• I like many others found MnB2 through kong. I was no older than 10. Now I’m 21.

    I’m pretty sure I found the forums through the wiki, or the comments section on kong.

    There may have been a link ingame (on kong) to the urb website?

    Edit: I always dreamed that an “urb” style AAA game would be made. Still waiting!

    Kickstarter anyone?

  • Hurrah!!! The Community Challenges are back in the game!
    Here a cut out of some 15 minutes of an one hour game attempt at this.

  • Lance replied to the topic Sleeping Bear Tavern in the forum General Forum 4 days, 23 hours ago

    Namco Funscape! Well I’ll be . . . . my offspring was there last year while on a London city trip.
    I wounder how expensive a day there would be for someone that just wants to play a few games for old time sakes?

  • Broadsword posted an update 5 days, 11 hours ago

    Around about Wave 100 in MnB2, tried to hotkey for Counter-battery fire and instead called 8 TPs worth of naval artillery on myself. Learn from my mistake and double check your hotkeys, my dudes.

    • Kacpo replied 5 days ago

      While I never called unintentional arty on myself, I have, on several occasions, called in wrong units who were no use (like mechanic when I have no vechicles) so, to a certian degree, I can relate.

  • Nebula posted an update 6 days, 7 hours ago

    Finished Band of Brothers for the 50th time… In the mood for some MnB 3

    • -Everytime- i watch BoB I have to drop some MNB3, especially some Hedgerows action.

      • I still got the series as a collectors edition in a metal (ammo) box lying around.
        Should go watch it again since it has just collecting dust for the past century or so. 🙂

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  • Reid replied to the topic Sleeping Bear Tavern in the forum General Forum 1 week, 5 days ago

    Nicholas, was the arcade called Namco Funscape? If so, I enjoyed the hell out of that place during my time in London last summer. I remember it being quite near the London Eye, and I also recall spending most of my tokens winning a Winnie the Pooh from a claw machine as I had seen the Christopher Robin movie the previous day lol.

    You’re lucky…[Read more]

  • Lance replied to the topic Sleeping Bear Tavern in the forum General Forum 1 week, 6 days ago

    Cool that you mention House of the Dead because I liked it a lot too.
    Never got far. Felt dam hard. One must know in advance where to shoot and keep close track of the bullet count or you die fast.
    So I looked it up and actually found a great play through so I finally got to see the entire game. . awwww sweeet. . . . . :))

  • Back when I started playing MnB2 on Kongregate, I went to the Wiki because I wanted to know more about the mechanics of the game and how to do better in it. I ended up signing up and editing it quite a bit. I even became a mod. I remember one of the questions/statements/whatever for the modship test mentioned the forum. I went “Wait, there’s a…[Read more]

  • Haven’t seen a single arcade in ages here. We drove to a spot over in NJ last vacation and there was a one down on the boardwalk though.

    Last time I remember ever being in an arcade was Funstation USA as a teenager. I played House of the Dead with an old grandma and we got pretty far without continues. Good times.

  • And another fool goes out.

    View post on

    – Day 18, Fizban, Killed by a Mass grave at level 1 after 17.63 days of travel. Fizban had 0 gold pieces in his purse and managed to gain 4 experience points.
    – Day 18, Your flee score of 6(6+0) was under 10. You also missed your saving throw (12) which is over your defense score…[Read more]

  • Lance replied to the topic Sleeping Bear Tavern in the forum General Forum 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    Welcome back.
    Fun trips can be very refreshing to the body and mind.
    Time crisis 5 ee. I looked at a vid of it and am not impressed. For a game made in 2015 it looks just like any other arcade shooter that has been around for the past 25 years save a bit better graphics and apparently very easy game play. Nothing to much to think; just keep…[Read more]

  • ARGH! Second run-through of MnB3. This time – no signaler allowed. And MUST stay on or ahead of schedule. Had three of four close calls, they wore me down to schedule. But stayed the course and got all the way to day 281, Czech Mountains…. until !! These bastards starting dropping precise mortar and regular artillery. Finally got me! Gotta…[Read more]

  • It was, how long ago? I have no idea, but I happened upon Mud and Blood 2 somewhere on the internet. I don’t really know where. Then I found the forums, read the old screenshot threads, absolutely loved them, and the rest is history.

  • I wish I’d stop being slandered by tabloid magazines.

  • I already came back. I was in London for six weeks, saw both Amsterdam and Dublin on the weekends. Best six weeks of my life!
    I’ve been with y’all for so long now. Like 6 years? Four? It’s a lot of time.
    Yes, it was a UK arcade. Near the London Eye, actually. They had Time Crisis 5 of all things, which I didn’t even know existed and beat with…[Read more]

  • The option in game to do challenges is limited by either date or urb (Developer) needs to start them manually.
    Furthermore there are only about 5 challenges that each last a week that are currently implemented.
    Right now challenges are not available in MnB3.
    Since the developer is moving away from coding in Flash updates are on holp until all…[Read more]

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