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    Since this is the toughest nut to currently crack in mud and blood 2 it deserves its own topic.
    Use this thread to post plays, strategies and such here.

    This is my first try at this using a new profile with only a few ribbons gained so far due to fooling around but it went surprisingly well.


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    One squad vs the unfair and random brutality

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    Event the Captain thinks that was a job well done.
    In all my tries at that I only made it 2 times myself.
    Big question. How many Detailed Order Crates did you have?
    Also, how about a bit of a story to go with that?


    Very impressive!


    I dont remember how much detailed order i picked but I know those came at the right moment, the moment when germans were beginning to stacked up and the detailed order disabled the stacking


    1944, at a shitty place
    Date: who cares
    Mission: reach wave 100 using paratroopers option

    Early ground recon: clear field, excellent for bunkers and gunners

    Commamder: Lt.Colonel Rommel

    1/ The jump
    4 paras touched down safely, no injuries.
    2/ Weapon check: 3 out of 4 carry Thompson, 1 retard picked the shotgun, compare it to his rifle skill it was a 200% retard decision. Gave him a Thompson after the first waves (Thompson short burst, sometimes just 2 shots, plus high rifle skills it can saves bullet, targeting time.
    3/Hostiles detected: easy picking.
    4/Keep going strong: enemy’s grenades have no effect because the troopers were on the top map, making good environment for Thompsons and to take care vehicles easier. Some flankers got by(they got spotted or removed via picking up crates) .
    5/ Vehicles coming in close. You need to make fast decision because TPs arent your concern, but the distance between the vehicles and your troopers can mean life amd death due to the sock’s blast radius. At one point the best rifle skill trooper died because of this. Opps.
    6/ Sandbags and heroism: must have. Sandbags give you good cover and dont feel sad when your socks blow it up. Just rebuild it, you can wait for TPs if you want, early waves arent a threat yet.
    7/ 4 mens squad: no arty no airplanes.
    8/BARs? If you like. I’m not because a BAR cost 6 TP, and the burst is so long plus the 20 rounds magazine means that you will reload most of the time. Thompson at close range, good rifle skill which my team had no problem and the iconic short burst means that 1 can engage multiple germans, one kill at a time. Garand and carbine? No, my combat was short range, I want suppression and fast engaging which the Thompson can gives you just nicely. You may want to give them bayonnets because flankers can jump you and occasionally the germans can catch up with you.
    9/ No grenades. At such a range it dosent matter.
    10/ Keep troopers alive. When they reach NCOs their Thompsons will dance. In my case I have 2 NCOs and 2 Thompsons. ^^
    11/ Engage vehicles and cannons at the extreme range of your socks, on the screen it looks like this, use your emagination: o>>>>>socks>>>>>0
    12/ Learn the hot keys of heroism, sandbags and socks, the intensity will goes up and you need to be fast.
    13/ Tanks and Wespe, 5secs and your socks must be on them. Safe play. Space the troopers make this easier.
    14/ Keep the troopers alive until wave 100. Heroism is the key here. You can use medic packs in early waves but in later waves heroism is the best, saves TP so you can give this out at almost any neccessary times.
    15/ I saying now that I am lucky.
    16/ Pick up all crates, dont risk it but if it lands in minor hostile zones, just go get it. If you get lucky you will find detailed order which will reduce the amount of germams attacking you. At near 100 waves you will appreciate this very much.
    17/ Watch you troopers die heroicly as wave 100 approaches.
    18/ At all cost take a screenshot at the Airbourne Badge and share it here.


    I believe it is good stuff my friend, great for the new player. >o<

    Even we try lots of times, the game still teaching the commander something for every day we walking to the battlefield. Urb game with Urb things, maybe it is time to run some fight on game again. See what I can do, tomorrow!!!!


    I was VERY lucky. No trees on deploy and the squad got nice stats. I gave them all bars and kept advancing till wave 60 or so. I got something like 3 detailed orders from crates, I was worried because I thought the challenge is based on the logical wave counter so the medal kinda surprised me. I used Heroism on every soldier under 100 hp and the keyboard shortcut 5U for the sox. When I decided to stop advancing I placed 2 soldiers at the top to be bombers and the other 2 behind to provide fire. At wave 96 the top left soldier got gibbed from a Goliath 🙁

    I think the way I used the socks and a huge luck made me win this challenge. the soldiers were so close to the top so right after a tank appeared he got bombed. Also right after a sock was placed I ordered the soldier to run for his life while using hold fire so he won’t stop to shoot the tank.

    Well also I got a lot of medals and ribbons that helped me with the challenge 😛

    My tips for this challenge:
    1. Pick up all crates.
    2. Advance till wave 60-70.
    3. Give everyone bars asap.
    4. Make sure nobody got grenades!!!
    5. Give a bayonet to a soldier if he gets into CQC.
    6. Use keyboard shortcuts (2-2, 5-U, 2-1).
    7. When you stop advancing: place 2 soldiers near the top and 2 behind them (as seen in the picture)
    8. When a tank appears: use the shortcut 5-U to bomb him, Run, use the shortcut 2-1 so he wont stop to fire, wait for the tank to explode, get the soldier back to his position.
    9. Try to keep 4 tp for emergency heroism.
    10. Heroism only when the soldier got less then 99 hp.

    Good luck!!!


    Well, feeling inspired by @Itay, I tried the challenge myself. All of the Paratroopers died once thy hit the ground. Not from bullets or grenades or nothin’. they just died. so much for that challenge xD


    Such a bad luck lol


    After you get every time needed ribbon, then keep try the paratrooper challenge then you will get it. It is not a bad luck, it is a common things. When you start the paratrooper mood, few of things might happened:

    *All of them dead when fall on tree, you suck!
    *some of them dead, and the men who alive disable, still suck!
    *Some of men fall outside the screen??!! (lol) suck!
    *All alive and no tree no hurt, lucky day! Let’s go boy!

    The most bad one will be the open theme with this:

    What the hell?!!!! No!!~~~~~~


    *Some of men fall outside the screen??!! (lol) suck!
    No suck! 😉 Just advance a screen and any missing Paratrooper will be there again.


    Ha!Ha! Lance. I do have a mission, two of them fall out, but they never come back. ( I guess they walk to join another squad on the field as it is common for paratrooper action. ) XDDDDD

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    After Action Report

    1944, still at a shitty place
    Date: another one time – who cares
    Mission: reach wave 100 using paratroopers option

    Commamder: Major Lawl

    1/ The jump – 4 paratroopers touched down safely, no injuries.
    2/ Weapon check: 3 out of 4 carry Shotguns. Retards. 1 good man picked the Thompson.
    3/ Hostiles detected: easy picking.
    4/ Keep going – 2 men got BARs, one got Thompson, CPL Martinez got heroizm;
    5/ Wave 14 – Tiger tank and 6 Panzergrenadieres – are you URBing kidding me? Not this time – i won’t surrender! My men were on top of the map, had to put the sock fast. Most experienced man – CPL Martinez is KIA.
    6/ Wave 16 – Flamer BBQed second man – only 1 BAR and 1 Thompson remained;
    7/ Keep pushing, have to find a good spot to get reinforcements a soft landing;
    8/ TP check – 15 TPs
    9/ Small squad of germans and PaK incoming. Shit.
    10/ PFC Johnson got WIA, he is disabled and lying on the ground. TP check – 17 TP;
    11/ SGT Ramirez is standing in front of him, got heroism, PaK shelling everywhere;
    12/ “Hold on buddy, we get our boys down there and i’ll fix you up!” ~ SGT Ramirez
    13/ TP check – 19 TP;
    14/ SGT Ramirez KIA,
    15/ Black screen.

    Casuality plan:
    PVT Smith – KIA
    CPL Martinrez – KIA
    SGT Ramirez – KIA
    PFC Johnson – MIA

    So yeah, plan was good. URB just don’t like me.


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