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    Just finished getting the BBQ ribbon on a new profile but I just watched a man on fire run through two lines of barbed wire while he was having the flesh burned off him and he killed my flamer with 93 rifle skill and about 70 exp.

    Then it occured to me, in all my years playing this game,I’ve never seen a burning German get caught on barbed wire.

    I’ve never been set on fire (yet), nor have I ever climbed over barbed wire (yet), but seems like a man burning to death won’t have the ability to travers such an obstacle. I may be wrong if anybody else has seen such a miracle before.

    I understand not every unit should get caught, but if barbed wire was able to stop burning germans in their track, flamers and wires would be much more frequent in my deployments 🙁


    Seriously a Flame soldier with some 70xp?! :O
    That one needs a pic and a place in our Super Soldier section.
    Personally I have not gotten a soldier much higher then that. As far as I know the only person to ever have a 100 xp Flamer was Bersimon but I am not sure if he did it the “legal” way.

    About Barbwire in MNB2.
    It has but a small chance to snag someone (friend or foe) and if it does it has a random and usually short tearing time doing only minimal damage unless you intentionally play rope with one.
    And since it can easily be blown up or removed by an enemy engineer it is not worth the tp in my view.
    This was different when it got introduced but then urbzz nerfed it a lot because it was to good.

    About burning soldiers.
    In older version nothing could stop their frenzy run of doom but in the new version (online one) there are 2 things that can stop them.
    Mines and puddles of water. Mines instantly blow when they come near and water puts them out in a cloud of smoke.

    Tip for a Flame Soldier deploy.
    Best be a puddle of water on the upper side of the field. Do not place a Trench in it since that destroys the water function.
    Place a Trench behind it if that is possible with sandbags and wire in front/on of the pond if TP is avail.
    A Palisade can also be fun to use.
    Good flame and long burns fellow BBQer.


    Had no idea about the pond stopping them. Thanks for that.

    The only reason my flamer got up to 70 exp was because I was using combat leadership to boost him up. I only wanted to unlock the ribbon for completion purposes but I didn’t want to invest more than 2 games into the ribbon so I used about 20 tactical points to make a super flamer and I did advance a couple times and that also gave him lots of exp boosts.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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