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    Operation: Low November.
    Deep Reconnaissance in preparation for operation Arc Light

    Status report:
    -day 326
    -heat: 38
    -intel: 79

    Squad composition:
    stg. G. Bullock – “leader” – combat, demo, medic, spot
    -M14 – Frags – M72 – bandage – Sandals
    cpl. P. Tucson – “spotter” – 3 spot
    -Stoner – Frags – knife – smoke – sandals
    cpl. E. Smith – “assistant gunner” – combat, demo, medic
    -M14 – frags – IV – IV – sandals
    cpl. Q. Draper – “signalcaller” – 3 comms
    -EQ: xm177 – Radio – camera – sensor – sandals

    Intelligence report:
    -Det of militias in the AO
    -Section of QRF on Standby
    -Very few traps and defensive assets
    -Top Spec radio signal (not that it’s going to be of any help)
    -weather is dry. Hopefully not hot.

    C3 – 0600 – Landed on the LZ. No incoming fire at the landing Hueys
    C3 – 0600 – Heading south
    D3 – 0800 – choppers have left the AO
    D3 – 0815 – Taking fire from north-east. Single red-bandana spotted.
    D3 – 0820 – WPS free. Enemy down.
    D3/4 – 0830 – Body searched by G. Bullock. no intel. proceeding south.
    E3/4 – 0915 – squad is covert. rotating West in attempt to cover the most ground before nightfall.
    E3 – 1000 – Q. Draper spotted a mine right in front of him. took a picture with a camera.
    E2/3 – 1110 – P. Tucson reports noise from up ahead.
    E2 – 1200 – Q. Draper fell into punji stick trap. No vital signs.
    E2 – 1300 – E. Smith carries Draper. Squad makes a turn north, in order to reach the LZ.
    D2 – 1400 – Voices heard up ahead.
    C3 – 1700 – Squad has made it to the immediate surroundings of the LZ. Body of Q. Draper was left in some bushes nearby.
    C3 – 1715 – rest of the team proceeds to North-East in an attempt to cover more ground before extraction.
    C3 – 1800 – Time check: half of the time remaining.
    B/C2/3 – 2000 – Voices heard around. G.Bullock made some noise moving through the bushes. a nearby Charlie must have heard it
    B2 – 2100 – Sundown. visibility is low. Squad starts making it’s way back to LZ
    C3 – 0000 – Time check: Midnight. Squad has made it to the LZ.
    C3 – 0300 – Evac arriving in 3 hours. Team is setting up all-around on the LZ.
    C3 – 0400 – Body of Q. Draper is brought to the LZ by E. Smith and prepared for extraction.
    C3 – 0500 – Team holding position. Deployed a motion sensor. no contacts. Q. Draper’s radio received a message from extraction team. they are on the way
    C3 – 0600 – Daybreak. A helicopter is heard entering the AO. P. Tucson deployed smoke grenade on team’s position.
    C3 – 0700 – Helicopter touches the ground. Team immediatedly boards it and takes off. light ground fire on the way out.
    D1 – 0800 – Extraction helicopter leaves the AO.

    Mission summary:
    1 enemy spotted
    1 killed

    1 Ranger KIA.

    22% AO covered
    81% stealth
    39% HEAT
    1 picture
    11th successfull mission in the row.


    I promised a couple of folks on discord another AAR, and here it is. (nevermind that it’s 2 days late.)

    Operation: Yellow Sword
    Radio Relay

    Status report:
    320 days of Tour 1 Left.
    86% intel
    35% heat

    Intel report:
    Det of militias in the AO
    Det of QRF posturing nearby
    very few devices in the AO
    Weather is supposed to be dry
    Expected intermediate radio signal.

    Squad Composition:
    Leader cpl. P.Tucson – 3 spot
    Stoner – Frags – IV – Smoke – sandals
    RTO cpl. R. Elliot -3 comms
    Xm177 – radio – camera – sensor – sandlas
    pfc. R.Church – 1 demo 1 spot
    M16 – frags – M72 – sensor – sandals
    pvt. J.Mores – 1 combat
    M14 – frags – IV – knife – sandals

    C-3 6:00 Squad landed in the LZ.
    C-3 6:00 Insert report. No contact on landing. 1 Pressure mine spotted. Signal strength at 8%.
    C-3 6:15 Moving north. Signal strength 9%
    C-3 7:00 Choppers left the AO. Squad turned eastwards, since the signal strength has dropped to 7% while moving north.
    BC-3 8:00 Covert. Moving east. SS: 31%
    B-2 8:45 TOC requested info on squad’s position. SS:60%
    B-2 9:00 contact. 1 VC from local militia spotted, west of team’s position, moving sounth. Squad remained unspotted.
    B-2 11:00 Team 50% to insertion. SS:71%
    A-2 12:15 Squad located a spot with 100% signal strength. preparing All around defence and deploying ground sensors. Team 75% to insertion.
    A-2 14:00 Team on the ground. Begining retransmission.
    A-2 16:00 Sitrep. 75% covert. 7% ground covered
    A-2 19:00 time check, 2 hours of sunlight left.
    A-2 19:15 team requested extraction. Retransmission complete. Requested Bird Dog overflight.
    A-2 20:00 Bird Dog reported vechicle trail at D-3 with 1 hostile around.
    A-2 21:00 night has fallen. Squad is taking a knee and setting up all around defens for the night. At dawn they will move out and investigate a track reported by Bird Dog.
    A-2 00:00 time check: midninght. no contacts. sent contact report.
    A-2 6:00 Day break. Squad moving out, south.
    B-12 6:00 Contact. A single local VC spotted to the south west.
    C-12 9:15 P.Tucsan triggered a flare trap. Squad breaks off south to avoid contact with any VC that may come to investigate.
    D-12 11:00 Covert. Squad proceeding East in search for tracks.
    D-23 12:45 R. Church triggered a flare trap. Squad taking cover and setting up all around defence in nearby ruins.
    D-3 13:00 R.Elliot spotted tracks left by heavy vechicle. No sign of enemy.
    D-3 14:00 tracks investigated.
    D-3 15:00 squad moving north, to extract. contact with the enemy, WPS free. enemy down. no casualties. Search revealed nothing of interest.
    C-3 15:15 called in extraction. ETA 20min.
    C-3 16:00 squad avaiting at Lz. Choppers closing in. Bird dog reported enemy closing in from the north.
    C-3 16:15 squad boarded the Huey.
    C-3 16:45 chopper left the AO.

    Mission summary:

    Mission successfull.
    2 enemies spotted
    1 enemies killed
    19% coverage
    80% stealth
    38% heat
    1 photo
    1 proper radio procedure
    13th successfull mission in a row.
    P.Tucsan and R.Elliot promoted to stg’s

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    Just got selected to go on my first patrol as a ranger! I am replacing the demo man for an squad that lost theirs.

    I am sitting in the Debriefing with the squad I will be patrolling there is Sergeant G. Hook the medic with 6 patrols, 23 confirmed kills has saved 5 rangers. Then there is First Sergeant G. Draper the RTO with 37 patrols and 170 confirmed kills ans supposedly the best RTO in nam. Lastly First Sergeant T. Jefferson with 34 with over 300 confirmed kills and is a green beret!

    So the mission is to find an old firebase and take out the VC and then after we evac the marines will take care of the rest the others say its an easy mission.

    We just boarded the Huey and they gave me a Thompson machine gun I feel like i should wear a top hat and suit not a Boonie and Fatigues

    Seems like Hook and Jefferson are using the m14 and Draper is using a Stoner 63.

    We just landed moments ago we are taking a tactical pause it doesnt seem like we are being followed. Jefferson is leading the way he walks through the jungle like he owns it.

    After an hour of nothing happening we spotted the Firebase and about 10-15 NVA we moved to an area hidden by trees and shrubs and are waiting for night fall Jefferson just left the group and said will be back shortly.

    1 hour has passed and we can just hear the NVA talking to each other in the firebase I wish I took the Vietnamese class they offered. Draper says they are talking about Lunch plans and about our Hueys that brought us in.

    A few more hours have passed and Jefferson is still gone we havent moved an inch since.

    its starting to get dark and they let me know its about time to move

    Shots fired and we are moving to attack the Firebase!

    covered in blood
    Tell my mother I love her

    Found by a marine tasked with holding the firebase in a journal on U.S. Ranger PVT. B. Terence

    When T. Jefferson left the group he scouted part of the A.O. and found a small village he talked to the people and one of them agreed to fight with the rangers and be brought back to the camp.

    Upon returning to the group the Villager was spotted by one a VC militia man and fired upon him. T. Jefferson opened fire on the militia man killing him with two shots to the chest. They where 200 feet from the Firebase when this occurred Hook and Draper took that as the signal to attack the firebase. At this time Jefferson aproched the firebase killing three NVA troops the group of three rangers attacked from the north while Jefferson attacked from the East. They quickly killed all of the NVA holding the fire base when aprox 5 NVA approached from the south west and fired a shot injuring G. Draper. shortly after the incapacitated G. Hook and B. Terence.

    T. Jefferson valiantly acted killing the 5 NVA and calling a secondary evac at the firebase. Jefferson then proceeded to stabilize the incapacitated rangers the Huey took 50 minutes to arrive giving enough time for G. Draper to bleed out. The Huey is 1 minute out and Jefferson marks the LZ with a WP grenade and carries G. Hook to the LZ he then grabs G. Draper who unknown to him was KIA at this time. The Huey lands and the villager jumps aboard and the huey crew pickup G. Hook. Jefferson Carrying G. Draper jumps on the Huey and goes to get PVT. B. Terence when the huey takes fire and takes off. Jefferson Furious that they were leaving PVT. Terence behind tells the pilot to put the huey back down at this point they are taking heavy fire from multiple automatic weapons and a HMG. the pilot cant land the huey due high risk of losing the huey and everyone aboard.

    View post on imgur.com

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    Good job relating the events of the deployment with a realistic telling. Having the story perspectives of both the green ranger who died and the veteran who couldn’t bring his body back was pretty nice.

    Unib Rovodkalan

    dead box blind due to double agent green squad
    QRF det of militas
    QRF det
    QRF stand by
    devices ???
    radio signal ???
    weather ???
    N.spencer M3 smoke, radio, ho chi minh sandals, 1 in comms
    S.jhonson M3, knife, ho chi minh sandals, radio battery, 1 in stealth
    J.hood M60, ho chi minh sandals, camra, morphine,IV 1 in medic
    uknown thompson, ho chi minh sandals, nade, nade, nade, nade 1 in combat
    0700 entered to the south at the middle of E 3-4
    0700 music starts
    0700 set radio to Squelsh and called bird dog negative
    0800 metal creaking noise started
    0800 radio check faint and disorded started to hear voices
    0800 tried bird dog again positive
    0800 started to move north to D4 tree by tree
    0900 minor camp site at grid C5 3 hostiles
    0900 moving tree by tree to C5
    1000 sit rep 100% covert, 5% covered
    1200 attacked at bottom left corner of D4 S.jonson died all other members wounded orange-red level
    1300 called emergency evac at improvised LS denied
    1400 called emergency evac at improvised LS 33 mikes away threw down smoke
    1500 chopper critically damaged by ground fire
    1500 started heading over to chopper crash to recover pilots
    1500 called cobra gunnship accepted
    1600 called bomb strike killed 3-4 hostiles
    1700 cobbra left AO
    1700 no sirvivors
    1700 called bird dog denied
    1800 hostiles attack from north
    1800 found a good improvised LZ
    1900 found a campsite
    2000 called arty killed S.jonson and guy 3 (i acedently lost his name) only N.spencer lives
    2100 i start to look for a LZ
    2200 i start heading to main LZ
    0100 first soilder at LZ N.spencer went for the next 2
    0100 grabed the second one heading back to the LZ
    0200 droped second member off heading off for the third
    0400 got yhe last one heading to the LZ
    0500 got attacked by sniper not hit
    0500 got attacked by a second hostile
    0700 airstrike killed the attackers 3 died
    0800 got last one to main LZ called medicals huey
    1000 medical huey got all wonded extraction is coming in 28 mikes
    1000 ran out of ammo for N.spencer has to use pistol
    1100 N.spencers weapon jamed
    1200 got on evac heading out called spector support on LZ
    Misson failed
    observed 26
    killed 23
    coverage 15%
    stealth 22%
    heat 23%
    hunter killer necklace one photo
    gained 1 merit

    Unib Rovodkalan

    the 24 hours of hell mission

    Unib Rovodkalan

    and i didnt get the medal that med the guy harder to kill 🙁


    all they told me was that there was going to be a 1-4 guys det in the AO when i started that 36% recee mission Lol
    haven’t went to the desk yet…but i think im going to get scolded a bit by my superiors for the ammount of support used
    https://prnt.sc/mz55gs (sorry, tried to submit the image itself but could not)
    never underestimate the QRF
    i think that after this i will be forced to buy that intel every single time XD, though only 1 guy died, the last minutes were so stressing, the game was lagging bad (i had some other stuff open and could not close at that time) and i was getting shot from everywhere, all of the other guys were wounded and i felt like at any second when the huey was on his way i was gonna get “OUCH” “MEN DOWN” “OWW” “WE GOT A MAN DOWN” “AWW” *team lost*
    my previous profile was reset at tour 2 on major rank, here i did not have my beloved FAL rifles…so i was fighting with an M14 and 3 M60, why did i equip those for a recee? who knows, but im glad i brought M60s

    edit: now at my desk, i didn’t got any angry officer questioning my spectre spam, neither congratulations for killing 94 guys and taking 1 man down :p noone really cared, just got the promotion to major notice and the new guns and thats it heh

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    Nice read. Thanks for the entertainment. 🙂

    Lightshot does not display here directly or at least I was not able to make it work with just your link or else I would have edited your post to show the pic.
    Try to place the pictures DIRECT link into the pop-up that comes when hitting the img-tag here in postings.


    [Redacted] 25, 19XX
    X6 miles north of [data expunged]

    Operation Dark Juliet
    Report indicated 2+ POWs in AO
    Mission: Confirm Report of allied POWs and Extract.

    Sergeant I. McCoy of Recon element [Redacted]
    Hueys landed at 0800 we deployed and immediately radioed HQ informing them we were safely on the ground. We began moving west to a large area covered in foliage wait for VC to lose our trail. After a 2 hour stop we called for birddog for any suspicious clearings or buildings. 10 minutes after Bird dog confirmed there was a clearing which appeared to have a village in sector A2. our current position was C2. We moved North towards A2 not noticing anything unusual. M. Garcia spotted the village, 3 villagers and what seemed to be a cage (see picture aerial observation picture 1). We approached the village and P. Hoke still had the pointy-talky card in his kit allowing us to get some basic Info from them. [redacted] gave us info about [data expunged] and [Redacted] gave us info on the VC around the area. [redacted] motioned he wanted to join us and pointed he had valuable intel on VC operations. (From now on [Redacted] will be referred to as Montagnard). Before we left the village the villagers pointed out the POWs nearby. after assessing the situation we decided to free the POWs and neutralize the VC oppressing the village. We spotted 5 VC militia and M. Garcia was able to take a picture confirming 4 of the VCs. After we expended 60 rounds 4 out of the 5 spotted VC were killed and we had freed the POWs [redacted], [redacted], [data expunged] and [redacted]. P. Hoke under my command threw a grenade into the VC camp site (built for guarding the POWs) destroying the campsite. We headed south 2 clicks back to C2 time is 1600. M. Garcia spotted a VC Main Force V. Doyle(the medic) said “watch this” and disappeared into the woods and appeared behind the VC Main Force and captured him in a text book choke hold. we headed east with the POWs, Montagnard, and captured VC. we called for an extraction the huey arrived in 11 minutes and we extracted with no difficulties.

    Aerial observation picture 1 https://i.imgur.com/7EdNtGc.png
    Aerial observation picture 2 https://i.imgur.com/izvssvd.png
    Aerial observation picture 3 https://i.imgur.com/p1GJhYH.png


    Operation codename: Blue Duty
    Tour status:
    Day: 345
    Intel: 54
    Heat: 26
    Intelligence report:
    Enemy force: Det of local VC militias
    QRF force: Section
    QRF status: Unknown
    Devices: Very few
    Radio signal: Good
    Weather: Fog
    Mission: Conduct reconnaissance of 26% of the AO IOT allow precise artillery barrages.
    Sgt. R. Perkins – Squad leader
    Cpl. U. Winters – Combat paramedic
    Pvt. C. Winston – Radiotelephone operator
    Pvt. R. Bullok – Scout
    Commanding officer: First Lieutenant S. Polska

    ***Recording started – ██0947███Z1967***

    I’m Seregant Robert Perkins, actually the squad leader in ongoin’ LR operations in Vietnam.
    Our chalg got a task of reccing our AO to help arty use use their guns.
    Well, why not?
    Enemy forces were less than insignificant. Total of ’bout 20 VC militias, little to none traps and fog. Ideal conditions for a recce.
    Our CO said that we should remain undetected and recce at least 50% of the AO, so he can bring us some new toys from the command. He is a fine guy and hey – new toys are always welcome. Anyway, low stance of enemy in the AO along with a fog should give us the opportunity to do this without any problems.

    As it was going to be silent, sneaky recce, I decided not to bring any heavier weapons to the ground. All my boys got M3s. No frags, only some M18s, camera, GMSs, one IV, two dressings. Everyone except me got knifes – i wanted to try and get EPOW, that intel requested for.

    0700 | We hit the ground, during insertion shots fired from the north. Decision to move south to find a good concealment to get covert.
    0740 E3 | Found good place to hide, staying here till covert.
    0800 E3 | Voices heard from west.
    0830 E3 | Covert. Rangers are getting into wide line to get maximum AO coverage.
    0900 E3 | Moving south.
    0920 D3 | Changing direction to east, C. Winston got on the radio, gave the SITREP and asked for low pass.
    0940 D4 | Request denied, ground too hot. Well, around us there is calm and quiet. Moving east, I’m moving as the pointman – most extended on the north.
    1100 D4 | Spotted a pile of trash. Called Winters to cover me while I search it. Nothing found.
    1230 D5 | TOC asks for loc status. We make a perimeter, while Bullok checks map, Winston gives the SITREP to TOC about 16% of coverage.
    1300 D5 | Changing direction to north, moving in the same manner as previous – I’m the wingman on the left, then U. Winters, C. Winston, and at the edge of our AO – R. Bullok.
    1400 E5 | Moving slowly north.
    1430 E5 | Flare trap spotted. RTO gets a photo of it and we keep moving.
    1530 C5 | A great place for LZ spotted.
    2000 B5 | End of ENT.
    2200 A5 | Giving a short break for boys. C. Winston gives the SITREP – 32% of AO covered. Now it’s time to get back to LZ via north. Regrouping and moving west.
    2300 A4 | As we are getting West, I start going in front of the rest of the squad to clear ’em up a way a bit.
    0100 A3 | R. Bullok heard voices ahead of us to the West. Getting into a perimeter, GMS deployed, although shows nothing. C. Winston gives the SITREP – 40% of AO covered. No detections, only 10% of AO to go – easy peasy.
    0200 A3 | We regroup and start moving south towards the LZ.
    0300 B3 | An explosion is triggered. Can’t see shit through the bush, getting all boys to me to get the count.
    0310 B3 | Shit, fuck, C. Winston is KIA, the Bird Dog tells us that Charlies are coming from the north.
    0330 B3 | I decide to move to the last RP to get covert and recover the body later.
    0400 B3 | Fuck. R. Bullock steps on the pressure mine. Noone of us is EOD-proficient, so he has to try and defuse it on his own. Me and U. Winters are separated and moving to the rally point south of the LZ.
    0415 C3 | Second explosion heard.
    0500 D3 | I rally with Winters at the RP. I can hear voices to the south-west of us while we get covert.
    0515 D3 | I order U. Winters to try to get to the C. Winston and send a SITREP and evac call while I’ll recce the remaining 5%.
    0530 C3 | U. Winters sent a SITREP and hid in the bushes near the body of RTO. Time for me to move.
    0540 B3 | Winters tried to send the evac call, nearly bumped into a Charlie passing by. Thanks to fog nothing happenned.
    0550 B3 | Oh shit, shots fired.
    0600 B2 | Winters gets to the rally point. He is hit but he is fairly good, no way to get the chopper down for us. Shit.
    0700 C2 | We move to the south to get to the LZ, hopefully searching party will get to us.
    0800 D2 | Fuck, we went too far. We hear voices near, cant say exactly from where.
    0830 D2 | Three Charlies got in front of us. Winston got hit by a shotgun slug in the chest. Throwing a smoke and getting my man out of here.
    0845 D2 | 1 EKIA
    0900 D2/C3 | Trying to stabilize him with his IVs. Two expended but he’ll be good.
    0930 D2/C3 | Two VCs are behind me, fuck, fuck, fuck.
    1000 C3 | Finally got to the LZ, hoping that the choppa will come.
    1100 C3 | Shit fuck he’s bleeding out. IV is deployed, I try to use my dressing to help but – well – it is EMPTY. WHO GAVE THIS SHIT HERE?
    1200 C3 | Hold on man, they are coming for us!
    1300 C3 | I can hear the chopper, throwing remaining smokes to cover the LZ.
    1330 C3 | Grabbing U. Winters and bringing him onboard. You ain’t dying today man.
    1400 C3 | Chopper leaves.

    ***Recording stopped – ██1023███Z1967***

    Sgt. R. Perkins – Squad leader
    Cpl. U. Winters – Combat paramedic – WIA – Purple heart awarded
    Pvt. C. Winston – Radiotelephone operator – KIA
    Pvt. R. Bullok – Scout – KIA
    45% of AO recced.
    Mission was considered a success, despite heavy casualities.
    First Lieutenant S. Polska received a note afterwards, which highlighted his great achievements during this operation.

    Well, this was a clear example how booby traps can URB perfect run (f o g) for Silent Ops ribbon. So close…
    Bug made my dressing unusable by the only man who could fix the one WIA. It sayed “this soldier is unable to do any actions. Well, he actually was.
    I’m pretty sad he got no medal, that was tough one.
    Still, that’s my first attempt to do an AAR, say if you like it (or not).


    Very good read man. Good military type style used. Keep up the great work!


    Awesome AAR man. Thanks for sharing.


    Operation codename: Death Bomber
    Tour status:
    Day: 276
    Intel: 83
    Heat: 27
    Intelligence report:
    Enemy force: Det of regional force
    QRF force: Section
    QRF status: Standing by
    Devices: Minor
    Radio signal: Good
    Weather: Dry
    Mission: Conduct raid on a ENY camp IOT free the prisoners
    Team composition:
    Cpl. R. Bullok – Squad leader
    Cpl. Q. Garcia – Radiotelephone operator
    Cpl. C. West – Combat paramedic
    Pfc. R. Bullok – Local guide
    Commanding officer: Captain S. Polska

    ***Recording started – ██2204███Z1967***

    Oi lads, ya gotta talk what happend down ‘ere.

    I’m Quinlan Garcia, RTO and 2nd-in-commant on that job.
    Not gonna lie, one of the deepest shits we got into.
    Everything was set to go smoothly, intel showed minimum enemy presence in the AO and little to none boobytraps. A few days ago higher requested us to start getting kills due to enemy stacking up and prepping something. This is the day we are doing it.
    SL told us to pack up on heavy. Standard loadout, M14, M60 and two Stoners 63s. Each of us brought a pack of frags, SL and I got M18s. Additionally 2 LAWs and we good to go.

    0630 | We’re going to main LZ. Heavy gunfire on the ground. Something is fucked up.
    0700 C3 | We hit the LZ. Contact 6 o’clock, two guys. Fast, aggresive flanking maneuver and grenade throw. Grenade tripped a trap, 2 EKIAs, they were dug in in a trench.
    0800 C3 | Vehicle heard, SL orders to set up hasty ambush. No time, enemy truck rides upon us. Passengers are main force, they seemed to not expect us, we pick them off easilly. 6 EKIAs.
    NVA truck ambushed
    0900 C3 | Local guide searches trenches and EKIAs, two hard intel found, taking photos of destroyed truck and trenches.
    1000 C3 | It’s starting to get hot in here, individuals are firing upon us from the treeline, utilizing swarm tactics. SL decides to move north.
    1100 C2 | We move into bushes and call a bird dog for a run. Denied.
    1200 B2 | Orientation halt. Decision to move east.
    1300 B2 | Still overt, we are stumbling upon a lot of scattered, two man groups.
    1400 B2 | SL is KIA, enemy with RPG2 popped and took a shot. 1 EKIA. Luckily, no other wounded. I assume command. Decision – we leave him here and we’ll get him on our way back.
    1500 B3 | We are being shot from all directions. Spotted at least two additional trenches – well it wasn’t supposed to be like this. I can feel blood on my lower back – I got probably hit by a RPG shrapnel.
    1600 B3 | Fuck. Flare tripped, we rush for cover, and we stumble upon a trench. Grenade in, fast check – we are staying here, till it’s covert.
    1700 B3 | What’s that noise?
    1730 B3 | Mortars are shelling the trap location. It was supposed to be one fucking det. ONE. DET. We are fighting at least an entrenched platoon. Decision to call Cobra.
    1800 B3 | Cobra called and directed onto flare location. Heli run shows us that there is probably company digged in, HMGs, bunkers, HQ. Cobra destroys motar section. Decision – we call MEDEVAC. are moving 1845 C3 | SL is brought to MEDEVAC. We begin movement to the east.
    1900 B4 | We are slowly moving. VCs are everywhere, trenches and patrols. Bird Dog reports enemy bivouac on grid C5. This can be our objective.
    1930 B5 | Too dangerous to maintain tempo, we get into a bush and wait till the darkness comes. Enemy voices heard close.
    2000 B5 | Enemy voices are still heard. I move with Bullok to check surroundings.
    2015 B5 | We realised we are standing right behind two VCs in a trench. I grasp one, Bullok another.
    2030 B5 | I order Bullok to interrogate VC, while I put the other one to sleep.
    2040 B5 | They ain’t going to sleep.
    2050 B5 | VC grabbed Bullok’s gun, and then he finally managed to knock him out. The other damn riceman grabbed my rifle and started to scream! I popped him out with my sidearm and we’re rolling east ASAP.
    2100 B5 | End of ENT.
    2130 B5 | We run into an HMG, breaking contact south.
    2200 C5 | That’s hell.
    2300 C5 | We are once again waiting in a bush till we get covert. We got compromised four times already – and we still got no clue where are the prisoners.
    2400 C5 | We are covert, one VC passed us by inches.
    0100 C5 | Enemy bivouac spotted, no more enemy assets.
    0200 C5 | SITREP to HQ, 12% covered. HQ orders us to vector Fast Air onto that bivouac IOT lessen enemy ability to deploy additional troops in the AO. We are unwilling, as it will cause us to go overt, but HQ insists.
    0300 C5 | Fast air pops one directly into a camp. 3 secondaries, one enemy spots us and begin firing. We break contact north.
    0400 C/B5 | ACE report, half of the munitions are depleted, radio power is at 38%, two rangers have no primary. I decide to abort the mission.
    0500 B5 | Found secondary LZ, calling EXFIL.
    0515 B5 | Oh shit, where is the last M18?
    0530 B5 | Huey is rolling on the air, no smoke, no extraction.
    0540 B5 | We have to get back to the main LZ.
    0800 C5 | We are moving really slowly. Two charlies spotted inches away.
    0900 C4 | We define strike package to spectre. Just befor extraction we’ll call it to clear the main LZ.
    1000 C4 | PRC battery at 12%, spectre support denied two times. We can’t risk losing the radio, calling an extraction.
    1100 C3 | Everyone onboard, we leave this hell, farewelled by gunfire of multiple HMGs and VCs.

    ***Recording stopped – ██2311███Z1967***

    Cpl. R. Bullok – Squad leader – KIA
    Cpl. Q. Garcia – Radiotelephone operator
    Cpl. C. West – Combat paramedic
    Pfc. R. Bullok – Local guide – awarded Bravery Medal
    17% of AO recced.
    27 intel gathered.
    Mission is a failure.

    A bit of a change in style – well, that other person after all.
    Played other one (RTX with dog teams :D), but AARs are pretty time-consuming.
    Attempts of silent takedowns were, well, crappy (6 times in total).
    What was supposed to be loud and fast action turned into long (i cutted it to fit the narrative), stealthy movement through the bushed, maneuvering around VS sentries.
    Also, first time I cared about PRC battery – it dropped to 9% after all (bad comms, high power all the time, lots of support assets).
    Still, I’ve got a problem writing AAR after mission. Short memory loss is a bitch. Should’ve done this while playing.
    Anyways, say what to improve.
    Edit: No idea why images ain’t showing thumbnails properly.

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