MNB3 patch 0.23c

Ahhh it feels so good to post patches notes again. This patch contain fixes about stuff you guys brought up in our forums lately. this will polish the game in order to add the content that is planned for the near future. Stay brutal friends.

Make sure you are playing version 0.23c, some browsers caches the game.


Here’s what’s new in 0.23c

  • 30% Damage nerf to the german HMG
  • Fix to prevent 88s and HMGs to spawn at the border of the map.
  • Fix to prevent 88s and HMGs to spawn behind starting line.
  • Added a loading screen!
  • Paused status now appear wherever your screen is.
  • Disabled armor left behind will not prevent you to finish the game anymore.
  • Corrected wrong message for the ‘give grease gun’ option.
  • Building a sandbag won’t spawn an enemy HMG anymore.
  • Fixed typo in assault expert ribbon.
  • Fixed typo in Bronze and Gold stars ribbons.
  • Early fix for Germans spawning in weird areas.
  • Fixed a bug where if you blew up a crewed flak38 it would spawn dead Germans that would crawl around.
  • Increased slightly the amount of time between shots for marksmen.
  • Increased slightly the range for potential German MG42 loader assist.
  • MG42 soldiers should target switch now. (needs more testing)
  • ! button to get rid of particles is not covered by rivers anymore.
  • disabled some mouse functions
  • added confirmation when you are about to reset your profile.

Hope you enjoy the game and make sure to keep us posted with your war stories/vids/AARs (good or bad).

5 thoughts on “MNB3 patch 0.23c

  • Sat, Jun 10th '17 at 2h 37m 45s

    vvere iz da zeppelin ?

  • Sat, Jun 10th '17 at 4h 43m 22s

    If your browser does cache the game how do you update to newest version?

    • Sat, Jun 10th '17 at 4h 47m 40s

      With chrome you can delete the last hour history, which is enough to prompt a fresh download.

      • Sat, Jun 10th '17 at 12h 19m 16s

        Update looks great! And that picture is sweet too. Love the art.
        Keep up the awesome work!!!

      • Sat, Jun 10th '17 at 14h 10m 45s

        I deleted it, and nothing happened. Still 23b.

        What do I do?

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