just chance-based or is the distance ludicrously short? I really wonder is there anykind of realistic chances of dealing with the mines if the results are like this at this stage of the game. I do hope that I was just absolutely trolled by the game instead of this being the new normal.

    Small relief came in the form of me moving in a line formation, my useless engineer at the front, all the way to the end without further explosions. Held my ground, next mission is D-Day +2, one day ahead.


    O how I love to read such post of yours.
    This actually happened to me as well where 2 men got gibbed within 3 seconds while the Engineer was right between them a few pic away doing his SCAN thing.
    The vid is somewhere…well on my you-tube channel for sure.
    So the issues here are;
    A: Does the “scan for mines” passive skill even work?
    B: Is it connected to the xp of the Soldier?
    c: How far is the scanning range?
    D: Do “Found” mines appear like they do in Recon?


    Just had a relative tough game where the enemy was close to the start with some 3 men that insta killed one GI and wounded another till I got them.
    Used my Spotter first method to snipe enemies from there with the grunts Springfield Rifles.
    Came to a Pak88 a bit behind a hedgerow but it did not seam to spot me.
    After cleaning out the wandering soldiers the 88 gunner got shot out.
    I actually would have loved to see it in action again.

    Then something odd happened. I was hanging around for a good 3 minutes till my basic Medic healed 4 men up a bit again.
    Germans all had scopes on their rifles it seamed.
    Had my best man, Commando with M3 and both ammo upgrades move a bit down to TNT the empty 88 when a mine blew him up.
    So basically he was standing on a mine for 3 minutes and it killed him when he finally moved.

    Enemy was rather good at reaction and firing so my usual tactic was not so effective despite having 3 men with long ranged weapons.
    Medic had his hands full.
    Used all my opportunity calls on crates in hopes to get some better weapons for the Signaller and Medic but no luck.

    HMG in open field with lots of support infantry gave me problems.
    After dispatching the infantry; they are still all to eager in wandering aimlessly around till I can pick them of; I used the Medic to attract the attention of the HMG to the left and as it started to fire moved him back all while my 3xMap-Speed-Increased-Commando (yes I got myself another one) got the close drop on the gunner.
    If you know how fast a Wizard in STWALT can move with some 27 movement then you can imagine this commando literally flying up the screen.

    Close to the end was a small forest that would have been troublesome due to a tough enemy squad hugging trees but our arty is the best friend in this game.
    This was a 2 leg game that was challenging, took some 22 minutes for each leg but was not a mission impossible.

    Currently staying On Time (Days Ahead/ Behind = 0) makes for good game play although you rarely get any specialist above 3 upgrade points in one leg.


    Sounds like you created the original flash, there Lance. If you have a short clip of it, I’m sure the others would love to see that. You were quite lucky to not lose the medic to the HMG, as my prior attempts to use a guy as bait against it generally don’t work out too well.


    This one is going to be a long post.

    After two weeks of not being able to play, I got around to testing MnB3 again. Reset my profile and deployed to Omaha beach. Im not sure why the de-bug shows me playing D-Day +2, one day behind, even though I am playing on a fresh profile (tested it twice). Didn’t get far, maybe three screens away) until I encountered this:

    4 infantrymen and a sniper entrenched behind a wall versus my green section which had encountered only one German so far. The sniper caused heavy damage and I was forced to retreat very quickly back to a trench I had occupied earlier. Promoted a man into a medic and begun idling. Bit later I sent one of my full health men forward in case the Germans were counter-attacking. Suddenly a shot rang out and I could hear my men yelling about the previous sniper. I begun to look for the muzzle flash of the sniper and spotted him here (between the clip on the ground and the bullet hole).

    Problem: My forward man was standing under the tree in bottom right. The snipers have very high spotting distance since my man was unable to spot the sniper. I pulled him back to the trench, but still got shot at by the sniper. The distance is really long as can be seen here:

    I decided to rush the sniper, managed to kill him and slowly picked off the others by the wall after that. They had pushed forward slightly (bomb crater length) from the wall allowing me to kill them and advance. Rest of the fight was fairly non-eventful. Pushed on to second leg and got Assault Ribbon. But the moment I entered the field:

    Really…. The sniper spotted, aimed, fired and hit in less than a second after me moving to a new field. It was quite a rush to kill that bastard before he caused more damage. The rest of the fight was fairly non-eventful although I encountered a mortar at halfway point of the leg. The mortar fired fairly slowly (as in with realistic speed for a one-man mortar) but also somewhat accurately managing to cause some injuries before I managed to suppress the position and kill the mortarman. Further up the field I also encountered a bunker with HMG inside it. I bombed the bunker first, a direct hit and the bunker blew up. The gun didn’t care and continued as normal. Luckily there were two trees right in front of it allowing me to rush the bunker gun while it was facing the wrong way and kill the gunner. Continued on to my third leg.

    Shit got real. I advanced under non-stop combat encounter through the entire leg. There were Germans everywhere and I pushed through numerous trenches and several bunkers. Had to flee from two artillery barrages and killed a few snipers on the way. The flares are frightening and I often had to split my section with one half pushing forward and other half retreating in order to get out of the way. The fighting was tense with the battle culminating in me capturing a bunker short distance away from the end line. I moved my whole section in there and then I noticed this:

    Almost completely off-map FlaK 88. It was pointing directly to the left originally so I thought that the gunner is already dead or has abandoned the weapon. Yeah, nope. It begun to turn and opened fire on the bunker. I do not know does the bunker resistance rules apply to Germans so I hoped that there would not be a direct hit on the bunker in case it blows up. Luckily my men killed the gunner and I moved on to leg number four.

    The battle remained ferocious. Constant encounters, barbed wire and trenches. Three artillery barrages, managed to avoid all three of them. Although one barrage forced me to charge into HMG position to get out of the way, luckily the gun was facing the wrong way and I lived without casualties. Several injuries and close calls followed up during the fight. The Germans reinforced twice but I never saw any major concentrations so I was wondering where the reinforcements were. At the very end, fighting got really brutal.

    I encountered few Germans ahead and begun to advance on them. I moved my rifleman to the point in order to flank the Germans when they begun popping up all over the place.

    The three Germans around my man on middle-right appeared out of thin air behind him, the dead one under him appeared shoulder to shoulder beside him. He got hit soon after and the fighting got really brutal with Germans appearing everywhere. I pulled the rifleman back and called artillery. This is what followed:

    The two reinforcement waves deployed themselves in the area according to the 10-man active movement system. The more I killed them, the more appeared out of thin air. The barrage finished them off allowing me to push to the end. There were still 7 Germans left in the half of a screen left between the screenshot and end line. Finished them off and moved to the end. One German was standing in some bushes and lobbed a hand grenade directly to the feet of my rifleman gibbing him causing my only casualty at the very end. Weird was how the German was pinned, then did the grenade animation without standing up at beforehand. After that he got shot in retaliation. Whole battle lasted for one and half hours.

    Did not encounter Panzerfausts yet so can’t comment on those. The dynamic environment did not work and I never saw Treviere despite pushing all the way to hedgerows. Don’t remember was it supposed to be in the game yet at all yet though. It was also interesting to see how the section performance exploded the moment the section reached average 40xp. The killing power increased massively and everyone got xp a lot and very fast. Germans were being cut down left and right at that point.

    Regarding the skills I use: I use rifleman, engineer, scout, medic, gunner and signaler. I don’t find rifleman abilities particularly useful in the general gameplay since I find rank and weapon more important. When I have the abilities available, the soldier can clear out the positions with bullets anyways.
    Engineer bazooka is very important, mine is useful if encountering roads. Sandbags are not particularly useful since once I have them, firearms are capable of clearing the defense. Otherwise fire support will take care of it. And massive firepower alongside already established fortifications is what clears the heavy emplacements and stops the counter-attacks, not improvised sandbag walls.
    Scout has the spot closest ability which is useful when advancing without being under contact. Other abilities feel useless.
    Medic Intensive care is vital, first aid kit is useful, experimental drugs are suicide.
    Gunner bi-pod is useful when defending or establishing a position. Mortar is fairly useless becouse bullets. Haven’t tested the Jeep but it seems useless.
    Signaler has nothing but vital abilities.


    Damn! I finally end up the reading, that is definitely long post here @Hyyppa XD

    Very good point I must say, but sure so of point is base on the combat style.

    As the sniper just in so there must have some problem with him, no need to say, the bug always follow with new implement. Just keep the eyes on.

    For current skill, Officer-12, Medic-3, Scout-23, seems all can discuss more. other seems useful in different situation. This will be discuss later time.Maybe this some specific issue as a list for @Urbzz to investigate.

    Again! Very nice post Hyyppa, nice story and report. >o<

    Nicholas Andersen

    I played a first game, and made it to the top with four men once I knew what I was doing.
    I like this. It has the best things of MnB2 and Recon combined.
    The wait was worth it, and this is just version 0.23!


    So I had this terrible run…

    Started out and I see a wall up ahead. ‘No big problem’ I think, except that a bunch of recruits with springfields are going to have a tough time dislodging those krauts.

    Almost immediately a german shoots out an artillery flare, ‘sploding two recruits who were pinned down and refused to move.

    A short bit later, more arty, and two more pinned recruits get sent skyward.
    ‘This isn’t working’ I think, so I get the two remaining recruits to run up to the left side of the wall. One of the recruits makes it, the other panics and retreats straight into an artillery barrage.

    At this point I’m resigned to a loss, and the map looks like swiss cheese from all the arty…

    I have the last recruit try to make a dash for the hedgerow beyond the wall, but he is quickly pinned down. He proceeds to surprise me by surviving the german fire for a couple minutes, all the while pinned in the same spot. Eventually, he too becomes a victim of the artillery flare.

    Note: Since the guy is pinned, you can’t see all the mp40-wielding krauts around, but they’re there all right.

    At least I got 250 points, I guess :\


    D+4, Ahead of 3, going to be ahead of 5, since i was finishing my 3rd advance (And i was going to halt). Last screen of the map. Facing some infantry resistance, due a stones+trees+trench with constant infatry spawning. My sniper got killed by a lucky one-hit far shot from a german (not a sniper, a common soldier), and i’m left with a Maxed Scout armed with an Mg42 (I think, not sure) found in a nazi crate, a Maxed Gunner, Maxed Sig, Maxed Medic. Tired of gibbing minions with arty strikes, since they seemed to have no ending, i try to push a little to stop the spawning.
    I make the four advance in a large-square formations, with the Two heavy MG in the front, and the sig/medic in the back.
    No time to think, five germans pop out of nowhere, and a german arty is called. While running back, the first shot hits the Scout and does a lot of damage to the others. Scout got gibbed.
    The second shot hits and gibs the Gunner, killing the other two with fragments. End of the game.
    Most accurate arty shots i’ve ever seen.
    Back to D+5-Ahead of 2 🙁


    Yea, that’s usually how it goes. Was DDay+1 going to be ahead by 5 when the German soldiers became my worst nightmare.

    What I find annoying is that I can’t even get off the spawn area because the Germans two shot or one shot my men. Nowhere to hide… Just started… Shame. But, I get past it, usually surviving with 3-4 men and trying to get at least 3 ahead.


    I’ve just unlocked hedgerows and man is it unfair, brutal and random. You literally have no cover and enemy arty is constant. Halfway through the battle, all my guys died except my medic. I had to make the final sprint like Usain Bolt :/

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    Rick M

    Started a mission. Go up to survey field. I hear an 88. Oh no. One guy gone, 3 pinned, enemy 88 no where in sight. Moved guys up, still no where in sight. How…



    lol The German don’t like you. XD See those arty round?!

    *When the soldier is pin down, he will lose all LOS to near by unit until it stand up, so that is why you can see anything except smoke.


    Off screen Flak88 is still checking, probably a big bug, will keep eyes on.


    I was going through the last hedgerow when they called their Panzer III. I decided to fall back to the start since I didn’t have an engineer and my signaller got gibbed. I had to call the Stuart for support. When they met, both the tanks had their left thread destroyed.
    pz3 vs stuart
    The Panzer got pwned shortly after.
    Then I remembered that since the Stuart couln’t return back to base, I was stuck there :/

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