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AT Mine's MNB2 Time

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    Ha!Ha! It is good to pick up back the MNB2 for play, my brother ask me to compete the survive waves, and I lose. lol Damn Mortar is the Murder. 0o0

    Mortar always playing fun roll, as you don’t know where the next round will fall. lol

    Enjoy the show. >o<


    YES!!! A bloody Mud and Blood game for the hell of it (not seriously played) as it is.
    That was really fun to watch.
    Brings back very old memories of beginning players posts years back that where soooo entertaining in their own brutal way.
    Everyone simply had a good time playing MNB2 without the need for ridiculous high wave counts and such.
    Goes to show that a high score is NOT needed here to be recognized as a “good” site poster but rather posts showing the brutal side as well.


    A well attempted and casual (is that even a possible descriptor for urb games?) of a classic, Arise. Vids like these always reminds me just how powerful a good gunner or two can be. Mowing and pinning down Germans like it’s nothing. Definitely a class that leaves something to be desired in MnB 3, but I guess as always the meta changes when you go from defending to attacking.


    Thanks @tyrud and @lance

    After a week, the next show come now. >o< ( Don’t care about my very low voice, I don’t have good equipment XD )

    I am giving you, the next video

    Some of dude talk about the one of terrify thing in MNB2 – The Flame!!! XDD

    I would say the first reason I love this game when I am 12 is because Noob Grenade and Awesome Flame spread. lol The flamer is always the entertainment for those who tired with survive of long waves game play.

    Still, flame kill German and also kill you, because fire will spread, seriously!! XDDDD

    Enjoy the show, and will upload next time. >O<

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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