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Bloody Sunday – 3/5/17

Last week’s Bloody Sunday winner:

“Hey Sarge, could you tell me some stories about the front-lines? I never really saw combat once I entered the field, ’cause they started to run once they saw me.”

Honorable mentions:

– “Soo, you two fellows want advice? Dig two holes in the ground before a battle. At least you’ll get some respect from the grave-digger.”
– “Trust me new guys, it’s not all fun and games in the land of MnB 3…”

This week’s Bloody Sunday (with its original caption):

“Able Fox Five to Able Fox. I got a target but ya gotta be patient.”


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6 thoughts on “Bloody Sunday – 3/5/17

  • Sun, Mar 5th '17 at 20h 36m 43s

    Sarge is sad because no one wants to fight him :/

  • Sun, Mar 5th '17 at 20h 47m 05s

    I wanted to write, “We need some advice Sarge” “Hope your commander presses 2,4” but I pressed enter to soon.

    • Sun, Mar 5th '17 at 20h 51m 58s

      “We heard that Sarge is in your Squad so it must be true that the rest of you just drink and laze around all day, right private Leblank?”

  • Tue, Mar 7th '17 at 23h 57m 47s

    I like the “How come you can’t spot a gosh darn tank” one, but it’s got three problems:

    1. This ain’t Vietnam

    3. The Vietnamese hardly used tanks anyhow

    2. Bird Dogs actually automatically spot large vehicles as the enter the AO.

    Don’t get me wrong, that was a funny caption but it just doesn’t quite fit.

    • Wed, Mar 8th '17 at 11h 10m 15s

      I knew it kinda wouldn`t make sense but I did it anyway because I could not think of anything else.

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