URB Game Q&A – 01 – How to back up my Profile?

I – Somehow something bad will happened!

There are lots of possibility that your profile might be lose, no matter some memory cleaner, Date changing, even you mistake click the reset button in your profile. Then the tragedy happened, all good record with lots of medal lose, everything have to restart. This Q&A will teach you how to prevent this issue and save your profile.

II – Where is my profile?

To discuss with the profile issue, we need to know some concept first. Different URB game might be written with different program language, but they are all flash game. Mostly Flash game is a .swf file and allow you to play online or offline. It been set when you turn off the game, the game will auto create a .sol file in your computer.

Where is it? it should put in your computer. Different way to turn on the game will also create save file in different place, so it is hard to say the exactly position of the .sol file. In the current environment, computer with three main system, Windows, Mac, Linux. So we will not teach any specific way in any environment, just provide some general way to find your profile.

Here we list all current Urb game save file name:

*Mud and Blood 2 : mnb21.sol
*Mud and Blood Recon : mnbRecon_beta.sol
*Mud and Blood 3 : mnb3.sol
*STWALT : stwaltBeta6.sol
*Star Destroyer : starwars.sol
*Last Winter : lastwinteralpha19.sol
*Occupational Force Vietnam : occfor_alpha.sol

Find the game save file with your computer searching function: ( The example pic is Linux Ubuntu 14.04 )

It is possible that you entry the text to search but non of thing show up. Here is few step to deal with the problem.

1. Make sure you entry the correct file name.
2. Somehow it will be hide as the sol file will be mostly a hide file in the computer, find the function ” Show hidden file “, which mostly in the ” View ” panel and enable it!

III – Which one is my profile?

Now we go forward, after you found the file name, you might suddenly found there are many of place with a same file name. So here we come to third part. It is not very hard to find the correct file, all you should do is check the platform you play the game.

If you use Google Chrome to play the game, then the sol file must be in the path with Google name. The same as the Firefox or IE even you play the game off line, it should be in the place under your Flash folder. If you use other software to turn it on, then it should under the path for the software name you use.

IV – Back up the profile

You finally found the correct sol file, then copy it to the place that you want to save it. You can also back up in your USB, or even other computer so you can carry your profile to play the game in any computer. Now you are well prepare for any trouble, keep your hard fight profile and medal without any cost.

Good luck on the Urb game!!!

V – Cheat!!!

The MNB Community is not welcome for any cheat action or hack action, this Q&A is a guide to help those men who commonly lose their profile, not for the cheating game play. So please consider greatly before you trying to do something about your .sol file, the true player will fight with their own skill.

Sure anyone can use SL(Save and Load) way to achieve the high level or gain some medal, but that will not be a cool game play, we wish everyone can challenge their skill limit to play these Unfair, Random, Brutality game, as what Urb wish too!

Thank you!

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