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A hot suggestion (Flamethrower)

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    So while we defend in MNB2, we have the chance to get the relatively useless flamethrower unit from a crate. Why not implement this feature to MnB3! Now we can use flamethrower how it was created to be used, on attack. Crates could have a slight chance to drop a flamethrower as a replacement for whatever a soldiers primary is. I believe this feature should be limited to some units, not including the frenchie. The range on this equip-able would naturally be abysmal but when given to someone like a special operations unit, I feel we could have something truly magical.

    Any ideas to better this? Shoot em down below.

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    Cheeki Breeki

    Maybe the flamethrower appears to be useless due to its range being so small and having a chance of setting someone on fire or just giving the enemy a free shower, since the M1 flamethrower last time I checked should have a range of 15 meters, which accompanied by photos of said flamethrower shows that flamethrowers go a lot farther with longer bursts than they do in Mud and Blood 2. Although it would be great to place it into Mud and Blood 3, unless it is a gadget used to clear hedges and bunkers at point blank it would be just as useless if it were to replace the weapon you have and remain as it currently is.


    Jack-“The thought of a solid projectile stream of liquid fire…. makes me want a damn drink…”

    i would get excited for a mnb3 flamethrower

    on either side 😀


    I Would have it as an ability for a specialty unit, where you can have a spec ops unit rush enemy lines and clear groups of infantry with the power of one of humanity’s first inventions, FIRE! but your spec ops can be torn to shreds if the Germans are organised and prepared. it would be an ability that would be perfect if you had a gunner.


    Commando has TNT to clear just about anything in game in combo with Camouflage it is ultra effective.
    In older suggestions most thought that a Flamethrower could be a Skill in the tree for the Engineer.
    Mortar could also go to the Engineer.
    Note: We wanted to give the player a bigger range of Skill choices = a bigger Skills Tree so that there be actual tactical choice making since then not all skills will be unlockable for one unit.

    Thank you for bringing up the Flamethrower thing again.
    Shows the developer that there is interest to implement it in some way.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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