Patch 0.23e

Good day commanders, 0.23e is out and add some functionalities that were suggested by the community and also fixing some bugs.

  • Reduced the sound of the sitrep UNDERSTOOD is now understood 🙂
  • Alpha of mines are now at 100% so you can see them. The mine check has been removed and they are now considered just like another obstacle for now.
  • Saturation of the background brought back to 100%. We’ll how it goes from there. It may go back to 45%. i’ll have the final say on the art direction.
  • Corrected the grenade skill description.
  • Fixed the Engineer: bazooka skill color when the skill is active.
  • Shortcuts use 1 to 8 in the order their icon is placed on the bottom. This will select the soldier without focusing on him allowing quick deployment without leaving the action.
  • Skirmish line!! (no pun intended) hit 9 and you can move all your squad to a single front line .. useful to get to an obstacle en force or to retreat from artillery.
  • Fixed the HMG not firing
  • Lowered the enemy flare occurrence by 5%
  • Soldiers that are told to move towards the enemy will not gain morale. If a soldier has to recollect himself it is advised to let him stand back a little behind cover in order to build enough confidence to go fight again. Hurting/killing the enemy does build morale as well.
  • Known issues: We are aware of the ribbons not kicking in when meeting some requirements.

11 thoughts on “Patch 0.23e

  • Thu, Jun 15th '17 at 21h 46m 57s

    Currently uploading, standby.

    • Fri, Jun 16th '17 at 1h 28m 14s

      Urbzz, You need to add MNB3 before the Patch 0.23e XD

  • Sat, Jun 17th '17 at 4h 04m 20s

    Love the skirmish line feature! But could we get something similar that would move all troops and keep their current formation?

  • Tue, Jun 27th '17 at 23h 24m 43s

    My Guys Are Being Shot At By Invisible Germans Which They’re Were Hiding In Both Bushes And Rocks With Them Shooting At My Allied Soldiers Which Some How Cant See Them Or Even Shoot Them. Also, The Game Is Very Amazing But Some Serious Bugs Tho.

    • Thu, Jun 29th '17 at 20h 32m 46s

      Germans being hidden and taking pop shots at your men is anything but a bug my friend. Get a scout. Close the angles. Advance with caution. Once you get shot at see where the gun smoke comes from or even the angle of the tracer flying by. This will indicate where the shooter is so you can move your troops to find the enemy. Remember, enemies won’t show on the screen until your men see them.

  • Tue, Jul 4th '17 at 19h 22m 22s

    How long/big are the hedgerows? I have beaten them at least 6 times.

  • Fri, Jul 7th '17 at 1h 05m 29s

    How often do your troops get exp while waiting/idle?

    It is mentioned briefly in Handbook/manual

  • Fri, Jul 7th '17 at 1h 06m 47s

    The reason I ask, is that I am currently penned in at start line by hordes of INF and a light tank. The accuracy of the German troops is crazy. Lost 3 guys already.

    • Fri, Jul 7th '17 at 2h 10m 47s

      Not so much accuracy as it is spotting skill is boosted.

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