• Don’t mind me, I am just a spess cat living on Pluto. Pluto hast greatest internet reception!!! 😛

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  • That play is from an old alpha patch.
    Currently even a Commando will stay pinned (sometimes forever since he does not panic) until the game AI decides it is time for him to get up (or make a panic run) regardless of what you click UNLESS you use some sort of UN-Pin effect like the Officer Skill OR instantly increase Moral by either Officer Skill…[Read more]

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    Sorry, I don’t know why the video did not get up too, so here it is.


  • @billick

    Oh, see that is all my English skill fault. XD

    It is a trick for sure but somehow useful in MNB3, as we can’t make a pin down soldier to stand up before he think he can stand up. While under Arty, this means death!!!

    When you click to move your unit, there are two step to do. One is click the target unit you want to move, second is…[Read more]

  • Alright gents,

    Your boy just lost a squad of 4 Sergeants in Recon due to an RPG and an ambush. How do I recover?

    Lesson learned, don’t keep your men bunched up

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    Also, whats up with the VC flying endlessly into one direction after I throw a grenade at them ? I couldnt breathe when it happened during a mission in MnBR.

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    After one hell of a fight on Hedgerows, with only two surviving soldiers (from about 10 counting reinforcements from radio guy and frenchies), I decided to look at the carnage I left behind. After questioning the mental health of my soldiers for witnessing the death of what I guessed to be a bit under 100 dead soldiers I pressed the 1 key on my…[Read more]

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    Welcome to the MNB forums Dizzle.
    Asside from using the #9 key to move all soldiers to a line you can also select each soldier with the 1-7/7/8 keys although you will rarely get 7 live men or more on your team.

    About getting someone un-pinned. Currently only the Officer Skill can do that but without also boosting Moral somehow it may be a very…[Read more]

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  • Playing MnB3 and my gunner finds a weapons crate with an MG42 in it. Time for the Germans to feel some URB

    • ███████████████████████████
      ████▄─┘██▌░░░░…[Read more]

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    Wow thanks so much guys this has been an extremely useful exercise! Maybe I should join more forums?….

    The flares of course! Because they sometimes explode, I thought they were a type of rifle grenade and didn’t put 2 and 2 together.

    And I did not know a bout the #9 key so that’s handy.

    @Arise I don’t quite understand what you mean by…[Read more]

  • MnB3’s audio (for me) is extremely loud and distorted compared to MnB2 and Recon. Has/is anybody else having this problem?

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    Only my radioman and rifleman made it out…whatever happened to engineers being able to detect mines???

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    Officer are great to fallback’ing pinned soldiers from arty

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    Hello Random Brutality and Unfairness

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    The Arty will fall on the flare landing place, you can use Hot key #9 as the previous one say. to move back or something. In theory, you will be able to move all the guy out of Arty Range by mouse, even the slower specialty like RTO.

    Small Tip:

    Always prepare for next quick Hot key click or mouse click on your last man. So if German pin him…[Read more]

  • Oh…you need help? 😀 Ok. My young padawan, close your eyes. No peeking…now…concentrate **I run away to pick up a suspicious looking object**. Yes, goooooood…concentrate harder. Now…embrace the KRAUT SIDE!!! **Puts a stahlhelm on yo dome** 😛

    But, srlsy…I am kinda surprised you haven’t found out about the #9 key. Srsly it works ALL…[Read more]

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