Hello world!

Hey guys. So here it is. With another reboot in a less than a year after the last one.
It is unfortunate yes but we got hacked pretty hard. Why? Mostly because due to its nature (Free games) MNB.net gets a decent amount of traffic. It appears that some sad people want that traffic diverted to them.

So Through the forums and then everywhere a malware installed a SEO SPAM code which was effectively stealing traffic from search engines and directing them to some websites that are shitty and most importantly had nothing to do with urb games.

I’ve been on the phone with a lot of people. From the guys at sitelock and my host, in order to restore the mailing privileges this website used to have.  I had to clean my stuff first they said. It was a reasonable request but in practice it was a substantial pain in the butt. You see, if I were to design a SOE malware I’d make it very hard to remove and hide it not entirely but i would fragment that shit all across multiple areas of the database of the user. Luckily I spend most of my time designing crazy flash games for misfits so that’s not gonna happen. But regardless, this is what the task looked like. Go thru the code of this WP portal AND the db and then, hand pick the bits of code that contain that garbage. If you forget some of it well it propagates again. Literally cancer.

So I need to move forward here. I’m in the middle of coding MNB3 which I think is the best game I made so far. I contains everything I’ve learned in the past 20 years as far as coding and game mechanics. I’m very proud of it. But if I mess around with this site for days then I get entangled in a process that just takes me away from making the game.

So here we are. Again and for the last time hopefully. With a leaner, lighter and more importantly safer portal which had the same functions has the last one but less fat and unnecessary features that would just be clunky and susceptible for attacks. So you guys can do what you do, post vids and amazing guides and stories. I’ll keep making games. Thanks for sticking around folks.

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  • Sun, Jan 15th '17 at 6h 19m 24s

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    • Sun, Jan 15th '17 at 7h 25m 01s

      I shall go down as a living legend fir being the first person on the new mudandblood site. Not to mention I could brag about it on the forums lol.

  • Sun, Jan 15th '17 at 6h 56m 33s

    Yay I finally found the site

    • Sun, Jan 15th '17 at 7h 08m 51s

      You are definitely the first dude!

      • Sun, Jan 15th '17 at 7h 17m 59s

        I like how on my computer (which my school gave me) I can still look up your site. Looks like the blocking thing hasn’t got to you!

  • Sun, Jan 15th '17 at 7h 16m 43s

    Dang I’m second

    • Sun, Jan 15th '17 at 7h 18m 31s

      Reid you should go to bed mate 🙂 Only devs doing damage control on their websites should be up that late.

      Thanks for coming back btw.

  • Sun, Jan 15th '17 at 7h 27m 46s

    But 2:30AM is when I make my best forest assets! lol
    Good luck with the overhaul and goodnight

    • Sun, Jan 15th '17 at 7h 29m 57s

      Thanks brother, I might call it a night fairly soon. Everything works and kept to a minimal amount of bells and whistles.

      • Sun, Jan 15th '17 at 7h 36m 16s

        Don’t forget to add the registration link in case you forgot

  • Sun, Jan 15th '17 at 7h 30m 50s

    Compared to the old forum I feel satisfied with this one. I can’t really complain anyway since I can’t code for nothin.

  • Sun, Jan 15th '17 at 9h 31m 32s

    Boss, Why I can’t log in???

    • Sun, Jan 15th '17 at 9h 35m 09s

      Oh! I see so it is not involve the log in function. looking forward it, boss. I love the new site. >o<

      I will still setting the data up to google driver and will provide the link soon. If the linux code back up finished I will also report the result, thanks Boss.

    • Sun, Jan 15th '17 at 14h 14m 02s

      you can now I’ve turned the function on 🙂 I just wanted to make sure everything is solid first. I really don’t want to start over EVER again.

  • Sun, Jan 15th '17 at 14h 08m 31s

    Heyo URB. New site looks nice. I saw the website come up at like, 4 in the morning. But, I was busy with school work ALL day and night, boring…

    Anyway, I hope everything goes better man, good luck with everything!

  • Sun, Jan 15th '17 at 14h 24m 32s

    Looking good.
    Considering , despite all the functions of the former forums, people almost always just posted plain text, an occasional picture and sometimes a video.
    This time around I will not be so lazy and get down to the workings around here a lot faster.
    Elijah Jouse Olivarria? Have you ever posted somewhere on an URB site before?
    Currently this truly feels like being part of some small squad doing tactical war maneuvers. 🙂
    Let’s URB ON commanders into 2017 and beyond.

    • Sun, Jan 15th '17 at 18h 21m 29s

      Response to Lance: No I never was able to post on the forum (due to me never having my own computer except one my school recently have me) but I have been looking and playing on the forum for a year

  • Sun, Jan 15th '17 at 18h 38m 46s

    Good to see everything is more or less back in order. New site looks sweet. Will try to test on mobile as well and make a small report on that.

    • Sun, Jan 15th '17 at 23h 36m 36s

      Thanks I gave it a boo on the mobile earlier and it looked lean and clean. so not too bad for now. Let me know if you find anything wonky.

  • Sun, Jan 22nd '17 at 2h 22m 49s

    Ahhh so we were under attack by more than 1 idiot…just as well, I hate idiots running amok, that’s why I left the polandball wiki. Half of them were real dipsticks with nothing good to say and had real stuck up ideas… But that’s last years news. What were this lot of idiots doing URB?, hacking games?, altering the codes to cause glitches?, posting absoultly not funny stupid stuff on the posts?, being mean to people?. (I’m refering to the ones that attacked the site.)

    Overall, it’s good to teach those people a lesson:), good job pal!:). *Claps*
    On the note of seeing the site, I bet I was last to see the new site, ahhh well:P.

    • Sun, Jan 22nd '17 at 3h 16m 41s

      They were stealing our traffic essentially.

  • Wed, Jan 25th '17 at 18h 17m 45s

    do I need to be some kind of forum admin to start a new form thread? would be great if someone can help me to start some new ones on MnB2! ty in advance

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