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    Though I haven’t played MnB3 as much as most of you, I’ve definitely come across some brutality in my short time playing. Here are 3 of my most enjoyable/frustrating experiences with the game so far:

    “Jesus Christ, they’re everywhere!” AKA ‘The one time mines came in handy’:

    My modest, mid-tier, 6-man squad had just assembled on the other side of a dirt road. So far the German defenses had been negligible, with any wounded soldiers already healed to full health. I’d received several messages about enemies flooding into the AO, but so far, nothing.

    All of a sudden, at least a dozen Germans appear in the upper 1/3rd of my screen. No joke, there had to have at least 15 assorted Germans charging straight at me. I panicked slightly, but quickly got to work. As my soldiers began to return fire, I had the engineer place down some mines, and then retreated the squad back a few feet. Quite a few Germans fell, and those that didn’t got too close to the mines and, well…you know the rest.

    Not a single one of my soldiers was harmed then, and the rest of the map went smoothly. I don’t know what possessed the Germans to charge me, but I’m glad it ended up better than it could’ve.

    ‘First Tiger Tank Encounter’:

    Another case of forgettable German defenses. The end of the map was still a ways away, but my men were rapidly gaining experience and as long as none of them died, I was planning on continuing. Then I received a message about armored support, enemy troops, I can’t remember. I scrolled up to the finish line and there it was.

    A tiger tank.

    Immediately I started planning. Ordered the radioman to call artillery on the tiger, and watched as all it succeeded in doing was destroying the left suspension. It was something at least. Though as I continued towards it, mowing down the few Germans in my way, I began to realize this might not be quite as much of a threat as I thought so.

    Unfortunately the stubborn tank began to retreat back to the finish line, and greedy little me tried to pursue it, as I didn’t want it to roll off the map before I at least got a chance to have my men unload into it. Finally it stopped just short of the end of the map, in an open space between a hedgerow and the finish line. My troops moved up to the hedgerow, and began to rain hell on it.

    Or well, they tried to at least. It mostly consisted of me raining artillery, grenades, and bazooka rockets on the tank and watching in horror as all it succeeded in doing was destroying the RIGHT suspension.

    I took advantage of its slow turret traverse and started dodging around it, occasionally throwing rifle grenades and more bazooka rockets into it. Still nothing. I didn’t want to give up quite yet and exit the map, but the longer I stayed there, the more risky it would be, and I was mere meters from the finish line anyway. Eventually the tank got a lucky hit in, and turned one of my 6 soldiers into giblets. By then I knew it was futile, and resumed exiting the map. The tiger caught fire near the end of this, but I didn’t stay long enough to see what happened afterwards.

    ‘Meat Grinder’:

    My 6-man squad was almost to the end of the map. Nothing much to say of the German forces so far, except that I had heard tons of messages about “enemy troops have entered the AO”, despite never actually seeing any of them. Finally they got within a screen’s worth of the finish line, when I realized all those messages weren’t just for show.

    Now I didn’t see the entire surging mass of Germans. Rather, they just kept appearing, and leaving as soon as one of my men got a shot or rifle grenade off. No one was injured, but it seemed like it really should’ve happened. Germans kept appearing left and right, and no matter how many I killed, more seemed to appear.

    To put this into perspective, around halfway through slaughtering them, I had cleared particles enough and let them build up quite a bit. I saw at least a dozen German corpses on the screen, before I cleaned it yet again. I will again iterate this was after a lot of screen clearing, and I would do it a few more times before I was sure they were all dead. I have no good idea of how many Germans I killed there, but it was probably at least 30.

    And a short, bonus story to round it all off:

    6-man squad assembled on the other side of a road. Engineer had just unlocked mines, so I decided to be sneaky and place some down. Almost immediately, two of the mines and the unfortunate engineer exploded. I don’t know if it was a bug, or if I placed them too close, but just like that I was down a valuable member of the team.

    I wish I had screenshots to share, both for entertainment and to confirm these stories did indeed happen, but alas I didn’t think about it till afterwards. I will say though, that these stories were all rather recent (past week or so), are completely true, and were recollected to the best of my ability.

    Hope you enjoyed!



    Very nice! 🙂
    We love to read war stories here. Keep up the good work and URB ON!



    Enjoyed the read. Nice to know I’m not the Only one getting robbed out there.

    As for the truthfulness of your stories… 🙁 They do certainly seem legit, and I for one have No Reason to doubt you, and I don’t think Lance did either.

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