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    Many men may not well know how to use the jeep, as it can’t advance with troop. The most common result for using Jeep will be two:

    1. The squad win the fight before the jeep arrived, as you can not always stay close to starting line.

    2. The men down before the jeep arrive as you can not let her as an emergency support, or the most bad one – Gunner down!

    So some people believe this skill can not using as well as mortar. Right now it is true! But it does not mean these skill don’t have it’s own advantage. As the jeep setting to go to the position gunner call the support. It can simply use by a easy way.

    Let the Gunner ahead to the place you wish to place the Jeep, use the skill and fall back to original place to wait until the Jeep arrived. (If you get cover this way can be awesome.) When the jeep is almost arriving, move all your firing power ahead and put the gunner on! Slaughter Day will begin!

    As the 50 have some chance to instant gib the infantry, using these weapon can create a large advantage while attacking the defensive place guard with enemy troop or even soft skin vehicle. So the point is not how to use it, is when and where to call her in!


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