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    Hey guys,

    I wanted to quickly gauge interest in an idea I had – to get a Discord bot going for our server. Discord bots are, well, automated accounts sanctioned by Discord to make certain processes automatic. They can do things like:

    – Welcome new users
    – Point out helpful resources
    – Monitor chat activity for spammers and mute them
    – Link Discord to other sites
    – Play fun games
    – And so much more!

    In my experience, I’ve used the API to code a bot using Python, a universal, flexible scripting language with endless plugins and add-ons. The bot currently collects price data on items from another game’s marketplace, and returns detailed analyses on price trends (a la stock market). Obviously an bot would have different functionality, but I think it could be a fun and cool addition.

    So as to this post – I would like to see what you guys think, especially if anyone in the community is interested in perhaps helping me code the bot or if anyone wants to host it (run the python script) after I no longer can on my computer. So if you have a computer that’s on most of the time or know how to script in python (or are willing to learn!), let me know!

    Thanks guys


    The Discord seems quite mellow at the moment, and with 1 active admin and 5 mods always checking in, I don’t know if a bot is all that necessary. However, considering what happened here on the main site, having an auto system that is always monitoring for spam or such for those times when the mods or Arise aren’t on just to be safe might not be a bad idea.


    I like what @Tyrud say, as it is about my main concern for the Discord. We will get the attack soon or later, the Horde is all around the Internet.

    I did not know about the bot code so I can’t help about that, but I can explain the stuff here for everyone to know.

    *I and Urb have MOD power, and Nightfall have Admin power. We can remove the Invite link to block large Horde log-in on the discord, this is the final defensive line. Bird Dog’s Eyes can Block the account and Mute the member in order to prevent Spammer or Spam bot attack. ( and we have 6 eyes )

    *Riderx plan for a bot can detect and mute the spam account.

    *I also active the new member function so everyone can notice any un-usual create account activity in General channel.

    There are also some future setting I haven’t apply yet, I will create another Group for everyone called something. ( @Lance already tell me once, but I still forgot lol Urbxxxxx … something like that ) It is for quick cleaning, as I only need to clean non group account, can easily know which is active member and which is spam account. Just take some time to build up and clean.

    With these, I think we should be safe enough. XDDDD

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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