Recon LUA – 0_1~0_8 Patch Note

Howdy folks, here is some Recon LUA (working title) recent developing reports from our testing crew.

What Have Been Done:


*Add basic LOS
*Basic skill roll
*Basic combat
*Save file system for future use


*Ranger/VC sprites
*Few weapons (M60, M14, M16, M3, AK, SKS, RPD, Baikal, Mosin)
*Many vegetation types (a total of 23 different vegetations types)
*Few type of Ponds ( a big lake and 2 smaller ponds) with WATER EFFECTS!!
*Rice Paddies

*Huey being coded but still used the legacy sprite for now

*3 types of Trenches, 2 type of Spider holes (the enemy hides in it until the last minute and pops out to engage you)

*3 type of destroyed Shacks
*Royality Free music has been added to the game.
*Flare/pressur switch/Mine Trap


*Hot key

-“h” Hold (stop your troops)
-“m” Bring up the Map
-“w”,”a”,”s”,”d” or “up”,”down”,”left”,”right” camera controls
-“f” Change Fire Mod (no fire, Defensive stance and weapons free)
-“r” Radio Panel

*Mouse Control

-Single click to move
-Right click on selected ranger to use action menu, or if a ranger is selected he will look at the direction you right click.
-Drag select RTS style box

-Direction change with right click
-Alt + Right click for Rangers to face opposite direction

What Next:

*Hot key

-“esc” deselect all ranger, if no select then bring game menu
-“1″,”2″,”3″,”4” to select ranger

*Radio,Frag,medic item basic usage
*Medical action


Want to help the dev process? Reply or start up a thread in our forums or even simply join our discord. >o<

Lead Test Arise >O<