Mud and Blood Recon – Patch 1.5 Note

Good day all Commander, MNBR 1.5 is out for a while and we have some note for this patch.

Update Note:

*Fixed the dedication ribbon.
*Fixed Intel image going through all events on BDA crate’s NVA corpses.
*Fixed an occurrence where merit could go under 0% or above 100% due to memos.
*Fixed an error in the battle rep about Bird dog timings.
*Disabled Rangers can’t perform actions.
*Camera can’t focus while game is paused.
*Sound cutting when night/day cycle primary fix.
*Primary fix for deep recon extracts not kicking in.
*Primary fix for HVT.
*Removed support channel you may call supplies with TOC now.
*WP will work as a smoke for secondary extracts and cobras. But for extracts it needs to be tossed after the chopper comes in the AO.
*A cap of 25% has been set for VC bonuses due to their support. Same as a -25% cap as *been established if you blow enough related structures. This will prevent exploits such as *VC to spawning dead in the case you have been blowing up food caches like a savage.
*Removed copyrighted music that was preventing youtubers to post cool videos.
*Fixed some typos.
*In post mission brief changed the word “spots” to “observed” in order to avoid confusion on how someone can have more kills than spots. This simply reflect the fact that an enemy that is engaging the Rangers without being observed prior does not count as a spot.
*Skipping days has a small chance to change missions has the tactical situation changes over time.
*Corrected the cut out description of Merit in the career panel.
*All assault missions will have a black trail in it now, avoiding low heat missions to just not generate enough enemies. although low heat AO may only generate few enemies at the time on the black trail a team can camp that trail long enough to meet their kill quota.
*Rangers that misses their stealth rolls will have 75% chances of making noise and 25% of leaving a track now. (instead of the 50/50 chances of previous versions)
*BDA mission changes. You only need to find one crater now.
*In the red folder you can now trade 100 Intel points for a kill card.

1.5 New Bug Note: ( This note will continuous update until next patch release )

*Supply Drop lose it’s function.
*After Eliminate a HVT, phase 2 back to 0%, but it does not back to phase 1, so the HVT will lock on the zsu23.
*The decoration in team management is not complete when there are lots of medal in one ranger.

Version Improvement Note: ( This note will continuous update until next patch release )

1. Primary fix the HVT function:
-HVT will continuous shutting with VC talking when overt even it be destroyed bug Fix!
-HVT can spot ranger and cause overt even it is destroyed bug Fix!
-Huey will shot at destroyed HVT, and treat her as enemy bug Fix!
-HVT will not continuous show after it be destroyed, she still act like a alive VC unit bug Fix!
2. Unlimited use item on the dead ranger fixed!

( This article will keep update for the version change )