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    time for suggestions
    Patton’s finest: during the first 20 days if you get 20 days ahead of schedule every deployment will start with a M4 Sherman covering your advance into the map(sherman should stay on bottom of map for 5 minutes)
    Air superiority: after calling 1000 Cas and Bomb drops have a 1% chance of each deployment starting with a cas run across the entire map
    (cant think of name): after 100 successful opportunity radio calls you now have 2x opportunity radio calls and they do twice as much(supply drops drop two crates, exp is doubled and two soldiers can be replaced at once)
    Tank commander: after calling the stuart light tank 1000 times HQ decides you can have a Sherman 75, 76 or 105 (is decided randomly each time) 75 and 76 will prioritize armor over infantry and the 105 will prioritize infantry and bunkers

    opportunity radio calls
    M8 Greyhound: call in a greyhound to F up some German infantry
    T34 Calliope: there is a sherman T34 Calliope in the area and can fire into your AO

    mobile gun crewman:
    movement speed: slow
    Weapons: 1911 -> M3 -> Thompson -> m1 carbine
    1. Toggled set up 37 mm Gun M3 spends 5-10 seconds to set up a 37 mm Gun M3 fire rate of 1 round every 10 seconds can be reduced to 1 round every 7 seconds with 100 exp, Fires HE.
    2. Toggles, AP,HE,canister. AP does more damage to vehicles, he is he, canister acts like a longer range shotgun
    3. Fire barrage, Fires 5-10 HE shells in a 5 second time period

    Specialty unit
    after obtaining certain rank have the ability to deploy a full airborne squad
    squad spawns in middle of map and starts (can be surrounded by Germans)
    weapons: branching paths, can be customized for suppression or accuracy
    skills: branching paths, can be customized



    image for airborne customization

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    There should be a Ribbon Suggestion topic. (somewhere)
    Patton’s finest: during the first 20 days if you get 20 days ahead of schedule
    Way to hard. 20 consecutive field would take many hours to play but after field 10 things will get to hard for sure. Before field 20 all will have died of mines anyways.
    REWARD; every deployment will start with a M4 Sherman
    Realistic for RL advancing back then but OP in game. We are suppose to be a “recon” element so no noisy Tank but that sadly does not fully translate in game.

    Air superiority: well getting something for doing something enough times is classic mnb2 ribbon worthy.
    How a free CAS attack that is as long as the entire field could be OP. How about 3 consecutive CAS attacks covering the first area of the field.
    1% is like never. I would start with at least 5% chances if not 10% so that awards will actually feel like they are worth it.

    Doubling the Opportunity Call stuffs is way to much. A ribbon that raises the number of calls by 1 or 2 would be good enough.

    opportunity radio calls
    also a topic somewhere ….
    M8 Greyhound would be good since it also fits in with our task.

    Units: this would be units/ specialties suggestions
    mobile gun crewman: This makes no sense.

    hmm this would be better as a deployment option I think.
    As a soldier unit he could work too but then his tiers would have to be linear in this version of the game.
    How about this for weapons: Carbine > M3 > Garand > M3Carbine (M2Carbine Sniper Version = as M2 +10Rifle but -20% RoF)
    Stats : HP 110 , Combat 40/ 55/ 80
    Skills: (from mnb2) Medic Kit (as Medic), TNT (as Commando), Sand-bag-wall (as Engineer)
    New ideas; Sprint = 2x running speed,
    Fearless = Moral can not drop for the next 10 seconds,
    Deception = Built a Dummy that gets targeted by the enemy for 10 seconds.

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