Now that flash is dead, HTML5 games are being bullied and it’s awesome

How funny is that,

“I cannot think of a comparable moment where one team of developers killed so much internet culture in one unilateral move.”

Oh yeah? what about when they killed flash and 12 years of indie game development with it?

Looks like chrome has broken HTML5 games with their last update. As a former flash coder, and maybe one of the last of the Mohican, I can’t resist to raise a smirk towards the crowd that wanted flash to burned on the public place for it’s heresy towards the web standard Jesus. Waiving html5 flags and chanting slogans about a new age of peace and standardisation that will last for years.

Now look at this panic 🙂 it’s ok guys you will survive your inquisition too. Your only mistake is to think that you were untouchable.


2 thoughts on “Now that flash is dead, HTML5 games are being bullied and it’s awesome

  • Fri, May 11th '18 at 10h 57m 48s

    For me Flash was never dead but there was that scare last summer that adobe or someone else wanted the player to cease functioning.
    I go as far as to buy an offline flash player just to play the games forever.
    HTML5 based games sure seamed nice since they where a lot lighter and apparently easier to code but I have never come across an HTML5 game that had serious depth to it so I guess in the end it has much more limitations then Flash.
    It’s uncanny to me how browser users simply do not switch to another browser away from Microsoft and Google products that “intentionally” bug out content that they do not like.
    Interesting that there is only a very short mention of the Unity Player.
    That was suppose to be the next big thing after HTML5 but after a few great games (on Kongregate for example) development suddenly stopped.
    Thanks for the head up urbzz and thanks for that nice site link.
    I am still reading my way around that place.

  • Tue, May 22nd '18 at 4h 45m 21s

    im a little late to this but i don’t see any other thread for this so there is a really cool html5 game called open panzer its like panzer general 2 but runs faster and in browser.

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