Bloody Sunday – 2/26/17

First off, let me give my thanks to the community for participating over the last few days. The submission window was shorter than usual and yet we still got several great submissions! I noticed however that a couple of members did not post their captions in the poll but in the comments of the article. Unfortunately, the way we determine the winner is by who gets the most upvotes (points) for their submission in the poll. No worries though, it was a miscommunication on my part.

Now… without further ado, I present the winning caption for last week’s Bloody Sunday:

“Wait a minute; ‘The Germans have called a precision artillery strike on a high-priority target.’ That’s not us, is it?”
*Looks at mortar*


Congratulations to our winner! Since the poll is anonymous, feel free to let us know who you are!

And now for this week’s Bloody Sunday:

“Your funny caption goes here”

Submit your captions here! Please rate other user’s submissions as well.

3 thoughts on “Bloody Sunday – 2/26/17

  • Sun, Feb 26th '17 at 17h 33m 26s

    Good caption. I intentionally posted 3 ideas of mine in the former comment section.
    I knew they came in to late to make it in a poll so I though it be a waste not to post at all.
    Good choice of BS picture. Will see what I can think of.

    • Sun, Feb 26th '17 at 18h 29m 28s

      Cool. Looking forward to your caption Lance.

      FYI to anyone who doesn’t know: You are allowed to upvote your own submission. In return, to avoid a series of captions tied with 1 point, please upvote others that you like and let the best caption win.

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