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A Guide to German Infantry Weapons.

Activity Forums Mud and Blood 3 A Guide to German Infantry Weapons.


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    This is a supplement to my earlier weapons guide that detailed the Allied side of the war, in this guide we will cover the German weapons.
    As before least effective at the top, most effective at the bottom.
    DISCLAIMER (Again, sorry):
    I am very familiar with the German side of the Eastern Front of the war and therefore will have more knowledge of these weapons, although research will still have to be done!
    Now onto the fun!

    MP-40/Maschinenpistole 40
    The MP-40 is the standard German SMG and was introduced into service in early 1940, being used throughout the Battle of France, and proving itself useful on the Eastern Front against hordes of Soviet Troops, the MP-40 is a classic.

    With a high fire rate, and a good 32 round magazine the weapon is effective in most situations. Close range and Medium range engagements is where the weapon excels, but is best used in urban combat situations. The fire rate enables the weapon to pin your squad down while more effective weapons pick your troops off one by one.

    Fires the 9x19mm Parabellum pistol round, used in the Mauser Luger P08, and Walther P38, both of which are pistols. This round does not pack much of a punch and rarely does over 12 damage. The weapon also has horrible recoil which reduces the overall accuracy of this SMG to amazing for it’s class, to average.

    How to Counter:
    Stay at distance and don’t let Jerry get in too close. Most Allied weapons can out range the MP-40 and easily counter the weapon.

    K98k/Karabiner 98k:
    The standard German infantry rifle throughout the war, the K98 was an effective weapon right up until the introduction of the first assault rifles, such as the MP-44 and M2/M3 Carbines.

    The K98 fires 7.92x57mm cartridge and has damage output and range comparable to that of the Springfield M1903. This weapon is seen in most often in the Germans’ hands along with the G43/K43.

    The K98, being a bolt action rifle, suffers from rate of fire issues, and can not keep up sustained fire on target, only having a 5 round magazine to draw from.

    How to Counter:
    There is no real effective way to counter a user of the K98, aside from seeing and shooting first you will likely get bogged down in a firefight for a few minutes trying to take down a squad of Germans with these weapons.

    This is LMG version, meaning it has a Bi-pod, not a tripod.

    Insane fire rate, huge magazine that can be either belt or drum fed(I believe the one in game is drum fed for a total of 50 or 100 rounds, although the belt could hold up to 250). Ability to switch targets and pin down an entire section for many many minutes while reinforcements arrive. Usually at least on MG-42 gunner arrives on the Opel Blitz.

    Accuracy was thrown out the window to achieve the rate of fire that makes this gun scary, and the recoil is very hard to control. Long reload time like all MGs (it doesn’t seem that the Germans suffer the MG reload penalty though).

    How to Counter:
    Stay at range and try to pick him off before moving up to engage the rest of his squad, or if you’re unlucky and he came in an Opel Blitz, section. The MG-42 is rarely seen but when it appears it has the ability to ruin your day.

    G43/K43/Kar 43
    The German semi-automatic rifle, comparable to M1 Carbine, had many flaws due to the inexperience of the German industry with the mass production of semi-automatic weapons.

    The G43 is a semi-automatic rifle that fires the powerful 7.92x57mm Mauser cartridge. The G43 has a 10 round magazine and a good fire rate compared to the garand, but not on par with the M1 Carbine.

    Like most semi-automatic rifles of the time the G-43 is prone to jam if under prolonged combat conditions, and the 10 round magazine goes fast if the shooter is experienced.

    How to counter:
    As this is a standard German weapon there is no true way to counter this weapon other than shooting first. The G-43 is a much more dangerous weapon than the K-98k, as it keeps the high damage, but has a better fire rate.

    FG-42 (Fallschirmjägergewehr, if you were wondering)
    Purpose designed battle rifle for aerial assault and paratrooper usage. This rifle fires the standard German 7.92x57mm Mauser round that packs a punch, and keeps it in a compact package.

    The FG-42 was a multi-purpose rifle, having both automatic and semi-automatic modes (not modeled in game as far as I have seen), allowing there to be the functionality of an assault rifle in a compact package. These weapons were given to the best troops so don’t underestimate!

    The FG-42 has a 20 round magazine, not much compared to the other assault rifles in game, the M-2 (30), M-3 (Assault Rifle)(30), and the StG-44/MP-44 (30). This means that the FG-42 can not sustain fire for the amount of time as these weapons and is worse at suppressing enemy movement.

    How to Counter:
    Get to medium range where the advantages of this weapon are least felt, most of the time the FG-42 comes with some sort of range enhancing tool, such as a a scope, meaning that once you get to a point where the field of view (FoV) of the weapon is hampered by this tool you can easily take the wielder out (in theory).

    (This is a sturmgewehr 44, it sturms 44 gewehrs)
    The first ever operational assault rifle (pesky german science!), the russians took inspiration from it for the legendary Kalashnikov rifles, such as the AK-47, and the upgraded variants.

    The StG44 fires the same 7.92x57mm cartridge as all other german weapons except the MP40 and luger. It has the effective range of the K98, the automatic features of the MP40, and the damage output of the G43. All of this in one rifle was unheard of in the 40s and so the gun was unmatched.

    The StG44 is ahead of it’s time, complicated, and overall unreliable, jamming after a few mags are fired out of the weapon it will jam, due to the reliability issues the weapons are made slowly and expertly, instead of going into mass production. The 30 round magazine lasts, but not much longer than the one on the M2 Carbine (assault rifle). The weapon is also rare, only equipping the most elite of axis troops.

    How to Counter:
    Stay at distance and pick the user off. Being and early assault rifle the StG has very poor characteristics over range and is very hard to use at longer ranges.

    And now for my favorite part!

    P08 Luger
    The standard german army pistol since forever ago, this weapon has quite the legacy, and quite a punch to it. Don’t underestimate!

    It’s a luger, what more can you ask for???

    There isn’t an automatic version with a belt fed magazine.

    How to Counter:
    You can’t counter perfection.

    Remember all feedback is appreciated and encouraged!
    Feel free to leave you opinions on German weapons!

    Once Again,
    Best of Wishes,


    This is a very nice and helpful guide. Very nice job, Polar.
    The only the thing missing would be a video or a description of what each weapon sound like. While it is helpful to have this knowledge, it quite hard to identify what weapon the German is wielding visibly. Sure there are notable differences visually between each weapon type, but you might have a harder time to identify what exactly it is, i.e. between a Kar98k and a G43 or between a MP40 and a Stg44. Knowing what the weapon sounds like, (atleast in my experience, every weapon sounds different) should give you a lot of intel and make a plan to counter and kill dem Krauts.

    Kudos to your guide, sir. 😀


    Thank you! But getting audio of all the weapons is hard, especially when the luger and StG are so rare.
    As for the audio cue to what weapon the enemy has, the K98 sounds much like the Springfield, as they are both bolt action rifles firing 30 caliber ammunition. The G43 has a distinct sound, I don;t knwo how to write it down but you’ll know when you hear it. As for sprites the FG looks like the G43, but with a few pixels off to the side (the magazine sticks out the side). The MP40 is a stub little thing than sounds like the sten, and you’ll know when you run into an MG42.


    I do believe the G43 has a similar sound to the BAR, but it is semi-auto.

    And the MG42 is a significantly longer weapon than anything else in the game.

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