AT Mine’s Resource – MNBR – The Management of Team

The Management of team is vital in Recon. Unlike MNB2, You don’t use new soldier every time you play, your soldier exp will be save so you can use them on future mission. In Recon, manage team appropriately help commander doing good on his mission and avoid bad officer memo effect.

This article is just a short view about manage the team orderly to help commander make the decision and avoid common mistake. Not the only way to manage the Recon Team!


#Profile Start

Every commander start with six fresh Ranger when they join the Recon world.

This is your early team member, they give you 1 SGT, 1 CPL and 4 PVT, all of them with 0 exp. Each rank give an additional skill point to soldier, so means you can assign your SGT for 4 point on any skill, CPL for 3 point and so on. For deeply you can read the wiki.

How to assign the skill is not the main topic here, you can read AT Mine’s Resource – MNBR – Skill. I will only mention about the suggested way to build the early squad.

It is suggest to assign your SGT as Spot men with 4 Spot skill point, and CPL as RTO with 3 comm skill point. As the spot and Comm will be very very important in the game, especially the early game.

You will like to see the enemy first before he shoot you or found the trap before some noob step on it. For the calling, the early men KIA normally base on Huey delay which lead by unskilled RTO calling. The unskilled RTO will waste the time when you need the support or Huey to get out of Jungle, and commonly kill some of critical condition Ranger with [Comm Check Failed], once you run out of medical supply.


#Manage The Team Book

This part is for long game play manage, mostly come with higher rank and more ranger, also tougher mission level.


01. Straight Line Method

I will suggest you to manage the team with a specific specialty on one straight line. What is the meaning? looks the following picture:

It means use straight line to divide different specialty, from the Spot to the Medic. Mainly each ranger with a primary skill as type name, they also will have secondary skill. For example: ( This is base on #Profile Start )


Why doing like this???! This way have several benefit.


02. The Benefit


1- Fast Assign and Easy for View

As you divide your ranger’s skill clearly, so you don’t need to waste time on finding the right men to go the mission. Also, it is less likely to make a choice with the wrong men into mission, as you make a very easy remember sequence to view.

It also good for you to view about HP, Fatigue, Morale, so you can easy have a whole view about your squad member. It will be deeply relate to the Merit Hit, which is discuss in the AT Mine’s Mud and Blood Recon Guide – How to manage for Unlimited Tour.

2- Squad Customization Screen

Once you inter the Squad Customization screen, there is no button to back main manual unless you turn off or restart the game. This will lead the draw back to wasting your time and somehow be annoy about assign wrong item to wrong guy. ( Although it is not common for expert commander ) More sadly, the kill card effect will lose if you close the game just for turn back to choice the right men to mission.

With a straight view, you can easily know the right guy’s equipment. which will be relate to the click order when you are assign the team. With a clear view, you will always choice the specialty you want to the mission, with that, you can easily remember the place on the Huey slot without continuous view the ranger’s skill.

The number means order, 1 will be the first men you assign in the book, 2 the second….. etc. So with this way, it help commander to handle the mission easily.

3. Following with Rank up

This way is easy to the fit the rank up, as game add 2 extra Ranger per rank up, so you can get your specialty member grow with rank up, the Ranger add will not break your rule and will still be able to stay clear view.

4. Identify Specialty in Action

As we commonly assign item and weapon relate with Specialty, this is a way to help us quick recognize the specialty instantly. Weapons have different shape and length, radio and M72 will have a shape in the backpack. So if you assign item and weapon to your ranger with order, you don’t always waste time to search right guy when performing action, especially in the dangerous situation.

Tossing the grenade or using the IV to save critical condition Ranger is a common example about urgency in mission. When 2 seconds can change live and death, we better don’t waste any time!

See the picture? this is the identify view. Once you are adapt with your team construction, you can perform the action as quick as possible.

5. Training New Ranger/Protect experienced Ranger

This way also help to training new ranger and help to estimate the risk when choice the mission. Commander will try to keep their good ranger safe, and wish to train more new men to become expert Ranger. With this way, the rank in the view will directly give you the message about two things:

{1} You take a risk with some specialty weakness when you send new men to mission, because the rank directly link to the ability level.
{2} Someone is the men I need to protect in mission, as I don’t wish to lose him.