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    This will be the forum I will post stream dates and VODs I will only post MnB streams and VODs.





    “and that’s how its done”
    Right on with OFV. Rare that anyone uploads them game plays so huge kudos to you my friend.

    MnB3 game; *”RUN TO THAT TRENCH!!!!”* 🙂
    Really nuts how a single mortar can (almost) kill a run. Way to accurate and the splash pins/ panics are way to much too.
    Lucky break = All huddle around the wonder Medic for the next 5 minutes. . . . . . .

    Good choice on that last specialty. Marksman without a Scout is a limp biscuit.
    Medic pins em all with his pistol. Best support soldier ever.
    Funny situation behind that hedge where that enemy tries to shoot at your medic and gets shot twice in the back by the marksman. I had to laugh. I am evil, I know.

    uuu bad decision to run up during an arty attack.
    If you had not panicked then that situation would have not gone wrong so wrong. 😉
    Arty the fallen! Would make a nice heavy metal song.
    “no worries men. I will make sure that the enemy does not capture anything of you” last man alive and delirious signaller said. LOL

    Very fun take man. However your voice is way louder then the game sound. Can you fix that and do talk a bit more too.



    Way to accurate and the splash pins/ panics are way to much too.

    Statistically speaking the mortar is the least precise weapon of the game. And mind you it’ll still shoot to the location your soldiers have been spotted the last. So if you manage to move your troops they will engage that former spot while your men are safe. Also the mortar explosion is the explosion that does the least damage (without counting CAS which technically is not an explosion) and finally the pin time is the same for all actions. Just making sure accurate info is being posted here.




    Ok, ok. I will get of that subject permanently. Was just my opinion and not stating any game facts.
    Last words: Me saying “accurate” is just my view that it seams to gibb someone on a steady basis.
    Me saying “pins/ panics a lot” is referring to multiple close hits making most of the squad pin = panic. Case closed.

    Second game since I was there on twitch (alone) for the first one.
    At 14:00 it is real bitter to have 2 men bleeding out and then the Medic gets killed.
    At last 1 Signaller vs 25 enemies. Doable once arty is unlocked.
    Darn ending. Shot through a hedge in the back.
    You sir get a medal from me for effort.

    Side note: My opinion NOT a game fact. Would be nice if CAS had a better pinning ability on the enemy.
    At least that way it be more useful then a happy go lucky attempt to hit something.

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