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    Hello(hope Urbz reads this)

    I would like to suggest something regarding the appearance of airborne troops! They were available in MnB 2 so it will be nice to be in MnB 3 too..

    I thought about some suggestions on how they could be a deployed and their attributes and their gear:

    -Via random radio option like the standard reinforcements but they will drop directly at your position to fill in all your squads missing seats(if u have lost 2 squad members 2 airborne troops will appear)
    -Via skill of the signaller like frenchies…once u get arty strike the other 2 skills of the signaller are not used…coud be an option to replace strife or airstrike

    -Airborne are elite…so they would appear with a random class(except signaller) but with a bit upgraded stats and some XP(varied from 10-100 !!!!)
    -Of course they will have distinctive uniforms and all airborne troops +10% movement speed and +10% rifle skill +5% Melee combat

    About attributes or how they can appear in the battlefield is a matter of Urbz…but generally i would like to see airborne troops in MnB 3(101st Screaming Eagles FTW)

    Red Leader

    If we did have that then why don’t we give jerry some airborne troops. They could act as a flnking force that spawn behind you. You would see the outline of a plane and a call from HQ that airborne germans have appeared.


    While that would be interesting game wise it be historically wrong since not a single air-drop was conducted from the German side at this time anymore.
    It also not be needed to air-drop enemies behind us. Flankers on foot or a few fast vehicles like a K├╝belcar (enemy jeep) or a Light/Heavy Recon Tank (222 or 233 or such) would be just as good.

    About the main topic: Yes I would also like to have Airborne Troops on our side to send in somehow.
    This would go well with different deployment options.
    For instance an Airborne-Deployment could drop 6 “better” soldiers starting with 20 xp with Random weapon and fixed specialties *2 Riflemen,Gunner, 2 Commandos + Medic.
    Drop zone be somewhere random below half the field.

    A single Paratrooper as an Reinforcement/ Replacement soldier seams historically wrong but in an arcade game sense not impossible.
    Would be fun to have this feature on a Random Event Basis to heighten the tactical play value.
    *Lone Airborne drifts off to your location. Lands within some 1000pix of your center squad.
    If he does not get shredded by the enemy you will have a fine new soldier along your side for this match.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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