Mud and Blood 3 – Patch 0.22 and 0.23 Note


– Basic fire engine up. All explode now have the chance to cause the fire effect.


– Frenchies added!

*Frenchies will only be available by Spec Ops third skill when the team is less then six men.
*Frenchies have 20 CBT, 75 HP and start with Springfield.
*Frenchies have the skill to healing and morale boost, also can toss the Molotov to burn the enemy.
*Frenchies have random weapon upgrade, so you will not know what weapon you will get.


– Alley instant artillery fixed.
– Fire sound will no play if the screen is far from the flame.
– Fire can now affect vehicles and their passengers for added chaos and suffering.
– Mortaring enemies should not walk anymore.
– Polished the Flak 38 AI.
– Increased the chances of flares for German troops slightly.
– Radio calls for sit rep will now give a random amount of xp relative to the player rank.
– Opportunity calls such as sit rep and reinforcement are no more instant.
– MG nests will be super rare on the Omaha Beach.


– German Reinforcement now will not flank from the backside.
– The abandon static weapon now will be re-handle by the German soldier around them.