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    Four Spec Ops and an officer set up by two trees. After some waves of Germans not knowing where they five were, an engineer had made it to the defensive line. He had built two sandbags and a cam net on the left side. Soon after two medics arrived quickly patching up the officer, as a grenade landed besides him. Then a halftrack rolls up stationed behind them pinning down any Germans seeing the Americans. Later a sniper comes up staying away from the defensive line, slowly killing any infiltrator that the men at the front didn’t spot. Then the platoon’s Sarge decide to join for the action. He would been armed with a B.A.R. gun. After killing many Germans which they still didn’t fire back the halftrack would been mounted with quad .50s on the back. The quad .50 would gun down the opel trucks. Suddenly a massive blitz had started filled with wagens and opel trucks. The quad mowed them down the men inside, after destroying the vehicles. After a few more waves a Tiger I would roll up, and suddenly fired a shot at the defensive line. The shot whizzed over the men but hit the halftrack behind them, killing the three men inside of it. The engineer rushes up towards the Tiger and places an anti tank mine under it and it exploded. Shrapnel had killed him. Suddenly a Flak 38 slowly comes to the battlefield. It fired 5 rounds, destroying the sandbags, trees, and the cam net. The soldiers was ordered to do a tactical retreat, not all the way back tho. The Flack 38 crew would been taken out, but killing their officer. Suddenly another Flak 38 rolls up gunning them down, wirbelwind following in slowy, and an opel truck. The Flak 38 fires, but missing, and the soldiers quickly take out the crew. The soldiers would been in the open. They fired back at the opel but the wirbelwind taken all of them out. The sniper only standing, but was killed by a wirbelwind stray shot. The area would been empty, filled with craters and burning vehicles. German soldiers slowly pushes up as no one fired back at them. It was a defeat for the Americans, but the Germans had lost many vehicles, tanks, and soldiers.

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