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    This is a thread for only After Action Report. Not meant say you can not put up with some screen shot or video, it just focus on your mission. In the old forum, some folks can not or just don’t want to record their game play, so here is the good place to share your mission. Also, anyone can write some awesome story here too! >o<

    Here I start with some old AAR stuff, Link here.

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    Operation Grey Retaliation
    POW rescue

    -pvt. Z Burton – “NFG” Stoner – Frags – IVbag – Smoke – Sandals
    -cpl. O. Brown – “DSM” M14 – Frags – IVbag – GMS – Sandals
    -cpl. F. Lane – “RTO” M3 – Radio – GMS – Camera – Sandals
    -stg. B. Whitmer – “SL” Stoner – Frags – IVbag – M72 – Sandals

    Platoon of local force
    Det of QRF
    Minimal traps
    Top Spec signal
    Weather Intermidiate.

    6:00 C3 – Insert report. Heading south.
    8:15 D3 – Hight altitute callsign reporting hostiles moving in from the North.
    8:30 D3 – Covert. Voices heard from ahead. At least 2 hostiles.
    9:15 E3 – Visual on hostile. Local VC on E2.
    10:00 E3 – 2 more hostiles identified.
    10:15 E3 – HQ requested hostile density report. F.Lane reports a company (21-50) in the AO.
    10:45 E3 – F.Lane and O. Brown attempt flanking manouver from the south, while Burton and Whitmer provide overwatch. 1 Flare trap spotted nearby.
    12:00 E3 – 2 more hostiles spotted. Lane takes a picture of the two. Lane and Brown fall back to the position of the others. Everyone contine East.
    16:15 E4 – Squad hears a chatter of multiple hostiles.
    16:40 E4/5 – Squad sets up on positions, overlooking north-east.
    17:15 E4/5 – Overt. Under fire from the bush to the north-west. B. Withmer superficially grazed. WPS Free. 1 EKIA by Z.Burton. No intel on body. more voices heard from the north. Squad breaks off to the East and then North.
    18:00 E5 – Under fire. Enemy tossed a grenade. Z.Burton wounded and B.Whitemer slightly injured. No visual contact.
    18:15 E5 – Fire excanhge. Visual on 3 VCs. 1 aremd with M16-s. 3 Frags out. 3 EKIAs
    18:30 E5 – 2 more contacts. Red bandanas of local force. 2 frags expended. 2 EKIAs. O.Brown injured in the firefight.
    19:30 D5 – 1 more contact. Local. EKIA. Eyes on Small Bivouac. No further contacts.
    20:00 – 21:00 D5 – checking the bodies and bivouac. 2 Radios found. 1 Pressure mine spotted.
    22:00 D5 – Covert. Continuing North. Turning West. Proceeding sowly, 2 by 2. 30 second Timeouts between movements.
    24:00 D5/4 – Hight altitute callsign reporting hostiles moving in from the North. B.Whitmer makes a comment on how they are able to see anything rom high altitute, during the night, in a jungle.
    1:15 D4 – Another group of VCs heard coming.
    2:30 D4 – Visual on Red bandana. Heading south-south-east. Passes by, North of team’s position. Squad remained undetected.
    7:00 D3 – Z.Burton spotted a track heading east.
    8:00 D3 – More voices heard ahead.
    8:15 D2 – B.Withmer fell into punji trap. He’s injured, but can still walk and fight.
    8:45 D2 – Z.Burton steps on a pressure mine. Since no one is trained in EOD, he rates 15% chance of disarm. Hostile with an RPG spotted to the West.
    9:00 D2 – B.Whitemer managed to sneak up on grab the enemy from behind. Z.Burton is told to stay put, while Rest of the squad proceeds toward LZ in an attempt to extract the captive.
    11:00 C3 – Called for medivac. ETA 16. 3 Hostiles spotted in the LZ.
    11:16 D2 – Hearing the approaching helicopter Z.Burton tried to disable the mine, which resulted in detonation of the device.
    11:16 C3 – Squad opens fire at the VCs in the LZ. 3 Frags out. 2 EKIAs B.Whitemer decides to retrive Burtons body and abort mission, justyfying it with too heavy enemy presence in the AO and already suffered casualty.
    12:20 C3 – Helicopter arrives. Refuse to take the captive on board. F.Lane calls for Evac. Granted with ETA 20. O.Brown sets off to retrive body of Z.Burton.
    12:40 D2/C3 – Evac helicopter enters the AO. O.Brown realizes he’s not going to make it back in time with Burton on his back.
    14:15 C3 – Evac Chopper departs.
    15:30 C3 – O. Brown arrives at the LZ, carrying body of Z.Burton. B.Whitemer and F.Lane refused to enter the helicopter before Brown arrives. Entire sqad stayed on the ground. Vietnamese voices heard from the surrounding jungle. F.Lane calls for another Evac. Granted. ETA 24. Squad sets up all around at the souther end of LZ. They see machinegun fire coming from the north at the returning helicopter.
    15:45 C3 – F.Lane searches the body of a lone VC in the middle of the LZ. finds a map.
    16:00 C3 – Evac helicopter arrives, under heavy fire. Squad gets on board, while under sniper fire coming from the soth-west.
    16:05 C3 – After confirming everyone on bard, Helicopter departs.
    16:10 Over C2 – Pilot reports receiving critical damage.
    16:15 – Succesfully left the AO.

    16 spotted
    9 killed
    26% covered
    66% stealth
    39% Heat
    3 intel
    1 captive
    1 accurate radio procedure
    Photograph with 2 assets

    O.Brown has been awarded Bravery Medal for: despite wounds, returning for fallen comrade, risking being left behind in the hostile envoirment

    -pvt. Z Burton – NFG – Posthumusly promoted to PFC.
    -cpl. O. Brown – DSM – awarded Bravery medal. 66 HP.
    -stg. B. Whitmer – SL – 39 HP
    -cpl. F. Lane – RTO – promoted to STG. the only squadmemeber to return without a scratch, the lucky bastard.

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    I would say this is very awesome AAR, @Kacpo! Can’t find any AAR with that much detail message on the mission. I love this, game play mix story, love it.


    Love it, @Kacpo ! Fantastic AAR!

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    Sick AAR man!! Felt like I was reading Charlie Rangers all over again.


    @Kacpo Golly…That is some mean manuvering, good JOB!!!:P

    Capn Salmon

    Dang,This is interesting man i loved it.Keep it up!


    Holy Jeebus, that is cool, I might have to do this now on my own account.


    After being inspired by @Kacpo (Not nearly as interesting as his, but I thought I’d give it a try)

    Operation Hi Hawk

    Mission: Deep Recon


    -PV2 B. Moncayo

    -CPL X. Oligny

    -SGT G. Lane

    -SGT P. White


    Enemy Force – Det. of Militias

    QRF- At least a whole platoon

    The platoon is on stand by to enter the AO

    Very few traps

    Weak radio signal (irrelevant)

    Weather is dry

    Team Equipment:

    PV2 B. Moncayo – Stoner 63, Ammo Box, 2 Field Dressings, M14 AP Mine

    CPL X. Oligny – M16/M203, Mk2 Grenades, Claymore, 40mm HE Grenades, M72 LAW

    SGT G. Lane – M60, Mk2 Grenades, M14 AP Mine, Field Dressing, CS Grenades

    SGT P. White – M14 Rifle, Mk2 Grenades, AN/PVS2 Scope, IV Bag, CS Grenades


    6:00 C3 – Insertion at LZ. Decision is made to head South.

    8:00 D4 – Team halts and forms an all-around. All quiet.

    9:00 D4 – Enemy activity heard on backtrail in D3. A yawn. No chatter. A lone VC. A possible scout sent ahead of the platoon? Heading east.

    12:00 D5 – Rustling of leaves heard nearby. Team immediately enters halt in nearby all-around concealment.

    13:00 D5 – Break in enemy movement, team alters direction of march and moves south once more.

    14:00 E5 – Halt conducted. VC Chatter heard on backtrail in D3. QRF has arrived on scene.

    15:00 E5 – New direction of march towards the north. 90 degree off-set of old trail on D5 conducted. Lone tracker spotted as team passes by. Intel on militia detachment seems accurate. Team continues north.

    17:00 C4 – Overt. Ambush from trees in front. Single shot from Musket. Pointman B. Moncayo retaliates with a burst from his Stoner 63. 1 EKIA. Team continues north. Note is made to improve Moncayo’s stealth roll training.

    18:00 B4 – Team re-groups and forms all-around. Deep recon mid-point reached.

    19:30 B4 – Covert. All quiet. Team moves west.

    19:30 B3 – Team has successfully looped around pursuers and slowly advances south towards the QRF’s rear at D3.

    21:00 C3 – Team halts at edge of tree-line to survey LZ. No hostiles sighted. Continuing across LZ to D3.

    22:00 D3 – Contact. P. White spots single hostile through AN/PVS2 Scope. Team moves in closer for a better view.

    23:00 – 24:00 D3 – P.White spots 3 more hostiles through AN/PVS2 Scope. Clearance is given to engage hostiles. Ambush commences. G. Lane lays down suppressive fire alongside B. Moncayo while S. Lamb tosses a grenade into the enemy formation and X. Oligny uses his M203. 3 EKIAs.

    1:00 D3 – Team spots lone tracker coming back up the trail. 4 EKIAs.

    1:30- 2:15 D3 – Team peels away from contact in two-man teams towards LZ. Standard formation is regained and team retreats single-file to the west.

    3:00 C4 – Team halts. Covert. All quiet. Deep recon extract in 3 hours. Moving towards LZ.

    4:00 C3 – Team deploys at edge of tree line and awaits extraction. Large amounts of VC chatter heard from the south.

    6:00 C3 – Extraction chopper arrives and team extracts.


    6 Observed

    5 killed

    21% coverage

    66% stealth

    6% heat

    Moncayo recieves bravery medal for being voluntold as pointman and avoiding getting hit by a Musket. All team members return without a single scratch on them.


    Very nice battle report. Love to read them.
    Makes for some nice story driven brain movies.


    I like that you adopted same format as I did. It’s quite detailed and makes an interesting read.


    A quick, clean BDA mission.
    My team inserted into the AO and quickly moved off the LZ with no hostiles sighted. Checking signals strength, I received a ‘loud and clear’ response. Perfect.

    Putting some more distance between the team and the LZ, I called in a low-altitude pass. Negative response.
    I called in a sitrep, then put in another request for a pass. The request was accepted this time, and with the buzzing of Bird Dog fading into the distance, I was informed that we had an impact crater in sector 5-Charlie with 0 baddies hanging about. We moved out.

    Upon reaching the impact point, we beheld the bloody mess of a wiped out NVA squad. A list of passwords was found on one body. Score!

    Moving to a clearing, I called in an extraction at secondary LZ. Approved, with a wait time of 43 Mikes.
    We settled in.

    As the roar of the extraction huey grew, we heard scattered gunfire coming from the direction of the crater. The NVA must have found their buddies, and they weren’t happy.

    The huey sped past them, moving too fast for the NVA to do any serious damage with small-arms fire, and reached our smoke signal. As we clambered in, the pilot pulled up and soared out of the AO, the finish of a successful mission.

    A real easy mission, with zero combat and over in a couple minutes. I nice reprieve from some of the more stressful missions I’ve done (I’m looking at you, Dead Drop).

    EDIT: Got erased from the topic somehow after editing. Fixed it :/
    EDIT2: Edited again, got deleted again. Put it back.


    Just finished a grueling, 3 day long POW rescue mission, all for one POW :/

    Intel said there would be a det of militia in the AO, but what it didn’t say was that it would be chock-full of enemy assets and that the tree density was through the roof.
    It took me two days for bird dog to finally spit out where the POW cage was (3-Bravo), and then one more to actually find the thing (I ended up finding it with the good ol’ mouse sweep method), and in the meantime I shot plenty of VC and blew up 5 assets.



    Sorry it’s not more story-ish, I just want to go to sleep…

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    That was a splendid AAR iotico.


    First mission on new profile
    Mission:Surveilance, try to be undetected, recce as much as possible.

    Sgt B. Tucson, Spotter; Team leader
    Cpl R. Handley, RTO
    Pvt L. Johnson, Demo
    PVT T. Harmon, Medic

    Boots on the ground 07.00
    21.00 23% recce
    22.00 Chatting heard
    02.00 Contact 3 VC LOC 1D
    04.00 Regrouping done
    08.00 VC shooting with musket, eliminated, no wounds, one radio found.
    16.00 Enemy Fire, B. Tucson wounded but still in fighting shape, enemy eliminated.
    21.00 55% recce, Spotted 5/ Killed 2
    01.00 Contact 1 VC, eliminated silently
    08.00 73% recce, new orders-> try to recce the whole area
    14.00 Fish pond, LOC 1D, 3 enemies eliminated
    21.00 93% recce
    07.00 Still trying to recce the area only a few enemy contacts: all eliminated.
    Three days more recce
    Evac 24.00 with 100% recce.

    Spotted: 9
    Coverage 100%
    3 hard intel

    Conclusion by team leader:
    Altough the original goal was a failure and I got wounded the recce was i succes when looking the big picture.

    Sgt. B. Tucson

    Commanding officers answer:

    Altough the original mission goal ended in a fail, have your recce been thanked by high command. T. Harmon is now a private 2 and the whole unit have been awarded with the green beret.

    CO Törni

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