Bloody Sunday – 2/22/17

Good day, folks. In the past we have done a weekly caption contest in which users of the site suggest possible captions for Willie & Joe comics. Lucky for you, the Bloody Sunday series is back and here to stay in honor of Mud & Blood 3’s impending beta release! And yes, this first edition is not being posted on a Sunday. This is so that there will be a captioned comic as well as a new one this coming Sunday. 

Use this poll to vote on user submitted captions and to submit one of your own!

“Your funny caption goes here”

9 thoughts on “Bloody Sunday – 2/22/17

  • Thu, Feb 23rd '17 at 5h 14m 01s

    Well looks like the war won`t be over by Christmas.

    • Thu, Feb 23rd '17 at 12h 48m 58s

      Remember to submit your caption in the poll so that others can vote on it! Otherwise there is no way to win

      • Fri, Feb 24th '17 at 2h 19m 57s

        Are we allowed to vote for ourselves? I know the answer might be obvious but I want to be sure.

        • Fri, Feb 24th '17 at 3h 52m 26s

          Yes its allowed. In return, if you like someone else’s caption be sure to upvote it 🙂

          • Fri, Feb 24th '17 at 5h 07m 19s

            Ok. Hopefully I`ll make it on the caption on Friday.

  • Fri, Feb 24th '17 at 3h 47m 47s

    “Hey look the war is over!!” “hahahahaha!!!”

  • Sun, Feb 26th '17 at 13h 55m 56s

    “Them crazy Urbanians at are bringing out new WW2 Bloody Sundays.
    Looks like we are back in business Joe.”

    “Someone says that the Mortar in MNB3 is extreme inaccurate.
    Just shows you that being at it since 1944 is very tiring.”

    “The mid part of these new fire coordinates been shot through by the enemy but in the spirit of URB I say we keep firing whenever a request comes in.”

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