Bloody Sunday – 3/26/17

Last week’s Bloody Sunday winner:

“We’re getting bayonets…
Looks like command wants that CQC ribbon badly…”


Honorable mentions:

– “They’re giving us guns to go along with our knives now.”
– “How am I suppose to shoot if this is on the end of my rifle?”

This week’s Bloody Sunday (with its original caption):

“It’s twins.”

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3 thoughts on “Bloody Sunday – 3/26/17

  • Sun, Mar 26th '17 at 18h 45m 04s

    Good work again Reid.
    Since I can not access the voting page I will simply post a caption of my own to hopefully amuse a few Urbanians along the side.
    “After putting that gibbed soldier you brought me back together he ran strait towards the German lines. Next time make sure it is one of ours and not some Folksturm. “

  • Sun, Apr 2nd '17 at 6h 25m 39s

    Hey Reid if you can get rid of the “boys” part of my caption “Ok folks looks like they ran out of purple hearts boys”. I was tired and for some reason added “boys” and since its obvious I`m about to win the poll I`d like to fix my grammar and if you can`t it`ll be all right.

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