Mud and Blood 3 – Patch 0.18 Note


The rifleman is the backbone of the army. He is good at killing the enemy and have some abilities to knock out larger targets such as defensive positions or even armored vehicle if he is lucky. The rifleman is equipped with a rifle and will stay within that cathergory of weaponry all along it’s progression.


– m1 carbine (med cap, med range low damage rifle)

– m2 carbine (high cap, med range low damage auto rifle)

– m1 garand (low cap, high damage high range semi rifle)

– t26 garand (med cap high dmg high rng)


– Tier1: Smoke grenade: block line of sight temporarily

– Tier2: Frag Grenade: Medium range AO explosive

– Tier3: Rifle Grenade: Long Range Explosive

Passive skill:

– When Sgt or above, can motivate low morale soldiers (under 20)

– When Sgt or above, can baby sit low exp soldiers (under 25 xp)


The gunner is the specialist of heavy weaponry. With his abilities at pinning the enemy with his high rate of fire machine guns, he is a vital part of a squad where aggression and speed is used. The gunner pack a lot of firepower but is lacking precision. This soldier is definitely a good choice for crowd control strategies.


– Lewis (med capacity, low damage, med to low range lmg)

– Bar (Low cap med damage med range lmg)

– Bren (Low-med cap, med range, med to high damage)

– GPMG (high cap, med damage and med range)


– Tier1: Bipod (greatly reduce the recoil)

– Tier2: Mortar (long range low precision AO explosive)

– Tier3: 50 cal (static high damage, high range low rof HMG) on the back of a jeep

If the driver dies the jeep don’t go away when the gunner leaves.

Passive skill:

– Target switching, gunner will fire at all the targets available to him regardless of the range

– Crewed weapon: if another soldier is close to the gunner he reloads x2 faster

– Burdened: The gunner has to carry heavy equipment and lot of ammo making him slower than a normal soldier.

This soldier is good at taking out important enemies singled out by the player due to his enhanced range of engagement and skill. That precision comes at the cost of speed so make sure you sniper is well protected.

Springfield (low cap, high range, high damage, low rof)

Scoped Garand (Low Cap, med/long Range high damage )

Scoped Sprinfield (Low cap, long range rifle with high dmg)

Scoped Enfield (med cap, high rng, high dmg)


– Tier1: Assassination, player can pick which target the sniper will shoot

– Tier2: Good grounds, the sniper ignore penalties incurred by enemy’s movement, prone or cover

– Tier3: Eagle eye, for a short period of time the Sniper can see through concealment.

Passive skill:

– Longer range of engagement. Snipers have unlimited range of engagement, if the target is highlighted and there is a line of sight, the sniper will take the shot.


Medics heal your squad and can potentially become an additional gunman if levelled properly. Life is cheap in MNB3 so make sure you put all the chances on your side with this guy.


– Colt 45

– M3

– m1 Carbine

– m1 Garand


– Tier1: Intensive Care, multiply by 2 the amount of healing done

– Tier2: First Aid, Instantly heal a soldier for 10 hit points

– Tier3: Experimental drugs, reduce max health by 10 points but instantly heals.

Passive Skills:

– Heal any wounded soldier around him including self.


Officers have the ability to influence your squad in a very effective manner allowing your squad to stay in the fight longer and to push a little more. They also have the ability to call in a Stuart tank as reinforcement which in itself is quite the game changer. Also the officer have the ability to direct your troops while being under fire giving significant bonuses to their combat skills.


– colt 45

– m1 carbine

– tommy gun

– m1 Garand


– Tier1: Courage, instantly unpin all soldiers

– Tier2: Honor, instantly max out morale on one soldier

– Tier3: Strength, call for reinforcements, a stuart light tank will roll from the side of the screen for a short period of time.


– Tactical sense, by studying the tactical situation on the ground, the officer will buff nearby troops by 5% to their combat skill. The buff is stackable and will remain on a soldier as long as he remains at the same location.

– Officers never retreat


This soldier carries a radio on his back and has the ability to call in off screen support assets in order to subsequently shred the enemy into small pieces. It can take a little while to level up a Radio man to its ultimate potential he is well protected early in the game.


– Springfield

– m3

– m1 carbine

– Tommy gun


– Tier1: Strafe, call in a lane to do a machine gun strafe. Good crowd control. Mostly anti infantry.

– Tier2: Arty, Call a 3 shot arty strike around the area designed.

– Tier3: Bomb run, Call a plane to drop a bomb around the designed location. High damage high explosive. If a smoke is tossed the plane will drop the bomb on the smoke.


Opportunity calls, the sig always monitor the radio for assets that can help his squad. Opportunity calls come randomly and the player has 1 per rank per game

The calls can be the following:

– Supply run, crate drop containing random power ups.

– Recon plane, Highlights all enemies and count them.

– Reinforcement, If the squad has a casualty it can be replaced by a fresh recruit.

– B52, A bomber will drop bombs all across the map. Can be dangerous for the squad.

– Sherman support, a Sherman is in the area and looking for work. It will come from the side like the Stuart stay for a little while and then leave.


Their role is fairly straight forward: to prevent the enemy to hinder your mobility while denying them of that same privilege. This soldier is the best for destroying vehicles and buildings. He also deals with obstacle fairly well. The engineer is often overlooked but when a tank rolls in, the inexperienced commander often regret his decision to not have brought the sapper.


– Shotgun

– M3

– Tommy

– Garand


– Tier1: Bazooka, the engineer can fire a round from his bazooka. Very good against building, defenses and vehicles. Poor blast radius.

– Tier2: Minefield, the engineer will plant 3 mines nearby his location. Mines can detonate by infantry or vehicles

– Tier3: Field defenses, the engineer will build a small sand bag fortification that will protect your section against small arms fire and explosions


Randomly depending on experience, (approx. every 30 seconds) the engineer will do a scan of the area for hidden mines revealing all unexposed devices.


They are the expert at detecting the enemy. MNB3 is about gaining ground and fighting a force that is experienced and uses the terrain to it’s own advantage. Having a scout allow your squad to see them before they see you minimizing the chances of the enemy to take the first shot at you.


– Shotgun (Short range high damage)

– Sten Gun (High Rate of fire high cap low rng and low dmg)

– M3 (high rate of fire, low range low dmg)

– Tommy gun (high rate of fire, low rng and high damage)


– Tier1: Spot, the scout will find and expose the nearest hidden soldier.

– Tier2: Flare, The scout toss a flare and reveal the enemies in the area where it lands. Can also burn a soldier if it lands on him.

– Tier3: Mark, all currently detected enemies will be unable to hide themselves even if they go out of sight. Extremely good after a recon plane pass.


Scout has a x2 detection range, combined with a sniper it can create a very lethal duo.


Spec Ops highly trained with a morale of steel. Specialist at closing in fast and finishing the job. They don’t mind fighting dirty and will dispatch any Germans foolish enough to stand in their way.


– Sten

– M3

– Tommy

– Bar


– Tier1: Stealth, the commando hides in the environment and become undetectable for a short period of time. Note that enemies that are targeting the Commando before he became stealth will still take their shot at him.

– Tier2: Finest hour: All damage taken by the commando is halved for a short period of time

– Tier3: Resistance: Due to his large network of connection behind the enemy lines, the commando can call for the help of resistance fighters for a short period of time.


– The commando is an expert in hand to hand combat with a x2 multiplier in dmg when kicking the shit out of Nazis.

– Due to his elite training the commando has +25% to his movement speed.

– Commandos never retreat.