An rough outline of how advancing should work in my opinion.

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    This post will go over how I think the difficulty increase should work over maps advanced per day.

    Map 1- Average Difficulty, Your squad will lead an advance assault on enemy positions to soften it up for the main push after you. The “average” takes into account where you are, how far ahead of schedule you are, and your commander rank.

    Map 2- Hard Difficulty, after you break through the front line you encounter the German’s tactical reserve consisting of mostly under equipped infantry, but also hardened veterans receiving leave from the front. You may also encounter the German’s Armor reserves (less likely, maybe 75/25???). This would include hardened troops, and a higher possibility of tanks, mainly the Pz 4 F1 Medium.

    Map 3/4- Slightly Below Average Difficulty, after breaking through the Tactical reserve all that is in your way is the occasional garrison unit and roadblock. This region consists of green troops, along with some average skill level troops in small groups. In this region you are more likely to find roads for supply convoys to pass and if you’re unlucky to get motorized dropped on you.

    Map 5/6- By this point you have well outpaced artillery support (maybe make it less accurate? I don’t want it removed altogether) and have outrun the main advance. The German commander, frustrated with your success, will begin using his strategic reserves (higher chances of seeing the Pz 6 “Tiger” Heavy, same bonus to Pz 4 Medium chances as tactical reserve)

    Map 7-10- As you move farther and farther into enemy held territory you begin to exit your radio range (chance to fail radio communications) and you are out of heavy artillery range, relying on fast moving howitzer units to back you up (arty does less damage). Armor support is more likely to come to your aid (Stuart tank stays an extra 15 seconds) to try and exploit the breakthrough. Air strikes will be more likely to fall off target (heavier flak due to amount of distance covered by the aircraft).

    Map 11/12- The main army armored reserve is called in by the German commander (who by this point would probably be relieved of his command for you getting so far behind his lines. Very high chances of seeing Pz 4 Medium tanks and Pz 6 “Tiger” Heavy tanks. German troops are able to call in more arty support, and are very well trained and equipped.

    Map 13+ More and more German reserves are put into the battlefield. Your support becomes less effective while the German support becomes more effective. Your CO becomes reluctant to put more troops into the area and as long as you keep advancing you will see less and less support, along with more Germans as fighting dies down on the other regions of the front. If you make it this far you’ve already braved the Gold Star medal and probably have spent upwards of 2 hours in game (srsly take a break, go outside maybe?) and have earned the respect of many fellow commanders.

    If this is implemented in any way (even if it is completely different than what I feel would make the most sense) than the exact percentages for buffs to Germans and nerfs for you are up to URB and the testers.

    Good luck in the field,

    Any and all feedback is allowed and encouraged! Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts on the topic and if you think it’s stupid, say so, doesn’t have a huge effect on my life, so go ahead!


    The Lone Ranger

    I think this a pretty good idea in my opinion. Seems a lot better than eventually making the Germans super soldiers.



    Well they would eventually after the 13th map become super soldiers, but not until after a logical timeline of resistance


    The Lone Ranger

    Durp I thought this was for days ahead.



    it says
    “average difficulty is determined by days ahead , commander rank…”
    so if you’re too far ahead the Germans will still be super soldiers


    The Lone Ranger

    Wait a minute commander rank….well shit Im a 2 star general. No wonder even though Im only like one-three days ahead I get my ass handed to me easier. Of course sometimes I make my self foch up the match.



    As we mentioned today, it is good to keep this in mind when we are having the days ahead discussion. rifle skill is not improved at all by the days ahead. Not even hit points. Just experience which make them take better decision and act faster.



    Noticed. 😉 Similar to MNB2 per wave or every other wave.
    So the basic formula is Enemy XP = Days Ahead only? What about Profile Rank? D-Day time? Game Location?
    Anyone with a comment on those factors?

    So what makes the enemy soldiers stats wise “better” right from the start of a game is;
    his longer spotting range vs your standard soldier, *This is to good in my opinion since they always get the drop on my green dudes.
    faster reaction time depending on days ahead + ?, *so a single enemy can and will either hit you first or at least pin you till you die or panic if you can not releave him.
    higher chance to use a “skill” depending on days ahead + ? again. *nothing like getting shelled/’naded without end right from the start without any means to counter that.

    Also the time factor that the longer you are on a single field the higher the chance or better said the more often enemy reinforcements “will” come in.

    Even a single enemy can become rather highly deadly to a new squad depending on his armament once some 4+ days ahead in my experience.
    Early sniper or even 2 at once have a higher rate of fire then our men at that point and getting past such foes without good LOS cover is simply not possible without high losses or a game over.
    Giving the randomness of the game it is possible to get even further ahead once ahead by some 6+days but that is very unlikely but if I somehow do pull it off the the game takes way over an hour to play and that is a bit to tedious.

      A small suggestion at this point:

    The ability to skip days when ahead of schedule. If this becomes a possibility to talk about then I will make a topic for this. Could have pros and cons.

    And the in game ability to retreat.
    Could be strategically interesting depending on the complexity of the game setting for such to either possibly reward the player for conserving man power in the face of impossible odds or punish them if high command has the opinion that you are just a pussy commander.

    Both are done by refreshing the game right now but it would be a lot cooler to have in game options for that.

    Back to the topic of enemy XP.
    There should be a limiter to that since while it is of course possible to run across some enemy super soldiers the bulk of the enemy force should not exceed to much of a reaction speed difference over our men at any point of the game.

    Here a formula idea for enemy XP:

    1 xp per 1000 pix into the field that accumulates with each played field for that game.
    This caps at 70xp.
    Bonuses >> Randomly every enemy can have a bonus of up to 50xp. 1-50xp that is.
    Starts with 5% and goes up by 5% per days ahead that you actually are inc per field that you advance in a single game.
    In addition there could be XP bonuses at Special Locations and /or for special units.



    I had a chat with Lone Ranger on discord a few time about the difficulty curve. It is a very interesting topic. Since I’m testing the patch I decided for shits and giggles to rank myself as a 4 star General (10th rank in the game) and give myself a 5 day ahead head start in Outskirt of Bayreuth. This setting is the generic rural village setting since I’m not there yet in personalizing each battle field but non the less it felt it was similar or harder than a good MNB3 player could experience.

    My first go was catastrophic. I got caught in the open, squad was pinned and then the Germans fired 2 flares at my newbies laying down in the field. I managed to get 3 out of harms way. The rest got demolucalized (new word). I kept fighting but with 3 guns instead of 6 it gets really hard.

    Consensus: Yes I lost but I had a blast. The fight was visceral, troop movement was credible and the sound of screams and gun fire gets me going. More seriously though I didn’t feel like the Germans cheated, I didn’t feel robbed of anything despite maybe only of my preconception that as the player I should be guaranteed to get my casual ass to the win spot. A fair reminder of the Unfair aspect as described in that article on U.R.B. True to the book actually.

    Second game: got my squad of newbies thru a fairly dense lil forest before the edge of the village. From there we could position ourselves to face whatever the enemy was tossing at us. Which luckily (randomness) was light infantry only. These bastards knew they had the numbers though and were pretty balsy in their movement and hungry to gain ground. It was a fun fight lot of maneuvering we took some hits and we gave them some. I faced mortars and rifle grenades and even an halftrack inject. But I feel that because I’ve won my first fight my squad was now equipped in experience and gear to make it to the end.

    Consensus: I made it to the end. It wasn’t easy or pretty or a chill experience. I definitely wasn’t playing one of those brain dead idle game. The game was taxing me. All mistakes were severely punished and a tactical faux pas or bad luck made me lose 2 guys after mid point. I had to plan, counter plan and re-plan move my guys around to manage damage soakers, hold crucial ground, punch when I won the exchange of fire and occupy prime real estate when the odds and numbers where shifting against me.

    lil disclaimer though: The reinforcement issue is legitimate which seems to happen to folks playing for a long period of time. I will work on that in 0.25 meanwhile I suggest you refresh your game page after few rounds in order to kill the residual timers.

    I usually gage the difficulty on what I can do. To be frank I like the experience I get at that level. I had fun. But then again I was expecting to get beaten if I got complacent or too balsy or unlucky. There is tension. It is definitely hard and there is definitely scenarios where you have less than a fair chance to get thru. But that’s what I/we are all about. At the end of the day, the game rewards good tactics, luck and initiative.

    I’ve watched Pepperthumb going thru some rounds at that level it’s enjoyable to watch, the violence is healthy and there is definitely some decent fighting going on. More importantly she had fun through the this process. It was not as one sided as it has been portrayed by some. Which concerns me. I’m gonna shock some of you here folks but I have to drop this. It will be unfair and you will be brutalized and guess what it will also follow a chaotic pattern that has nothing to do with player accommodation. It is the religion here. Actually, we are the prime producer of that shit so there’s gonna be no diluting on my shift (lol).

    tldr: Get gud

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    So the higher your rank in MNB3 the harder the game becomes?



    yes, its the same with all of the MnB games, if it wasn’t that way you’d just exploit strategies you discovered along the way without the germans making said strategies less effective.

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