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    Waffen SS continuing to move after death, can count as a flanker

    Occasionally after a building is destroyed (only occurred with bunkers for me), another building after will shift it’s location to another point below it’s original position. Mousing over it does not make it transparent, mousing over original location does; No longer provides protection to either location as far as I can disconcert

    If both occupants of a Zündapp are killed, the vehicle will still count as a flanker if momentum carries it through the bottom of the screen

    On the paratrooper challenge (and I assume standard parachute deployment), units can be deployed off the side of the screen, making them unreachable / unusable. In a similarish light, in the paratrooper challenge, all units can instantly die upon deployment into trees.

    If you order units to close to the sides or bottom of the map, they become unusable, unable to be commanded to move, no longer targeted, no longer shoot, no longer count towards your troops(?), but can prevent you from being able to advance.

    If you place, or move a unit under an AAA or 50. cal emplacement, they can become completely unselectable until the placement is destroyed or the gunner killed.

    Burning soldiers can detonate AT mines (intentional?)

    Units can begin the aiming cycle, but the target dies, and refuse to complete or leave the aiming cycle, until they can restart the cycle by targeting another unit. Particularly problematic with advancing. Happens almost exclusively at a low ranks.

    I realise this game is labelled as finished, and don’t really expect any action to be taken, but no harm no foul.


    Regarding these bugs: All of these have been known for few years now. Even though the site has been purged, Im not sure do we need more reports.

    MnB.net wiki issues, not bothering with another post there; the problems are known and are currently not fixable as the issue is at the database itself. Editing is currently impossible due to un-known problem.


    Aweee but people need a place to put such things even if they are old news to most of us.
    Besides urbzz keeps reassuring us to never say never.
    My info stands at that the last mnb2 patch was not completely done with. Something like 60% complete.
    Furthermore there are bugs and issues know from back then that urbzz intentionally put on ice till he finds the muse to code on mnb2 again.

    – Dead units “sliding” past the line counting as a Flanker. I though that got fixed. O well.
    – Teleporting Bunker/pillbox. Strangely this is rare and usually only happens with a single center bunker.
    There are things you can do to minimize this happening like building 2 bunkers in the middle.

    – There is a remedy if a Paratrooper falls outside the field.
    Advance a field and they will come up with the rest of the troops.

    There is the wiki but here we can discuss more freely any and all aspects of a game.
    Also coming here hopefully gets members involved in all the other cool things we do.
    Keep up the good work everyone!


    Ah, I was sure I’d been on the on the Légion d’honneur page without it being damaged, or at the least with the ribbon working, and assumed it was due to the fact the wiki underwent some maintenance recently.

    I’m sure all these things have been known, but seeing as I couldn’t find a bugs page on the wiki, and the forum got wiped, I didn’t think it could hurt to have a list of issues jotted down somewhere.


    Few ‘bugs’ I think I found in MnB2, My medic took a direct hit from a Pak cannon and still had 100 HP. Also, a PG took a direct hit from a mortar AND a rocket and didn’t die or gib. I don’t know if its apart of the game or not. Maybe its just another URB thing? Cheers!

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