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    Fighting through the hedgerows today. Tough fighting has forced me to halt after each advance, Im loosing men left and right. The German presence is thick maybe even a whole infantry company. Lost my Rifleman, SF Operator, Engineer, even my damn Marksman. Im down to my Scout and Medic, both green FNGs with basic equipment and scared out of their wits. We took a basic straight forward advance, moving straight up the middle one by one just a few pixels ahead of the man in front just long enough for him to cover with a single burst of fire. Slowly they advanced gaining experience and moral along the way. I was able to promote them, making them fierce warriors with unbreakable moral. Finally upgrading to better weapons they laid their foes to rest with precision. With grit and a solid plan, these men eliminated every German unit on the field, while taking care of their wounds. They advanced and won the day. Never give up. Thats a damn order!



    Yeah, MNB3 is something like this, you try and die for so many times, then you become master. >o<

    URB game is truly a roguelike style game series, move! boys!!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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