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    Good job relating the events of the deployment with a realistic telling. Having the story perspectives of both the green ranger who died and the veteran who couldn’t bring his body back was pretty nice.


    cooper helash

    dead box blind due to double agent green squad
    QRF det of militas
    QRF det
    QRF stand by
    devices ???
    radio signal ???
    weather ???
    N.spencer M3 smoke, radio, ho chi minh sandals, 1 in comms
    S.jhonson M3, knife, ho chi minh sandals, radio battery, 1 in stealth
    J.hood M60, ho chi minh sandals, camra, morphine,IV 1 in medic
    uknown thompson, ho chi minh sandals, nade, nade, nade, nade 1 in combat
    0700 entered to the south at the middle of E 3-4
    0700 music starts
    0700 set radio to Squelsh and called bird dog negative
    0800 metal creaking noise started
    0800 radio check faint and disorded started to hear voices
    0800 tried bird dog again positive
    0800 started to move north to D4 tree by tree
    0900 minor camp site at grid C5 3 hostiles
    0900 moving tree by tree to C5
    1000 sit rep 100% covert, 5% covered
    1200 attacked at bottom left corner of D4 S.jonson died all other members wounded orange-red level
    1300 called emergency evac at improvised LS denied
    1400 called emergency evac at improvised LS 33 mikes away threw down smoke
    1500 chopper critically damaged by ground fire
    1500 started heading over to chopper crash to recover pilots
    1500 called cobra gunnship accepted
    1600 called bomb strike killed 3-4 hostiles
    1700 cobbra left AO
    1700 no sirvivors
    1700 called bird dog denied
    1800 hostiles attack from north
    1800 found a good improvised LZ
    1900 found a campsite
    2000 called arty killed S.jonson and guy 3 (i acedently lost his name) only N.spencer lives
    2100 i start to look for a LZ
    2200 i start heading to main LZ
    0100 first soilder at LZ N.spencer went for the next 2
    0100 grabed the second one heading back to the LZ
    0200 droped second member off heading off for the third
    0400 got yhe last one heading to the LZ
    0500 got attacked by sniper not hit
    0500 got attacked by a second hostile
    0700 airstrike killed the attackers 3 died
    0800 got last one to main LZ called medicals huey
    1000 medical huey got all wonded extraction is coming in 28 mikes
    1000 ran out of ammo for N.spencer has to use pistol
    1100 N.spencers weapon jamed
    1200 got on evac heading out called spector support on LZ
    Misson failed
    observed 26
    killed 23
    coverage 15%
    stealth 22%
    heat 23%
    hunter killer necklace one photo
    gained 1 merit


    cooper helash

    the 24 hours of hell mission


    cooper helash

    and i didnt get the medal that med the guy harder to kill 🙁



    all they told me was that there was going to be a 1-4 guys det in the AO when i started that 36% recee mission Lol
    haven’t went to the desk yet…but i think im going to get scolded a bit by my superiors for the ammount of support used
    https://prnt.sc/mz55gs (sorry, tried to submit the image itself but could not)
    never underestimate the QRF
    i think that after this i will be forced to buy that intel every single time XD, though only 1 guy died, the last minutes were so stressing, the game was lagging bad (i had some other stuff open and could not close at that time) and i was getting shot from everywhere, all of the other guys were wounded and i felt like at any second when the huey was on his way i was gonna get “OUCH” “MEN DOWN” “OWW” “WE GOT A MAN DOWN” “AWW” *team lost*
    my previous profile was reset at tour 2 on major rank, here i did not have my beloved FAL rifles…so i was fighting with an M14 and 3 M60, why did i equip those for a recee? who knows, but im glad i brought M60s

    edit: now at my desk, i didn’t got any angry officer questioning my spectre spam, neither congratulations for killing 94 guys and taking 1 man down :p noone really cared, just got the promotion to major notice and the new guns and thats it heh

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    Nice read. Thanks for the entertainment. 🙂

    Lightshot does not display here directly or at least I was not able to make it work with just your link or else I would have edited your post to show the pic.
    Try to place the pictures DIRECT link into the pop-up that comes when hitting the img-tag here in postings.

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