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Any good advise on the ZSU?

Activity Forums Recon Tactics and Strategies Any good advise on the ZSU?

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    Just lost a team within 15 seconds when I had an encounter with the ZSU. I can see that I have 70% chance in the followning missions.

    So anyone have some good advise, besides blowing up the damn thing.


    You are supposed to blow it up! That is the main point and why its called High Value TARGET!

    My experience of the darn thing is that it is always located in your LZ (or central grid). So if you’re unlucky (as I once was) you encounter it during drop off. My tip is to move straight away in the direction your helos came from – usually south-east. Run off to the bushes a bit from LZ, wait for covert mode, the move slowly in the LZ and try to spot the hellish machine.

    Happy, big game, hunting!


    Bring LAWs, a lot of them (3-4)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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