Mud and Blood 3 – Patch 0.20 Note


– German crates won’t spawn allied weapons anymore.
– Debug messages to know where the Germans are spawning in order to find out if the close range appearance is actually a thing.
– Enemies won’t spawn at the starting line.
– Scout skill fixed.
– Greatly reduced AI induced lag for some machines. As we saw with Pepper Thumbs live stream on a ‘normal’ rig the lag was pretty much absent. That was previous patch. now this should improve performance on slower rigs.
– Targeting reticule should be above everything now.
– Remove truck sound and just kept the rev seems good enough for the jeep.
– Jeep speed x4 so it should be fairly fast to the front line now.
– Enemies coming off a turret won’t be hidden anymore.


– Forest preset done.
– Tank AI polished.
– End spawn initial fix done.
– Changed mg42 sound.
– Added Intel brief for St-Lo.
– Numerous minor fixes and tweaks that occurred since the last months that I currently forget about.


– Added forest bunker and forest log house to the forest preset.
– Fixed mg42 sound again.
– Changed the behavior of the German army slightly to fight a little more fiercely so it is representative of the west front scenario.
– Nerf sniper rifle damages slightly.
– Fix a bug where splash damage wouldn’t kill armored targets. (allied or axis)
– New skin for the Germans.
– Add ribbons.
– Community challenges. (rewards need to be coded but coming up)
– Fix spec ops being invisible all the time.
– Fixed scout skill so it will not id dead Germans.


– Tank AI buff fix.


– Added a wood layer!
– Added wood walk sounds, 5 of them.
– Multiplied the chances for engineers to do a mine scan.
– Increased the minimal morale to 50. (for senior NCO skill)
– Increase max of exp a senior NCO can give to 25.
– Enemies within 100 pixels will be automatically detected.


– New terrain – Out Skirt of Mortain.

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      Yeah, currently is 0.21, and yes it is almost out. Very soon dude, base on official information, it seems Beta will out before June 15. ( If I remember not wrong. ) Stand brutal guys. >o<

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