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I’m sure all of us remember the encounter with a Tiger in Saving Private Ryan. In MNB3 we spent a lot of time and love in order to make encounters with tanks a unique tactical challenge filled with combat options and ruthless as In order to give the armored vehicle all the glory they deserve MNB3 introduce a new and improved engine that manage a plethora of possibilities and options making the encounter with tanks a deep and extremely varied experience. In order to dispose of a tank, a commander will require more than sheer firepower. Wits, timing and a keen tactical sense will get you through the day.

In MNB2 tanks were a metal box filled with anger that just charged your defences blasting away all your hopes for the VC ribbon. In MNB3 things are slightly different. Tanks are slower but more lethal. They also take better decisions such has using the ground and sticking with the infantry. They have also a slow reaction time and a limited vision angle allowing the quick infantry to out maneuver them if lucky. This gives the players that face tanks a feeling of encountering a boss like enemy where wits and skill is required in order to defeat.

That’s right. A tank in MNB3 requires some serious thoughts in order to defeat. It is a considerable challenge for an infantry section and the possibility for horrible things to go wrong are waiting just around the corner if you give them the time to aim at you.

But that doesn’t mean your section is doomed when you encounter those beasts. Like the heavy and sluggish monsters that they are, a smart commander will learn to outmaneuver them and slowly be certainly starting picking away at it in order to bring to its knees. With the help of various weapons and specialties, the player can toss grenades at a tank, call artillery or even use a bazooka. With a lucky shot, this can end the fight right there or cripple the tank making it easier for the squad to maneuver through bling spots for the kill.

Critical damages play a large part of anti-tank combat in MNB3. As mentioned earlier, explosives and even bullets can hurt those metal brutes. Here is a list of the different damage that a tank can sustain:


First let’s take a look at the damage a bullet can do to a tank:

– Kill the commander: Tanks have very limited field of vision in MNB3 (about 30% in front of the chassis and 25% in front of the turret). Sometimes the commander will pop out and try to get an all-around look in order to provide the tank with fresh targets or places to go. If you can score a hit on that guy now the tank is commander less impacting the speed at which it will take decisions.

– Damage the radio antenna: Notice that the tanks of MNB3 have antennas now. It is there for more than looks.Tanks coordinate with infantry. They also get updates on the battlefield from them. A tank will get updated on potential targets outside of its field of vision by nearby infantry if the radio antenna is up. If the antenna is gone they lose that function.

– Smash periscopes: the driver, the gunner and the commander have periscopes. With a lucky shot you can destroy these vision ports and further impede the tank at taking faster decisions.

– Coax machine gun damage: A lucky shot can smash the coax and render the machinegun non-operational. Now there are plans to add a MG at the cupola for the commander as well. That MG will be susceptible to take damage as well. The only option for the commander will be to take pot shots at nearby troops with his pistol if the situation gets that desperate.

Explosive Damage: If a device explodes close to a tank there is a chance based on the power of the explosion that the tank sustain critical damage.

– Track destroyed: A tank with a destroyed track is immobilized. If left alone for some time the crew can repair the track but it takes a fair amount of time. When a track is broken, track pieces can be observed on the affected side.

– Turret mechanism destroyed: The turret is stuck in the current position and will not be able to move anymore. A cloud of black smoke can be seen coming out of the turret. A coping method (Not currently implemented in the alpha) for the tank will have to use its tracks in order to align itself with the targets.

– Engine destroyed: Welp that’s it for mobility. Also German tanks use an hydraulic pump powered by the main engine to move the turret. This means the turret will now move slower since operated manually. When the engine is blown up, black smoke can be observed from the back of the vehicle.

– Transmission damaged: A tank with a damage transmission is reduced to 105 of its speed. You can tell a tank has a damaged transmission by the loud gear grinding and the oil spots/gears it lays on the ground behind.

– Destroyed suspension: A tank with a destroyed suspension will have its movement reduced considerably since its ability to deal with cross country conditions is severely impaired. Destroyed suspension can be observed when suspension cylinders are popped out of the side of the tank.

– Main gun destroyed: The tank has lost the ability to fire its main armament. Be advised that it can still use the coax gun if it is not destroyed. A destroyed main gun is fairly easy to spot.

– Fire: A fire has started in or on the tank. The crew will choose to fight it or not depending of the situation. If left unattended the fire will destroy the tank mostly by cooking the ammo or the fuel reserve creating an explosion that burns stuff around. The crew usually tries to abandon the vehicle before that happens leading to burning individuals, chaos, dismounted crew firing at you and funny situations alike. Fire can be observed when the tank is covered with flames. Flames get bigger as the fire grows in proportions.

– Crew stunned: Sometime the shock of the explosion can stun the crew for few seconds allowing your infantry a short grace period in order to maneuver against the stunned metal beast. You can observe a stunned crew with the small stars rotating around the tank throughout the duration of the stun effect.

As you can see the tanks are powerful and dangerous but there is ways to hurt them. Just like in that Saving Private Ryan scene, your crew can work for some time at a tank and with courage; sacrifice and luck overcome the challenge and slay the giant. This bring an additional layer of depth to a game that has unlimited amount of possibilities and replayability. We are looking forward to hear your tales.

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