Mud and Blood 3 – Early Patch Note

This is early patch of MNB3, before 0.18. A note with primary update information.

– Fixed the Spec Ops (Commando) skill timer.
– Fixed the engineer forever Garand upgrade.
– Remove metal ricochet sound when a tank round flies over you head.
– Changed ruins so they look more like they give 360 protection.


– Tank AI polished and turret action being cleaned.
– RTO timer is now global. This prevent RTO exploit or having a team of RTO and just chain calling all day long.
– Garand being upgradable forever is fixed for most classes.
– Fixed scout 3rd skill blocking him for moving.
– Rank badge fixed on player profile.

– Fixed an occurrence where the main canon when broken doesn’t show as broken on the screen.
– Opels are now destroyable by explosion.
– Reduced tank mg accuracy.
– Changed background sounds for bocage, triviere and the beach.
– Change the main tune.
– Fixed some of the clipping about the bench park.

– Gives more points.
– Face stronger Germans force.
– Being behind has reverse effects.
– The initial town, city, forest placeables inject and town generation algo.
– Added narrator speech for some critical game events.
– Nerfed the tank MG.
– Nerfed MP40 slightly.
– Cleaned up some AI code for the Germans.
– Fixed a no shoot instance when the soldier fires a rifle grenades.
– Fixed an exception when a soldier is order to move within the small amount of time he needs to realize his weapon is empty to not kick in the reloading action.
– Added a fail safe when a soldier is done moving he will inspect the condition of his weapon and fix any stoppage be a empty mag of a double feed.
– Added minimal ranges for Axis AI and grenades.
– Reduced the size of cars a little.
– Primary fix for the commander pop in out of the tank with attached bonuses to the tank detection range and action time.
– Primary fix for bleeding out axis and allies with proper sounds.
– Added a fun feature when you click your dudes too much.

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  • Sat, May 20th '17 at 4h 09m 29s

    why cant’ I play this game PLZ PUT THIS GAME ON THE MAIN PAGE ALREADY

    • Sat, May 20th '17 at 5h 05m 47s

      It is not out yet, dude. Hang tight.

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