Mud and Blood 3 – Patch 0.21 Note

– Tiger tank for Germans.
– Did some polish to the terrain generator.
– Doubled the detection range for the engineer (mines).
– Changed sound for mortar explosion.
– MG34 now have a very low 3% chance to hit per bullet.

– Fix the spawn system bug.

– Board load up properly and follow the logical route.
– Add the Panzerfaust.
– Add German flare.
– Adjusted the stance of Germans when firing a Panzerfaust to be historically accurate.

– Fix the bug that makes GIs use Panzerfaust if they see armor.


– Improved the clean function.
– Improved the flare animation adding particles.
– Add the Axis artillery.


– Burn timer on flares doubled.
– Mortar fixed for both.
– Rate of fire for German mortars slightly diminished.
– Mortar now produce smoke, useful for counter battery.
– Suckness variable re implemented. (damage soak for players falling behind in days)


– Fixed text header that tells where you are and at which d-day wasn’t updating when you kept going.
– Fixed text header was showing you were one day behind even if you were not.
– Fixed the German double screams when they bled out, also if they are far from camera we won’t hear them anymore.
– Caught a rare exception where allied soldiers wouldn’t fire their bleed process
– Being out of range and using first aid will not trigger the timer.
– Added an out of range symbol on the cursor when using first aid.
– Caught an exception where the Axis soldiers would go off map if the cover they are seeking is going off map a little to. ( Like in Brest when the houses are halfway out of the map. )
– Changed the background sound of the beach again.

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